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Tuck Buckford LSSC
Tuck Buckford is brain fighting Silicon Valley and Hollywood
FDA warns the public about cyclospora outbreak that
spans 15 states

McDonald's worker hooked cleaning fluid line up to the
milk line in latte machine

Restaurant owner gets thrown
in jail for refusing to pay her workers

Rudy Giuliani Wide Eyed Looking
Did anybody ever find
out who the "YOU" is
who Rudy Giuliani
tweeted about?
Hugh Jackman
I just like this tweet
California Wildfires;
California wildfire destroys 1,555 homes and buildings

Les Moonves   Entertainment

 Les Moonves leaves Anita Hill led  commission amidst six sexual  harassment allegations against him

Alex Jones   Entertainment

 Spotify removes some episodes from  Alex Jones' Infowars podcast

Donald Trump Screaming;   Politics

 Donald Trump orders Jeff Sessions to  end the Russian probe that Sessions  recuse himself from

Little Girl Pointing at a Pervert;   News

 PERVERT ALERT! A nasty devil gets  caught trying to look under children's  clothes in an airport bathroom

Minion;   Entertainment

 Twitter had #FridayFeeling and  #funfactfriday trending on Saturday  morning

Ving Rhames   Entertainment

 A neighbor denies calling the police and  the police dog on a large black man  name Ving Rhames

Meghan McCain The View;   Entertainment

 Meghan McCain is right about how  good P.F. CHANG'S food is

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats;   Politics

 Intel chief Dan Coats had to apologize  to the child in the White House named  Donald Trump

Old Man Driving;   News

 A 90-year-old man drove his pickup  truck off the road and straight into a  house

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;   News

 Carnegie Mellon University archivist  allegedly stole and sold $8 million  worth of books

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats;   News

 Intel chief Dan Coats says "say what  again" to Andrea Mitchell's question  about Donald Trump's tweet

Michael Cohen;   News

 Michael Cohen has a tape of Donald  Trump talking about paying off Karen  McDougal

Donald Trump Grinning;   Politics

 Trump woke up this morning with the  not so bright idea to meet with Putin  again

Donald Trump Pucker Lips;   News

 Donald Trump answered White House  correspondent Jeff Mason question to  Vladimir Putin

Jason   Entertainment

 PARAM is the only network I saw  showing Friday the 13th movies on  Friday the 13th

LSSC Miss Bootsie;   Entertainment

 Stephen Colbert and them should let  Miss Bootsie have more air time on  LSSC

Donald Trump Uh Oh look;   News

 Donald Trump blames his bad press  conference in Helsinki on the would

Jared Kushner;   Under the Radar

 Jared Kushner gets himself into a lot of  mess

Scott Pruitt;   Politics

 Scott Pruitt resigned after it came out  he wanted Jeff Sessions' job

Stormy Daniels;   Entertainment

 Stormy Daniels is helping to pay the  legal fees of the two strippers who  were arrested along with her

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;   News

 An Arkansas man stole 1500 lottery  tickets from a Shell gas station

Couple going to hell during the heatwave;   News

 The heatwave has led to 90 to 100  degrees temperatures througout the  country

NETFLIX Logo;   Entertainment

 NETFLIX is getting rid of some TV  shows and movies again

Father's Day Joke Card;   News

 It's Father's Day

Michael Cohen;   News

 Michael Cohen had the worse week  ever

MPR Raccoon;   News

 MPRRaccoon talks about her two day  trip up the UBS Tower

Father's Day Joke Card;   Entertainment

 LSSC finds out if the dads want gifts  this Father's Day

Michael Avenatti Anthony Scaramucci;  
Under the Radar
Michael Avenatti and Anthony Scaramucci are all smiles in picture before appearing on LSSC

Donald Trump CPAC;  
The Canadians have five more diss to add to their list of Trump dissing them

Justin Trudeau's socks;  
Under the Radar
Justin Trudeau had on some funny looking socks

Wendys Logo;  
Wendy's doesn't like IHOb

Michael Avenatti;  
Michael Avenatti will be posting interesting news on Instagram this morning

Tony Awards;  
The Tony Awards were on tonight

Donald Trump Grinning;  
Donald Trump says his relationship with Justin Trudeau and them is a 10

Rudy Giuliani;  
Rudy Giuliani-Yeah every porn person can't be a star

USA Today Logo;  
USA Today tweets the No Gays Allowed sign is from a 2015 article

Samuel L Jackson;
Hahaha is Samuel L. Jackson's response to Twitter's notification that he violated its policy

Harvey Weinstein Twitter;
Harvey Weinstein has a Twitter page

Justin Trudeau Donald Trump;
Canadians are keeping a record of Donald Trump's dissing of them

Congresswoman Diane Black;
GOP congresswoman says porn in the grocery stores is why the boys shoot up schools

Roasting Marshmallows;
Roasted marshmallow over a volcano fella said he was just playing

Roseanne Barr;
Roseanne-I am now leaving Twitter

Harvey Weinstein;
Harvey Weinstein's lawyer's defense of him is he didn't invent the casting couch

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Stephen King;
Stephen King says Mike Pence looks like a drug dealer who's in a prostitution ring

Morgan Freeman;
Morgan Freeman told a woman not to pull her skirt down, allegedly

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio;
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tells marijuana smokers to pay their fines so they don't go to jail

E. Coli;
E. coli contaminated Romaine lettuce leads to an outbreak in 32 states and one death

House Wife with Marijuana Bag;
Canadians are about to get marijuana beer!

SNL Colin Jost Offensive Jokes;
SNL Weekend Update's offensive jokes are funny!

Donald Trump hands on his hips;
Donald Trump wants the FBI investigated

Santa Fe School Shooter;
There were 10 people killed and 13 people injured during Texas school shooting

Hawaiian Golfers with volcano ash and smoke in the background;
Hawaiian golfers don't mind playing golf while Kilauea volcano is popping off

Deadpool sitting in a chair;
Hello, Deadpool will see you now

Bear Selfie;  
Aspen City Council voted to fine folks who take bear selfies