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Jason Alexander is chillaxing;
Chucky busting out of the good guy package;
Those Energizer batteries got Chucky

Minion holding a banana;
The minion knows what a banana is

Kitten with headphones on his head;
He's rockin' out to an
also dope beat
Bruce Lee Smiling;
Don't let that smile
fool you, now
Comedian Daniel Simonsen at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert;
Daniel Simonsen
stopped by The Late
Show with Stephen Colbert to spread joy

Special Counsel Robert Mueller;   Politics

 The DOJ told Robert Mueller he better  stick to their script after he refuses to  share his opening statement with them

A cartoon drawing of the devil laughing and running away from humans after making the Earth hot as hell;   Under the Radar

 The devil letting the hot air out of hell  is what caused the heat wave

Courtroom sketch of Jeffrey Epstein in his prison blues sitting before a federal judge in Manhattan, New York;   News

 Federal judge to Jeffrey Epstein's  lawyers-I doubt any bail package
 can overcome his danger to the  coummunity

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates;   Politics

 CNN's THE DRAW makes
 the Democratic presidential
 candidates look like a joke

Will Ferrell cryiing while trying to drink wine in a hospital bed;   Under the Radar

 Don't whine while you're drinking wine

Keegan-Michael Key threatening to throw a student out the window;   Under the Radar

 Teaching will make you throw  somebody out the window, now

Beachgoers formed a human chain to save a swimmer caught up in a rip current on the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida ;   News

 People formed a human chain in order  to save a swimmer who was caught up  in a rip current

Lights out in New York City;   News

 The lights went out in New York City
 on Saturday for over two hours

Sylvester the Catis trying to grab Tweety Bird;   Under the Radar

 Tweety Bird always outsmarts the  putty tat

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta;   News

 Alexander Acosta wants us to believe  he made the decision on his own to  resign today

Abraham Lincoln holding a boombox;   Under the Radar

 Abe went "Back to the Future" to get  that boombox

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta;   News

 Alexander Acosta blamed everybody  but himself for the sweet heart deal
 he gave Jeffrey Epstein

A man standing next to a helicopter, with Uber's name written on it, waiting for a customers to get out of his car;   News

 Uber launches a helicopter service in  Manhattan for the company's diamond  and platinum status customers

California Congressman Eric Swalwell looking sad in his light blue jacket;   Politics

 Eric Swalwell becomes the first of the  24 Democratic presidential candidates  to drop out of the race

Charlie Day It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia;   Under the Radar

 A picture is worth a thousand words

Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake hits Southern California city of Ridgecrest;   News

 Another earthquake hit the Southern  California city of Ridgecrest

Southern California Earthquake;   News

 A earthquake hit Southern California
 on Independence Day

Stephen Colbert has the flag over his shoulders and painted on his hands;   Under the Radar

 America, yeah!

Candyman star Tony Todd with bees on his face   Entertainment

 Candyman star Tony Todd was paid  $23,000 for the 23 bee stings he got  during the filming of Candyman

Rebecca Spring Nielson;   News

 Amanda Ramirez could get 10 to 30  years in prison if convicted on the  manslaughter charge relating to the  death of her twin sister

Rebecca Spring Nielson;   News

 A woman allegedly told the police that  her husband killed her

Sandlot 'Baking Like A Toasted Cheeser. It's So Hot Here!';   Under the Radar

 The cheese you're smelling is your
 skin melting

Hartford Trash Facility Jennifer Dulos Case;   News

 The police have completed searching  for evidence at a trash facility in  association with the Jennifer Dulos'  case

Chevy Chase Saying He's No Fool;   Under the Radar

 Some fools are harder to fool
 than others

A cat putting on eye glasses and reading;   Under the Radar

 Evolution is always happening

Tinder Date Killer Aubrey Trail;   News

 Aubrey Trail has cut his own throat,  had two heart attacks, and a stroke  since his murder trial began

Stephen Colbert and guest Tom Holland on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert;   Entertainment

 Tom Holland-My mom's an amazing  lady

Bad kid being scolded by his mother   Entertainment

 Saying "I will never admit" is you  admitting what you will never admit

Grown Man Crying;   News

 A man named Rich has to give his ex- wife half of his riches from his lottery  winnings

Fotis Dulos looking at the press while walking into a building;   News

 Fotis Dulos' DNA was found "mixed"
 in with Jennifer Dulos' blood that
 was on her kitchen counter

It smells like farts during the summer;   Under the Radar

 The smells of summer are like no other

Stephen Colbert and guest Ice Cube on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert;   Entertainment

 Pimp Daddy Colbert is the nickname  Ice Cube has given to Stephen Colbert

Donald Trump Uh Oh look;   Politics

 Donald Trump announced he's running  for POTUS in the county seat of the  county that he lost to Hillary Clinton

Bill Murray smoking and not caring about anything;   Under the Radar

 Not caring is the key to having
 a happy life

Dad, who has a 'Dad Bod,' is standing shirtless next to a barbeque grill with a plate of food in his hand;   Double-Talking

 Planet Fitness released a Dad Bod  survey just five days before Father's  Day

The Office Steve Carell fussing about the sun;   Under the Radar

 Some people don't like the sun

Good Ol' Dad;   News

 Happy Good Ol' Dad's Day!

Cat in a bathtub;   Under the Radar

 Who's interrupting meow time?!

MichaeL Ciskiewic of Niagara Falls, New York, allegedly kidnapped, raped, and chained his neighbor to his basement floor;   News

 A 25-year-old handyman is accused of  kidnapping, raping, and chaining his  neighbor to his basement floor

Bill Murray beating up the clock;   Under the Radar

 The right time got the clock beat up

San Mateo Police Officer Robert Davies Arrested for Allegedly Soliciting Sex from Minor Girls;   News

 College student used Snapchat's  gender switch filter to help catch a  predator cop

Fotis Dulos Husband suspected of killing his suburban wife and mother of five children;   News

 Lawyers dropped Fotis Dulos in divorce  case and loan lawsuit around the same  time he hired a prominent criminal  lawyer

Senator Bernie Sanders;   Politics

 Bernie Sanders says he isn't worried  about anyone replacing him as the  clear progressive alternative to Joe  Biden

The Tweet of God   Entertainment

 Twitter locked The Tweet Of God's  Twitter account

New York City Fire Department outside building where a helicopter crashed on the rooftop of a 54-story building   News

 A helicopter crashed on the rooftop
 of a 54-story building in Midtown  Manhattan, killing one person

Congressman Eric Swalwell speaking at the Democratic Party event in San Francisco, California;   Double-Talking

 Eric Swalwell denies wanting the  federal government to take an  authoritarian approach in its
 oversight of gun ownership

The Jail Photos of the Two Suspects, Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis, in the Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos;   News

 Fotis Dulos' girlfriend Michelle C.  Troconis is helping the police to
 search for his wife Jennifer Dulos

Cat pressing the nuclear button;   Under the Radar

 This red button will teach those  humans not to declaw me

Donald Trump D-Day Speech;   News

 Donald Trump told WWII veterans on  the 75th Anniversary of D-Day that  they "are the pride of our nation"

The Addams Family Little Girl Dancing;   Under the Radar

 WATCH ME! I got it!

Stephen Colbert and guest Wanda Sykes on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert;   Entertainment

 Wanda Sykes talked to Stephen Colbert  about her wife Alex, their children, and  her Netflix special Not Normal

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un;   Politics

 Indications are that North Korea is  giving fake news to reporters and  intelligence agents on purpose

Legionnaires' disease;   News

 Ohio becomes the second state where  a person died from the Legionnaires  outbreak

Snapchat;   Entertainment

 Snapchat should be fix now

Snapchat Down;   Entertainment

 Snapchat users tweeted out jokes  about the app being down

`19-year-old Utah man who ran over an 11-year-old girl;   News

 19-year-old allegedly told witnesses  that drugs made him run over an 11- year-old girl

Ted the teddy bear throwing an apple;   Under the Radar

 Muthafuckas are gonna take it!

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi;   Politics

 Nancy Pelosi told the Democrats they  can't impeach Donald Trump without  the help of the Senate Republicans

CBS This Morning William Barr Speaking with Jan Crawford about Robert Mueller's Russian Investigation Report;   News

 William Barr says a "high level group"  is being formed to counter foreign  interference into the 2020 Presidential  Election

Donald Trump motioning with his hand;   News

 Donald Trump denies ordering the  Navy to move the USS John McCain  away from his view

Donald Trump Standing Outside the White House;   Double-Talking

 Donald Trump tweeted that Russia  helped him to get elected

Robert Mueller Donald Trump;   Politics

 Robert Mueller makes it clear that  Donald Trump isn't being charged with  a crime because he's the president

Large Sand Pit Hole on Nags Head, North Carolina Beach;   News

 Beachgoers won't stop digging large  sand pit holes on the beaches of Nags  Head, NC

Legionnaires' disease;   News

 Legionnaires disease outbreak in Union  County, New Jersey leaves five people  dead

Donald Trump Animated;   Politics

 Donald Trump says he'd have a 70%  approval rating if the media reported  'straight news' about him

Congressman Jim Himes Former FBI Director James Comey;   Politics

 Congressman Jim Himes says James  Comey "handed" the election to Donald  Trump

Donald Trump Stinky Face Look;   Double-Talking

 Donald Trump claims to know nothing  about the doctored video of Nancy  Pelosi that he retweeted

Nancy Pelosi Raising Her Finger;   Politics

 Nancy Pelosi gave three reasons why  impeaching Donald Trump isn't  happening now

SNL A Journey Through Time skit   Entertainment

 The when and the where you journey  in time depends on who you are as a  person

Grumpy Cat;   Entertainment

 Grumpy Cat's last tweets

Senator Kamala Harris;   Politics

 Kamala Harris isn't running to be
 Joe Biden's vice president

Grumpy Cat;   Entertainment

 Grumpy Cat has gone on to one of  those many mansions in the sky

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio;   Politics

 New Yorkers agree that Bill de Blasio  running for POTUS is bad for everybody

Smiling Lady with 'Help Me' written on a coffee cup;   Under the Radar

 Don't believe the words on a cup

Minion Showing His Butt;   Under the Radar

 Don't be jelly!

Christopher Dougherty San Diego, California, Ponzi scheme;   News

 A California man is accused of using a  Ponzi scheme to steal over $6 million  from the elderly and veterans

Jeff Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm;   Under the Radar

 He's a smart man

James Comey CNN Town Hall;   Double-Talking

 James Comey doesn't know if Russia  has leverage over Donald Trump

Luxury Cars;   News

 Vancouver is cleaning up its image as
 a haven for international criminals

Woman Resting;   News

 This Mother's Day give your mother
 the gift of silence

Cold Open of the VEEP LSSC Crossover;   Entertainment

 Selina Meyer had to deal with a dude  by the name of Stephen Colbert from  "The Cocoa Report"

Steve Cohen Eating KFC Chicken;   Politics

 Steve Cohen regrets biting into KFC's  "cold" chicken

Hester Jordan Burkhalter;   News

 Walt Disney World's security guard  called the cops on a great-grandmother  who had CBD oil for her arthritis

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor;   News

 Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is  the royal baby's name

Naked Man on Alligator's Back;  
The alligator is right to eat the naked man on his back

Prince Harry Announcing The Birth of He and Meghan Markle's Baby;  
Prince Harry is really happy to be a daddy

Saturday Night Live Adam Sandler Rectix  
SNL's Rectix will "stop erectile dysfunction dead in its tracks"

Stephen Colbert Chris Cuomo;  
Chris Cuomo says Stephen Colbert is 'much quicker and much smarter' up close and in person

Stephen Colbert Chris Cuomo doing push-ups;  
Stephen Colbert challenged Chris Cuomo to a push-up contest

Senator Joni Ernst;  
Joni Ernst-It is an objective fact that Russia attempted to influence our election

Donald Trump Lindsey Graham;  
Lindsey Graham has an old tweet that says Donald Trump isn't 'fit to be President of the United States'


Donald Trump's arms and hands stretched out;  
Donald Trump reminds the Democrats that Joe Biden is one of the reasons why he's the president

Mitch McConnell Nancy Pelosi;  
Voters trust the Democrats to handle healthcare

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein Press Conference Outside of Chabad of Poway Synagogue in Poway, California;  
Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein-Terrorism like this will not take us down!

Chabad of Poway Synagogue shooting in Poway, California;  
One woman has died, two men and a young girl are in stable condition after shooting at Chabad of Poway Syangogue

Donald Trumps smiling;  
Hahaha, Donald Trump says he's "a young vibrant man!"

Ferris Buellers Day Off;  
Under the Radar
Take Your Child to Work Day is really a no school day for your child

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders;  
Sarah Sanders first told on herself when she said she heard from "countless members of the FBI"

Kamala Harris;  
Kamala Harris says she will use executive action to stengthen the gun laws

Congressman Seth Moulton;  
Seth Moulton wants to be the new leader of the Democratic Party

Saved by the Bell friends celebrating 30 years of the show;  
Zack, Kelly, Slater, and Jessie have been friends for 30 years

Captain Planet and Wheeler Earth Day message;  
Here's an important message from Captain Planet and Wheeler about Earth Day

Human waste spilled all over Interstate 90 in the state of Washington;  
A pile of shit spilled all over the road on Interstate 90 in the state of Washington

Robert De Niro The Late Show with Stephen Colbert;  
Robert De Niro took time out of his also busy day to stop by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin;  
Tax court is another court the college admissions scam parents may have to go to

William Barr's Press Conference on the Mueller Report;  
Robert Mueller and his team's absence speaks volumes

Barnes and Noble Muller Report;  
Barnes and Noble is giving away free copies of the Mueller Report

Marc Lawrence arrested after getting caught taking nasty pictures of high school girl swimmers;  
Man arrested after using portable toilet as picture booth to take pictures of high school girls from

Young and the Restless Star Daniel Goodard's Calabasas home with a basketball goal sitting on evergreen colored grass;  
It's not a basketball court if evergreen colored grass is covering it

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert special segment MEANWHILE a picture of two female astromauts;  
"Huh" is all you can say about the stories on LSSC's MEANWHILE

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;  
A judge ruled in favor of a man who poured a pot of boiling hot water on his roommate

Barboursville,West Virginia Police Sgt. Anthony Jividen giving a press conference about woman who mistakenly pulled a gun on a man who she thought was trying to abduct her daughter;  
A woman told the police she mistakenly pulled a gun on a man who she thought was trying to abduct her daughter

Minion playing the guitar;  
Under the Radar
Now you see me! Now you don't!

Saturday Night Live skeet about Jussie Smollett;  
SNL cracked jokes about Jussie Smollett and all the trifling things he's done

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Tig Notaro;  
'Her' is what Tig Notaro's son calls her

Mitch McConnell looking sad;  
Democrats are trying to demote Mitch McConnell back down to Senate Minority Leader

Fox show Lucifer;  
Under the Radar
Even the devil gets tired of people

The Walt Disney 21st CENTURY FOX  
Disney cut over 3,000 jobs in order to do its part in keeping California's homeless population number one

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Tony Hale  
Tony Hale stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about the Veep and Toy Story 4

Colorado State Attorney General Phil Weiser;  
Colorado is trying to pass a bill allowing the sheriff to take guns away from folks who are a danger to society

Italian Flag;  
An Italian appeal court's all-female judge panel ruled that a woman is too ugly to be raped

The Hateful Eight Joe Gage writing a letter to mother;  
Under the Radar
Joe Gage's mama ran away from him

Frozen Lady;  
Under the Radar
She did it!

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert special segment MEANWHILE  
Nasty is the best way to describe all that was talked about during LSSC's segment of MEANWHILE

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Lupita Nyong'o  
Don't ask Stephen Colbert and Lupita Nyong'o to take a selfie with you in a public bathroom

Saturday Night Live Westminster Daddy Show  
Enter your daddy into the Westminster Daddy Show

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Heidi Schreck  
Heidi Schreck loves the Ninth Amendment

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert cracking jokes about NETFLIX  
Stephen Colbert had to tell folks that it's a bad idea to fall in love with a serial killer

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Christine Baranski  
Christine Baranski tells Stephen Colbert what real power is

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert special segment MEANWHILE  
LSSC MEANWHILE was all about bad ideas

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Congressman Adam Kinzinger  
Congressman Adam Kinzinger kept it real on LSSC about immigration

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Patricia Arquette  
Patricia Arquette and Stephen Colbert know parents have to manipulate their children into doing the right things

Bill Murray Smoking;  
Under the Radar
Humans are the number one cause of smoking

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Speaking about the terrorist attacks at two Mosques;  
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern tells the Muslim community that "they are us"

Mega Millions Lottery Winner Mike Weirsky;  
Under the Radar
An unemployed New Jersey man's ex-wife wants some of his $273 million jackpot

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert John Turturro ;  
John Turturro taught Stephen Colbert how to dance

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Andrew Rannells ;  
Andrew Rannells told Stephen Colbert he's not the nine to five type of fella

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert special segment MEANWHILE  
LSSC MEANWHILE had everything from Mitt Romney's Twinkie birthday candles to Barbie turning 60

Donald Trump Looking Mad;  
12 Republicans join the Senate Democrats to block Donald Trump's national emergency declaration

YouTube;   An article in Wired is why YouTube issued a new policy addressing the problem of child predators on its site

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tulsi Gabbard ;  
Stephen Colbert asked Tulsi Gabbard why did she meet with Syrian President Bashar al Assad

Sex Education written on a chalk board;  
Folks on the right are hating on Colorado's school sex education bill which includes LGBTQ groups

Jaguar is resting peacefully in a tree;  
Under the Radar
A jaguar attacked a woman who tried taking a selfie during his private time

Supernatural Dean trying to stay awake;  
Under the Radar
That sleep will catch up with you

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman ;  
Stephen Colbert got Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman to be quiet

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Cory Booker ;  
Cory Booker told Stephen Colbert he's running for POTUS because he believes in America

Howard Schultz running as an Independent;  
NBC WSJ poll shows Americans aren't comfortable voting for a businessman

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Taco Bell Sauce Saves Lives Story ;  
Stephen Colbert gave an update on the "Taco Bell Saves Lives" story

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Gayle Kiing talking about R. Kelly interview ;  
Gayle King told Stephen Colbert that she thought R.Kelly was going to run out of the interview

Bill Shine;  
Bill Shine resigned as White House Communications Director

Paul Manafort;  
Paul Manafort gets less than 4 years in prison for bank fraud and tax evasion

Alex Trebek ;  
Folks throughout the country came out to support Alex Trebek

Senator Martha McSally;  
Senator Martha McSally revealed that she was raped by a senior military officer

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert talking about R Kelly's alleged sex crimes ;  
Stephen Colbert talked 'about that sexual predator in the entertainment industry'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert's guest Willie Geist motion like he has a Taser in his hand ;  
Willie Geist told Stephen Colbert he brings a Taser to interviews when he has to interview guests who are as crazy as R. Kelly

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guests Game of Thrones star Kit Harington ;  
Stephen Colbert asked Kit Harington if it's true that Rose Leslie didn't want him to tell her how Season 7 of Game of Thrones ended

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert special segment MEANWHILE ;  

Senator Rand Paul speaking to the press outside the chamber;  
Rand Paul believes more than 10 Republican senators will support ending Donald Trump's national emergency declaration

Donald Trump motioning with his hand;  
Donald Trump says the House Judiciary Committee's decision to mail out 81 documents is just 'nonsense'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest is Actress Julianne Moore ;  
Stephen Colbert and Julianne Moore talked about how they love to embarrass their children

Alabama Tornado Damage;  
EF4 tornado touched down in Alabama killing 23 people

Actor Luke Perry at San Diego Comic Con International  
Actor Luke Perry passed away today at the age of 52

Senator Rand Paul;  
Sen. Rand Paul joins three Republicans in opposing Donald Trump's national emergency declaration

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler;  
House Jucidiary Committee sent out 81 documents requesting info about Donald Trump

Donald Trump Angrily Pointing His Finger;  
Donald Trump blames the Cohen Hearings for his walking away from the US-North Korean Summit without a deal