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Today is Election Day!!!
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 6, 2018

Evening y’all! Today is ҆ Lection Day. It’s the day when all of the folks applying for a state or federal job will find out if they got the job or not.

Some will find out before 10 o’clock tonight if they’re hired, while others will have to wait either a day, or two, or a week or two before they know if they have to keep their current means of employment.

There are some cases, though, that may carry on over into next year. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen. Hopefully, everybody will find out waaayyyy before next year starts if they have to go back to that cubicle in that office space where they were working before they decided to run to become a government employee.

None of us want this to drag on. We want to hire folks today so that we can get their paperwork and any shots they haven’t had taken care of in time for them to place their hands on those bibles and promise not to do wrong, “So help them God.”

The political forecasting folks say things will be sunny for the Democrats in the House with light rain in the Senate.

The Democrats are expected to pick up the 23 seats needed in order to control the House, while the Republicans are expected to pick up at least 2 additional seats which will solidify their control in the Senate chamber.

Of course, Donald Trump wants to keep everything how it already is with the Republicans controlling Congress and he controlling the White House.

However, that isn’t how all of this works. The president has the unfortunate situation whereby he comes in with unchecked power due to the fact that his party controls the House and the Senate.

The American people look at this and are like, “H to the nah nah nah! The president has too much power that we need to take away!”

So “take away” the president’s too much power the American people do. And they do this by voting the opposing party into power in at least one chamber of the legislature as a way to check the president.

That’s right folks. Both the House and the Senate must agree on stuff in order to get things done.

And if the opposing party is in control of either the House, Senate, or both, then the stuff the president wants done that the people don’t want done won’t get done.

A balance of power is what it’s call; just ask the last three presidents about how that balance works. They’ll all tell you that they got checked real quick ‘n’ fast.

In 1994, the American people decided the best way to check Bill Clinton was by giving House Democrats the boot; leaving Bill Clinton to deal with Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

Fast forward 12-years later, the War in Iraq and the housing crisis led to the American people deciding that kicking the Republicans out of the House and the Senate was the act right that GWB needed so that he would understand who really runs this American land.

Like his predecessors, Barack Obama got put in his place. Folks didn’t take too kindly to Barack Obama and the congressional Democrats pushing the Affordable Health Care Act through.

So, the American people did what they always do which is to vote the sitting president’s party out of the House. And yes folks, the Democrats were voted out of the House and eventually booted out of the Senate as well.

Now, here we are in 2018. And like those who came before them, somebody, most likely the House Republicans, are going to suffer the consequences of having their party control Congress and the White House.

Donald Trump’s way of “Making American Great Again” with all of that fussing, cussing, and just plain ol' hellraising is not the way the American people believe we should be “Making America Great Again.”

That’s why the American people are going to do what they always do which is to vote the opposing party into power in at least one chamber of Congress in order to let the president know that he doesn’t run this country.

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