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World Sleep Day;
World Sleep Day is about
more than just mere sleep
Pick up lines to use when you get to Hell

Bootlegging movies is the one thing the Russians and Americans have in common

Flower arrangements with Martha Stewart are so fun!

Georgia School Shooter Randal Davidson;
The Georgia school
shooter had money problems
Donald Trump hands on his hips;
Donald Trump uses Mr. Magoo joke to call Jeff Sessions old
Jim Carrey Facebook;
Jim Carrey got rid of his Facebook stock and account

Mucinex;   News

 Mucinex gave its workers a call in sick  script to use after the Super Bowl

Donald Trump Crying;   Politics

 Donald Trump's tweet shot at Oprah is  a cry for help

Chief of Staff John Kelly;   Politics

 John Kelly won't be the White House  chief of staff for too long

SYFY Happy;   Entertainment

 Happy is renewed for a 2nd season!!!

Lindsey Graham;   Politics

 The Democrats and two Republicans  shutdown that Pain-Abortion bill on  Monday

Mike Pence Paul Ryan SOTU;   Politics

 Here's what Mike Pence and Paul Ryan  were thinking during the SOTU

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe;   News

 Andrew McCabe steps down as the FBI  deputy director

Will Ferrell Jason SNL I;   Entertainment

 SNL's Jason is that guy

Disney Kid Bored;   Entertainment

 The Grammys' ratings are bad

Man Freezing in the cold;   News

 This year's flu season is one of the  worse

Pet Rat;   News

 Woman gets rat bite fever from her pet  rat

Steve Wynn;   News

 Raise your hand if you're surprise by  the sexual harassment allegations  against Steve Wynn

Nikki Haley;   News

 Nikki Haley doesn't strike me as the  type of woman who will cheat on her  husband with Donald Trump

Donald Trump World Economic Forum;   Politics

 Donald Trump says "America is open  for business"

Lil Rel Howery Jimmy Kimmel Live;   Entertainment

 Get Out star Lil Rel Howery doesn't  have tickets to the Oscars

Donald Trump Crying;   Politics

 How To Get Away With Mueller

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;   Politics

 Joe Scarborough says Donald Trump is  as happy as a pig rolling around in mud

Doomsday Clock;   News

 All of that "Fire and Fury" talk has  inched the Doomsday Clock closer to  doomsday

General Electric;   News

 GE decided to layoff 130 workers in  Schenectady, New York

Donald Trump Donkey Hotey;   Politics

 Donald Trump threatens to stop  funding for Palestine if they refuse  peace talks with Israel

Steve Stinky Bannon;   Politics

 Steve Bannon agrees to sit down and  talk to Robert Mueller about Donald  Trump and Russia

Connie Britton Abby Clark 9-1-1;   Entertainment

 FOX's new show 9-1-1 has been  renewed

Senator Jeff Flake;   Politics

 Jeff Flake tells Donald Trump he's a  despot who fears the truth

Steve Bannon Cartoon I;   Politics

 Steve Bannon's broad use of executive  privilege got him a subpoena on the  spot from the House Intelligence  Committee

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un;   Politics

 Kim Jong-un says Donald Trump is a  loser

Senator Lindsey Graham;   Politics

 Lindsey Graham wants to know who on  the Trump team messed up the  immigration bill

Sloppy Steve;   Politics

 Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed

Donald Trump at CPAC;   Double-Talking

 Donald Trump denies having a good  relationship with Kim Jong-un

Sloppy Steve;   Politics

 Steve Bannon and them will testify  before the House Intelligence  Committee this week

Tina Fey 30 Rock;   News

 Ways to get out of jury duty

Donald Trump hands on his hips;   Politics

 Donald Trump is going to start taping  his cabinet meetings

Donald Trump Screaming;   Politics

 "Shithouses" is what Donald Trump  really said

Connie Britton Abby Clark 9-1-1;   Entertainment

 FOX's new show 9-1-1 isn't about  answering calls about your missing  chicken mcnuggets

Man making angel wings in money;   News

 Somebody won the Powerball jackpot &  somebody won the Mega Millions  jackpot

Seth Meyers Golden Globes Host;   Entertainment

 The Golden Globes Award show stuck  to its Times Up theme last night

Donald Trump Grinning;   Entertainment

 Donald Trump will be announcing his  fake news media award winners next  week

Donald Trump Pucker Lips;   Politics

 Donald Trump says he's tired of "fake  news" & a "fake book"

Steve Bannon Cartoon;   Politics

 Steve Bannon apologizes to Donald  Trump

Stephen Miller Caricature;   Politics

 Stephen Miller says Donald Trump is a  political genius

Donald Trump;   Politics

 Donald Trump called a press  conference to further explain why he's  "a very stable genius"

Prostitute leaning into a man's car;   Under the Radar

 Twitter let questions for prostitutes  trend

John Berman;   Entertainment

 Ha, CNN's John Berman said bitch on  TV!!!

Danny Zuker   Entertainment

 Danny Zuker sent Donald Trump  Michael Wolff's new book as a gift

Donald Trump Crying;   Politics

 Donald Trump accuses the FBI of  colluding with Hillary Clinton and the  Russians

Former Alabama Judge Roy Moore;   Politics

 God decided not to answer Roy Moore's  prayer about making him a United  States senator

Donald Trump hands on his hips;   Politics

 Donald Trump's tweet about the U.S.  Postal Service was really about Jeff  Bezos

Man Freezing in the cold;   News

 It's as cold as Hades outside

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;   Politics

 Vanity Fair's young folks told Hillary  Clinton she's too old to run for POTUS

Seinfeld Dancing;   News

 The Powerball and Mega Millions  jackpots have reached $643 million

Homer Simpson;   News

 Last Week's News Was Mostly Bad

Clark Griswald Family Christmas;   News

 It's Christmas!!!!!

Tony Barbieri Jake Byrd;   Under the Radar

 The funny thing about Tony Barbieri  crashing Roy Moore's church campaign  rally

Donald Trump Donkey Hotey;   News

 Report-White House officials admit  Donald Trump has hurt any chances of  brokering peace between Israel and  Palestine

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;   News

 The Russians have to pay back the  money the IOC used to investigate the  doping scandal

Stephen Colbert Lewis Black   Entertainment

 Stephen Colbert and Lewis Black  questioned why sexual harassers are  allowed to keep their jobs so long

Carol Burnett Kate Winslet   Entertainment

 Carol Burnett and Kate Winslet  said they had to work before they  became famous

White House Staffer Jared Kushner;   News

 Jared Kushner's lawyer hinted that he  is in trouble

Micahel Flynn Cartoon;   News

 Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to  the FBI

Former FBI Director James Comey;   News

 James Comey tweeted out a Bible  verse from the Old Testament in  response to Michael Flynn's guilty plea

Nashville Twitter;  
The proper way to behave on Twitter

Prince Harry Meghan Markle;  
Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's wedding month and location have been set

Comedian Kevin Hart  
Someone tried using Kevin Hart's name in order to get money through a fake charity

Team America;  
A McDonald's worker in Detroit has hepatitis A

Cartoon Mitch McConnell;  
Mitch McConnell has forgotten how he wanted to make Barack Obama a one term POTUS

Donald Trump Crying;  
Donald Trump tweets that Russia is the Democrats excuse for losing the election

Donal Trump pouting;  
Donald Trump got cracked on after complaining about Time Magazine Person of the Year cover

White House Staffer Jared Kushner;  
I think Jared Kushner's lawyer is trying to get him a sweet deal in order to keep him out of jail

Billy Baldwin  
Billy Baldwin says his wife kicked Donald Trump's "ass" out the door after he tried to get with her

Donald Trump Grinning;  
Donald Trump is supporting alleged child molester Roy Moore

Senator Tom Carper;  
Senator Tom Carper says Gary Cohn faked a bad connection to get Donald Trump off the phone

Al Franken groping Leeann Tweeden;  
Leeann Tweeden says Al Franken drew a picture of her as the devil

Ben Affleck  
Stephen Colbert asked Ben Affleck about the sexual harassment allegation against him

Mr Burns Simpson Whuppin Ass;  
UCLA players would've been caned if they had stolen anything in Singapore

Capitol Hill;  
Congress has paid $15 million to settle sexual harassment and discrimination claims

The Walking Dead Shiva  
Jake Kearney from The Walking Dead is getting hate tweets

Matt Drudge  
One of Matt Drudge's two tweets is about the Washington Post

Anthony Edwards  
Anthony Edwards-My abuse may always be with me but it doesn't own me

Boo Boo Jeffries Tiffany Haddish SNL;  
Boo Boo Jeffries was my favorite Tiffany Haddish skit on SNL

Donald Trump Pucker Lips;  
Donald Trump doesn't see himself as old

Stephen Colbert She Person Song  
Stephen Colbert sang a song titled "She Person" to the ladies

Lucille Ball;  
There's only one word you need to explain social media

Norman Reedus Stephen Colbert  
Norman Reedus says his southern food will sober a drunk person right on up

Comedian Pat McGann Stephen Colbert  
Comedian Pat McGann had the audience rolling on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Twitter users want an edit button

The Tweet of God  
Reza Aslan tweet chatted with The Tweet of God about his new book

Jesus Shades Folks;  
Donald Trump and the GOP received thoughts and prayers following their party's election losses

Donald Trump Deplorables;  
Donald Trump congratulated himself and the deplorables for winning the presidential election last year

Don Jr;  
Folks tweeted their thanks to Don Jr. for tweeting out the wrong date to vote

Donna Brazile;  
Donna Brazile says arrogance was one of the factors leading to Hillary Clinton losinig the election

First Baptist Church Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley;  
Devin Patrick Kelley escaped a mental institution and was questioned in a sexual assault case

SNL Leslie Jones;  
New York Yankees' Catcher Gary Sanchez thanked Leslie Jones for her kind words on SNL

Donal Trump pouting;  
Bad weather stopped Donald Trump from visiting the DMZ

Bugs Bunny;
Daylight Savings Time is today

Finn Wolfhard
A grown man complained about Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard not speaking to him

Homer Simpson
Under the Radar
The top five reasons why men cook

George Papadopoulos;
The "Coffee Boy" doesn't get a seat at the table

Barack Obama;
Barack Obama tweets a reminder to folks to enroll in Obamacare

Congressman Ted Lieu;
Congressman Ted Lieu offers to buy Pizza Hut pizza for Twitter employee who took Trump off Twitter

Prince Harry Michelle Obama;
Prince Harry and Michelle Obama surprised students at a Chicago school on Halloween

Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett spoke out against the objectifying of women

NYC Terror Attack;
Sayfullo Saipov is the terrorist suspect who killed 8 people and injured several others in NYC

The five things not to do on Halloween

Rose McGowan;
Rose McGowan says Hollywood "is the messaging system for your mind"

Donald Trump Screaming;
Donald Trump tweet screams "DO SOMETHING" at the Republicans

US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley;
Nikki Haley recognizes that Russia is a problem in Syria

Roger Stone;
Roger Stone tells his buddy Jack Posobiec that he didn't do anything wrong on Twitter

Walton Goggins Danny McBride Vice Principals;
Russell and Gamby are getting rid of the threats at North Jackson High

Morgan Freeman;
God isn't taking credit for Bill O'Reilly's mess

Roger Stone;
Roger Stone spazzed out on Twitter

Tweet God tripped out on Joel Osteen

Seth MacFarlane;
Seth MacFarlane explained his Harvey Weinstein joke

Seth Rogen Comic Con;
Seth Rogen's mama is proof that Twitter is a good place to look for your grown kids

Larry David on a Couch;
Things don't turn out too hot for Larry David in the Curb Your Enthusiasm season opener

Larry David as the hobo Buck Dancer;
Larry David gets himself into a pickle

Donald Trump Caricature;
The White House doesn't have recordings of Donald Trump's conversation with Sergeant Johnson's widow

Vice Principals Neal Gamby;
Gamby reclaims his vice principal position at North Jackson High

Rex Tillerson;
State Department Spokesperson-The secretary does not use that type of language

Bad Teacher;
World Teachers Day is a day teachers ask themselves why they became teachers in the first place

Rex Tillerson;
Rex Tillerson says he's learned that Donald Trump loves this country

Mean Girls;
Mean Girls Day is sooooo fetch!!!