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Ways to get out of jury duty
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 15, 2018

It’s our duty as American citizens to provide much needed advice to our fellow citizens about how to follow the also common American tradition of getting out of jury duty.

Jury duty is time consuming and stressful. It requires an individual to perform the also difficult tasks of sitting, listening, and being quiet in a hot musky box called a courtroom while other folks try to convince you why their client didn’t do what you know he did.

You miss months from work. You don’t sleep in your own bed. You go without a decent home cook meal for what seems like ages.

You don’t have your own bathroom to use. You can’t look at your favorite shows because the cheap motel they have you in doesn’t have your favorite shows on the TV.

Jury duty sucks to the nth degree. And those who own property are the unfortunate souls who tend to get called for jury duty. Owning property doesn’t always have its perks.

Therefore, being the decent American citizen that I am, I’ve decided to go to Twitter and find some excuses that you, my fellow American citizens, may use in order to get out of that also cruel and unusual punishment called jury duty.

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