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Kangaroo Jack;

Kangaroo Jack folks' photo

They shooting the kangaroos
in Australia
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 19, 2018

They’re shooting the kangaroos in Australia in order to save ‘em. I’ma say it again, “They’re shooting the kangaroos in Australia in order to save ‘em.”

A fella by the name of Niall Blair, who is the Primary Industries Minister, told folks in a written statement that they are cutting all of the red tape and making easier for folks to kill Kangaroo Jack and his crew so that Kangaroo Jack and his crew may have a fighting chance at surviving in the great Down Under.

Here’s how Blair put it exactly,“…If we don’t manage this situation, we will start to see tens of thousands of kangaroos starving and suffering, ultimately leading to a major animal welfare crisis.”

That’s right folks. Blair believes the best way to help out the “roo,” as the Australians call them, is by decreasing the number of “roos” that compete for food.

That’s like saying you’re going to increase the number of people on the planet by killing more people on the planet.

It makes no sense whatsoever. But like all things, there’s a whole nother part to this.

And that whole other part are the farmers who have to deal with a drought, which is expected to last for three more months, and Kangaroo Jack and his crew using their farms as an all you can eat buffet.

The drought plus the “roos” eating the farmers’ crops and livestocks have led to the farmers not being able to make enough money so they may enjoy an all you can eat buffet; which may include “roo” meat .

Yup, they eat kangaroo down there in the great Down Under. It ain’t my thing. I don’t want it on my plate if it’s not a chicken, a pig, or a cow.

I have to have my legs ‘n’ thighs, pork chops, ribs, and hamburgers. That’s what I have to have. But y’all know, to each his own.

Now, I don’t want y’all turning your noses up at the folks on the island continent country.

Not everybody living in the great Down Under believes the “roo” should be put down under.

One fella called those who go out shooting the “roo,” “yobbos running amok in the outback.”

I know that comment was made 25-years ago, but I’m quite sure that sentiment remains.

You can’t just go using a broad brush to paint a group of folks because a couple of folks in that group are as crazy as Lil’ Timmy up the street. You just don’t do that.

Folks also shouldn’t say asinine things like the best way to increase a population is by killing the population.

That there makes about as much sense as sterilizing the entire male population in order to increase the human population. That shit just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

And that there folks is the problem. Killing kangaroos in order to ensure their survival makes no sense whatsoever.

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