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Stephen Colbert and Lewis Black questioned why sexual harassers are allowed to keep their jobs so long
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Carol Burnett and Kate Winslet said they had to work before they became famous
Comedian Kevin Hart
Someone tried using Kevin Hart's name in order to get money through a fake charity

The Emmys 2017;

The Emmys 2017 Chris Gardner's Twitter page                                               

The other goings on at the Emmys
that folks didn't see
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 21, 2017

There were some other goings on at the Emmys that folks didn’t get to see.

Y’all know, goings on like the heat causing folks to jump up and go find a fan, fake paparazzi finding their way to the stage, and just other stuff.

Check out the tweets below to read and see what folks were up to.

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