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The Tweet of God

The Tweet Of God's Twitter Avatar 

Twitter locked The Tweet Of God's
Twitter account
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 11, 2019

Those Twitter devils locked The Tweet Of God’s Twitter account after this tweet was sent out.

Anyone with a lick of sense will be able to see that God is using sarcasm to point out the hypocrisy of those who love using His infallible nature to justify their hatred towards folks who don’t live their lives the way they want them to.

Let the Twitter folks tell it, they gave God ample amount of warning after they suspended parts of his account on Thursday for what they say was his promotion of hateful speech.

The Twitter folks told God that He violated their policy of promoting hateful speech after He told Catholic bishops that their love for molesting little boys is why they can’t stand near the cross.

I don’t know who’s in charge of interpreting and applying the Twitter rules. But, I do know that the interpretation and application of Twitter rules are unfair.

God wasn’t saying He’s in favor of child molesters. He was saying that child molesters have a first class seat, with diesel gasoline drawers on, to hell. Ain’t nothing wrong with that because that there is just common sense!

What is wrong, however, is the fact that the Twitter folks haven’t been train to detect sarcasm. They’ve just been train to detect something.

Unfortunately for a lot of folks who, like God, have Twitter accounts that Twitter unfairly suspended, their something is the only thing the Twitter folks have been trained to detect.


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