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Under the Radar
Prostitute leaning into a man's car;
Twitter let questions for prostitutes trend
Tony Barbieri Jake Byrd;
The funny thing about Tony Barbieri crashing Roy Moore's church campaign rally
Homer Simpson
The top five reasons why men cook



This is what folks were thinking
when they saw Blacks for
Trump trending
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 25, 2017

1. What you say now?!
The Minions Shock;

2. Oh my God!
Mama Harper Rolling her eyes;

3. Hmmmm, chile I don't know
    about that right there.

SNL Leslie Jones;

4. Man get out of here with that
    ol’ bull.

Denzel Washington Devil in a Blue Dress;

5. You need to shut the fuck up
    with that.

VEEP Selina Meyer;

6. You can kiss my ass with that.
Vice Principals Belinda Brown;

7. Now, I know you don’t know
    what you’re talking about.

Comedian Larry David;

8. Honey, I’ve just got to let you
    go with that.

Judge Mabeline;


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