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Tyrant is renewed for a second season
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 29, 2014

The FX political drama Tyrant has been renewed for a second season and will air during the summer of 2015.

The announcement was posted on Tyrant’s twitter account. The tweet reads as follows, “The reign continues. #TyrantFX has officially been renewed for a second season. Coming Summer of 2015.”

This is definitely welcoming news for Tyrant fans who were sitting on pens and needles, waiting to hear if they would ever find out what became of the citizens of Abbudin and the ruling Al-Fayeed family.

During the season finale, Bassam Al-Fayeed, who is played by Adam Reyner, was cast away into a dungeon like jail cell by his brother and the president of Abbudin, Jamal, who is played by Ashraf Barhom.

Bassam ended up in his current state after he made the fateful mistake of doing what he told the U.S. Ambassador to Abbudin not to do, “underestimate,” Jamal.

Bassam, who is a pediatrician, thought he could out smart his brother Jamal and lead a successful coup and become the next president of Abbudin. At first, Bassam had the support of the U.S.

But then the U.S. decided that they were better off with the “Tyrant” that they knew and not the “Tyrant” that they didn’t know.

So, the U.S. said, “Eh, we changed our minds. We’ll just keep Jamal in place.”  But oh no, Bassam wasn’t having it. All of his plans, his efforts, and hard work were not going to be thrown away.

So he went ahead with his plan without the help of the U.S., which warned him that he was a dead man walking.

Unfortunately for Bassam, Jamal found out about his little coup. And now, Bassam sits in a dark, dungeon jail cell waiting to see what his fate will be.

A fate the loyal and fateful fans of Tyrant will learn about next year.

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