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VEEP's set decorator tells a fan where she can buy the dining room chairs seen in Catherine's home
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 15, 2017

The set decorator on HBO’s VEEP, Kim Wannop, told a fan where she can buy those gray dining room chairs folks see in Catherine’s (played by Sarah Sutherland) dining room.

Chloe, a fan of HBO’s VEEP, loved the gray dining room chairs so that she tweeted, “Hi, I apologize that this is random. Butcan u plsadvise where I can get buy the gray upholstered studded dining chairs on Veep?”

Kim Wannop tweeted back that the dining room chairs can be purchased at Z Gallerie: “The glamorous ZGallerie! Thanks for noticing!”

The chairs are called “Savannah Side Chairs” and can be purchased on Z Gallerie’s website.

The price of the chairs has been reduced down from $299.00 to $248.99, and the last time I checked the site there was only one in stock.

So if you ever want to know where you can buy yourself some furniture, clothes, or even get yourself a Gary, just tweet the Veeple people and I’m sure they’ll let you know. Cheerios!!!

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