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Braulio Trevino Martinez Suspect in Lizbeth Flores' Murder and Lizbeth Flores;
Suspect in Lizbeth
Flores' case killed
her during robbery
Firefighters battling California fires;
A firefighter was robbed while battling the fires in Northern California
The Ramirez Family's house was split in two by a treed that fell on top of it during Tropical Storm Isaias;
Greg Ramirez pulled his daughter Mia to safety after Tropical Storm Isaias caused a tree to fall on their house trapping her underneath the debris

Megan Boswell grand jury indictment;

Megan Boswell

The judge denied Megan Boswell's
lawyer's request to lower her bond
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 9, 2020

Judge James Goodwin didn’t lower Megan Boswell’s $150,000 bond down to something that she can afford.

According to her court appointed attorney, Brad Sproles, the “something that she can afford” is the $10,000 that he tried to get the judge to reduce the bond down to when it was $25,000.

And just like he did then, the judge decided against reducing Megan Boswell’s bond because of the damning evidence that keeps popping up against her.

The damning evidence that popped up against her, this time around, are those 11 brand new charges the Sullivan County Grand Jury hit her with for all of those lies she allegedly told to the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Deputies and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) agents.

There’s also the most demining evidence, Evelyn Boswell’s body, which is in the care of the investigators who are trying to determine how Evelyn Boswell died.

And Sullivan County Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Teresa Nelson, who’s handling the case, has already let Judge James Goodwin know that sometime between May 20, 2020, and June 19, 2020, she’ll more than likely be adding the charge of murder to Megan Boswell’s rap sheet.

Therefore, there’s no need for the judge to lower the bond which he’ll more than likely end up raising, later on.


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