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SNL Nike Pro Chiller Leggings;
SNL gave Nike a good idea
SNL explains perfectly why the men folks can't have a baby

Ha, Ann Coulter is funny sometimes!!!

A 13-year-old boy fell down into a sewer pipe

Freezing Cold Funny Cartoon;
We need a Cold Day
Donald Trump Pucker Lips;
Oh, what better time than this for Donald Trump to get folks talking about DACA
Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;
Hm, Michael Cohen
needs a lawyer

Donald Trump Senior; Joe Biden;   Politics

 Donald Trump and Joe Biden are  about to commit elderly abuse  against each other

Donald Trump at CPAC;   Politics

 Ha, Donald Trump wants y'all to  believe he doesn't want to be POTUS  forever

World Sleep Day;   News

 World Sleep Day is about more than  just mere sleep

Dogma Salma Hayek;   Under the Radar

 Pick up lines to use when you get to  Hell

Steve Buscemi Stephen Colbert;   Entertainment

 Bootlegging movies is the one thing the  Russians and Americans have in  common

Stephen Colbert Martha Stewart;   Entertainment

 Flower arrangements with Martha  Stewart are so fun!

Georgia School Shooter Randal Davidson;   News

 The Georgia school shooter had money  problems

Donald Trump hands on his hips;   Double-Talking

 Donald Trump uses Mr. Magoo joke to  call Jeff Sessions old

Jim Carrey Facebook;   Entertainment

 Jim Carrey got rid of his Facebook  stock and account

Mucinex;   News

 Mucinex gave its workers a call in sick  script to use after the Super Bowl

Donald Trump Crying;   Politics

 Donald Trump's tweet shot at Oprah is  a cry for help

Chief of Staff John Kelly;   Politics

 John Kelly won't be the White House  chief of staff for too long

SYFY Happy;   Entertainment

 Happy is renewed for a 2nd season!!!

Lindsey Graham;   Politics

 The Democrats and two Republicans  shutdown that Pain-Abortion bill on  Monday

Mike Pence Paul Ryan SOTU;   Politics

 Here's what Mike Pence and Paul Ryan  were thinking during the SOTU

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe;   News

 Andrew McCabe steps down as the FBI  deputy director

Will Ferrell Jason SNL I;   Entertainment

 SNL's Jason is that guy

Disney Kid Bored;   Entertainment

 The Grammys' ratings are bad

Man Freezing in the cold;   News

 This year's flu season is one of the  worse

Pet Rat;   News

 Woman gets rat bite fever from her pet  rat

Steve Wynn;   News

 Raise your hand if you're surprise by  the sexual harassment allegations  against Steve Wynn

Nikki Haley;   News

 Nikki Haley doesn't strike me as the  type of woman who will cheat on her  husband with Donald Trump

Donald Trump World Economic Forum;   Politics

 Donald Trump says "America is open  for business"

Lil Rel Howery Jimmy Kimmel Live;   Entertainment

 Get Out star Lil Rel Howery doesn't  have tickets to the Oscars

Donald Trump Crying;   Politics

 How To Get Away With Mueller

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;   Politics

 Joe Scarborough says Donald Trump is  as happy as a pig rolling around in mud

Doomsday Clock;   News

 All of that "Fire and Fury" talk has  inched the Doomsday Clock closer to  doomsday

General Electric;  
GE decided to layoff 130 workers in Schenectady, New York

Donald Trump Donkey Hotey;  
Donald Trump threatens to stop funding for Palestine if they refuse peace talks with Israel

Steve Stinky Bannon;  
Steve Bannon agrees to sit down and talk to Robert Mueller about Donald Trump and Russia

Connie Britton Abby Clark 9-1-1;  
FOX's new show 9-1-1 has been renewed

Senator Jeff Flake;  
Jeff Flake tells Donald Trump he's a despot who fears the truth

Steve Bannon Cartoon I;  
Steve Bannon's broad use of executive privilege got him a subpoena on the spot from the House Intelligence Committee

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un;  
Kim Jong-un says Donald Trump is a loser

Senator Lindsey Graham;  
Lindsey Graham wants to know who on the Trump team messed up the immigration bill

Sloppy Steve;  
Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed

Donald Trump at CPAC;  
Donald Trump denies having a good relationship with Kim Jong-un

Sloppy Steve;  
Steve Bannon and them will testify before the House Intelligence Committee this week

Tina Fey 30 Rock;  
Ways to get out of jury duty

Donald Trump hands on his hips;  
Donald Trump is going to start taping his cabinet meetings

Donald Trump Screaming;  
"Shithouses" is what Donald Trump really said

Connie Britton Abby Clark 9-1-1;  
FOX's new show 9-1-1 isn't about answering calls about your missing chicken mcnuggets

Man making angel wings in money;  
Somebody won the Powerball jackpot & somebody won the Mega Millions jackpot

Seth Meyers Golden Globes Host;  
The Golden Globes Award show stuck to its Times Up theme last night

Donald Trump Grinning;  
Donald Trump will be announcing his fake news media award winners next week

Donald Trump Pucker Lips;  
Donald Trump says he's tired of "fake news" & a "fake book"

Steve Bannon Cartoon;  
Steve Bannon apologizes to Donald Trump

Stephen Miller Caricature;  
Stephen Miller says Donald Trump is a political genius

Donald Trump;  
Donald Trump called a press conference to further explain why he's "a very stable genius"

Prostitute leaning into a man's car;  
Under the Radar
Twitter let questions for prostitutes trend

John Berman;  
Ha, CNN's John Berman said bitch on TV!!!

Danny Zuker  
Danny Zuker sent Donald Trump Michael Wolff's new book as a gift

Donald Trump Crying;  
Donald Trump accuses the FBI of colluding with Hillary Clinton and the Russians

Former Alabama Judge Roy Moore;  
God decided not to answer Roy Moore's prayer about making him a United States senator

Donald Trump hands on his hips;  
Donald Trump's tweet about the U.S. Postal Service was really about Jeff Bezos