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World Sleep Day is about more than
just mere sleep
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 16, 2018

How many of y’all looked at World Sleep Day trending on the Twitter and said to y’all selves, “What the hell?! This is just another day for folks to not do anything?!”

I know I did and some of y’all did as well. But, that’s all right. Because although there are those of us who looked at the #WorldSleepDay trending on the Twitter during the early morning hours and said that this is just another day for these lazy devils to not do, it also provided us with the opportunity to find out exactly what World Sleep Day is all about.

So…I looked it up on the online. According to the folks over at the World Sleep Society, which started World Sleep Day back in 2007, World Sleep Day always falls on the Friday before the Spring Vernal Equinox and it is a day to discuss the importance of how sleep helps us to function throughout the day.

The folks over at the World Sleep Society put it like this, “World Sleep Day is an annual event intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep including medicine, education, social aspects and driving.”

And y’all know we humans can’t learn, interact with folks, or be a courteous driver if we’re too sleepy to do so. That’s why it’s important to get that sleep. Not getting enough sleep can have you saying and doing things, like cussing out folks and road raging, that you shouldn’t be doing.

Now…there are those of us whose jobs prevent us from getting enough sleep and then there are folks who don’t get enough sleep because of a medical condition.

Those of us in the first group can easily end up in the second group if we don’t balance our time properly.

And I’m aware that it is hard for some folks to balance their time because they have about two-three jobs just so they can make ends meet.

However, you can easily end up in that second group if you don’t find a way to get enough sleep.

You can end up with a sleeping disorder like Shift Work Sleep Disorder. Folks who suffer from Shift Work Sleep Disorder have a hard time going to sleep. Shift Work Sleep Disorder occurs whenever a person is ping-ponging back ‘n’ forth between day and night shifts.

There are other sleeping disorders, like Sleep Apnea, that may be caused by a person’s lifestyle or his/her genetics. Sleep Apnea can really jack a person up because the person has trouble breathing and he/she tends to snore louder than usual when he/she is sleeping. So if you know somebody who is a loud snorer, don’t just wake him/her to cuss him/her out about his/her snoring. He/She probably needs some help because he/she is suffering from Sleep Apnea.

Some other sleeping disorders include Narcolepsy and REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. Narcolepsy and REM Sleep Behavior Disorder are neurological disorders; meaning your brain is all jacked up for some reason and therefore you can’t sleep right. And y’all know folks with that Narcolepsy tend to fall asleep while talking to you; while those suffering from REM Sleep Behavior Disorder will start doing what they do in their dreams.

These folks with REM Sleep Behavior Disorder can recite, word for word, everything that was said in an episode of The Walking Dead if they are dreaming about an episode of The Walking Dead.

It sounds funny until they start doing really crazy stuff like trying to stab you while you’re sleeping.

The way the good doctors check to see if you’re suffering from a sleep disorder is they ask you about your lifestyle, your family history, and they perform neurological test.

If they found something wrong with you, the good doctors will tell you to get more sleep and or provide you with some medication.

It all depends upon what you’re actually suffering from and how bad it is. For those of you who are wondering how much sleep you should get the experts in the area recommend adults get 7-9 hrs/day, teenagers should get 8.5 to 9.5hrs/day, and infants should sleep 16-18hrs/day.

Just remember, sleep is good. If there are signs you are suffering from a sleeping disorder, then go to the good doctor and get yourself checked out so you won’t have to actually check out due to your sleeping disorder.

No sleep can kill you. It’s best to stay above ground while you can. Y’all Have A Happy World Sleep Day, Ya'll Hea’!

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