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Twitter wants folks to be sweet when they tweet
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 26, 2018

I have to admit, “Those Twitter devils are funny sometimes!” And one of those “sometimes” came over a month ago on October 17, 2018.

Shit, I almost put October 17, 2019! Glad I didn’t do that there. As I was saying, “October 17, 2018, is when those Twitter devils decided to give folks the giggles.”

Somebody over there at the Twitter sat down at his/her cubicle, got on the computer, and tweeted this here out to folks, “Be sweet when you Tweet.”

Hahaha, y’all know that sweet and tweet go together like good and hood! Those words are just mix matches that will never be in fashion. Like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and whatever else is out there in the social media universe, Twitter ain’t nothing but a woody, social forest where folks can go and hide and do their wrong.

I’m sure the Twitter folks will say, “We have nice people on the Twitter.” Yeah, but they’re far and in between.

Many of the folks on the Twitter are folks you wouldn’t talk to in your sleep. They’re worse than Freddy Krueger.

Hell, you can at least have somewhat of a decent conversation with that muthafucka. Freddy will at least talk to you before he chalkboard, fingernail yo’ ass to death.

Freddy doesn’t hide anything. He lets it all hang out while taking it all out of you. Those Twitter tweeting muthafuckas on that Twitter, though, nuh-uh.

Many of those tweeting folks’ social skills are lacking. That’s why they’re on that Twitter.

It’s a perfect place for them to be who they are without showing their true faces.

I tell ya, “Those avatars are the thick bushes hiding who a person is.” Folks get that avatar and use it to throw all kinds of haterade at folks.

So yeah, sweet and tweet are two ends that just won’t meet.

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