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E. Coli;
E. coli contaminated Romaine lettuce leads to an outbreak
in 32 states and one death
Canadians are about to get marijuana beer!

SNL Weekend Update's offensive jokes are funny!

Donald Trump wants the FBI investigated

Santa Fe School Shooter;
There were 10 people killed and 13 people injured during Texas school shooting
Hawaiian Golfers with volcano ash and smoke in the background;
Hawaiian golfers don't mind playing golf while Kilauea volcano is popping off
Deadpool sitting in a chair;
Hello, Deadpool will
see you now

Late Show with Stephen Colbert Kids Pitch;   Entertainment

 The kids on LSSC knew about The  Handmaid's Tale, Game of Thrones,  and Brooke Shields

Bear Selfie;   News

 Aspen City Council voted to fine folks  who take bear selfies

Cookie Monster;   News

 Today is the Cookie Monster's day to  eat all the chocolate chip cookies he  wants to eat!

Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Smoke;   News

 Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is really mad  now!

Mother's Day Card;   News

 I hope all the mothers had a good  Mother's Day!

Bad Teacher;   News

 The best way to show appreciation to  teachers is by giving them more checks

Michael Cohen;   News

 Giving money to Michael Cohen is like  throwing good at bad

Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions;   Entertainment

 Everyday folks can relate to Stephen  Colbert's "Midnight Confessions"

Hawaii Volcano;   News

 Hawaiians have to deal with  earthquakes and volcano lava

Donald Trump Uh Oh look;   Double-Talking

 Donald Trump ripped up the Iran  Nuclear deal but is holding out hope  with North Korea

SNL Donald Glover;   Entertainment

 SNL's 80's Music Video skit lets you  know it's bad to stalk the wrong  woman

Chris O'Donnell Princess Diana;   Entertainment

 Chris O'Donnell says Princess Diana  was pretty cool

Rudy Giuliani;   Double-Talking

 Rudy Giuliani-I'm still learning

Battle of Puebla;   News

 The history behind Cinco de Mayo

Donald Trump Smirking Smiling;   News

 Donald Trump-He started yesterday,  uhhh, he'll get his facts straight

Rudy Giuliani;   News

 Rudy Giuliani isn't being a good friend  to Donald Trump

Kevin Smith;   Entertainment

 Kevin Smith says weed saved his life  after he had a heart attack

Deadpool;   Entertainment

 Yes, Deadpool 2 will be in the theaters  on May 18!

Stormy Daniels;   Entertainment

 Stormy Daniels has a new movie out

Annabelle;   Entertainment

 Annabelle scares the shit out of me!

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;   News

 The Secret Service told folks not to  bring guns to Trump's or Pence's  speech at the NRA meeting

Kumail Nanjiani;   Entertainment

 Kumail Nanjiani told Maggie Haberman  he unfollowed her months ago on  Twitter

Speak of the House Paul Ryan;   Double-Talking

 Paul Ryan chose his party over the  word of God

Natalia Veselnitskaya;   Double-Talking

 Natalia Veselnitskaya surprises no one  with her admission that she's a Russian  spy

North Korean South Korean Summit;   News

 North Korea and South Korea have  agreed to end the 68-year war

SNL Diner Lobster skit;   Entertainment

 SNL's Diner Lobster skit

Michael Cohen;   News

 Y'all remember when Michael Cohen  said the FBI was nice to him?

Donald Trump Donkey Hotey;   Under the Radar

 Donald Trump says he's given over a  million pages of documents to Robert  Mueller

SNL Nike Pro Chiller Leggings;   Entertainment

 SNL gave Nike a good idea

SNL Medical Breakthrough Skit;   Entertainment

 SNL explains perfectly why the men  folks can't have a baby

Ann Coulter;   Politics

 Ha, Ann Coulter is funny sometimes!!!

Oh Shit Face;   News

 A 13-year-old boy fell down into a  sewer pipe

Freezing Cold Funny Cartoon;   News

 We need a Cold Day

Donald Trump Pucker Lips;   Politics

 Oh, what better time than this for  Donald Trump to get folks talking  about DACA

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;   Politics

 Hm, Michael Cohen needs a lawyer

Donald Trump Senior; Joe Biden;   Politics

 Donald Trump and Joe Biden are  about to commit elderly abuse  against each other

Donald Trump at CPAC;   Politics

 Ha, Donald Trump wants y'all to  believe he doesn't want to be POTUS  forever

World Sleep Day;   News

 World Sleep Day is about more than  just mere sleep

Dogma Salma Hayek;   Under the Radar

 Pick up lines to use when you get to  Hell

Steve Buscemi Stephen Colbert;   Entertainment

 Bootlegging movies is the one thing the  Russians and Americans have in  common

Stephen Colbert Martha Stewart;   Entertainment

 Flower arrangements with Martha  Stewart are so fun!

Georgia School Shooter Randal Davidson;   News

 The Georgia school shooter had money  problems

Donald Trump hands on his hips;   Double-Talking

 Donald Trump uses Mr. Magoo joke to  call Jeff Sessions old

Jim Carrey Facebook;  
Jim Carrey got rid of his Facebook stock and account

Mucinex gave its workers a call in sick script to use after the Super Bowl

Donald Trump Crying;  
Donald Trump's tweet shot at Oprah is a cry for help

Chief of Staff John Kelly;  
John Kelly won't be the White House chief of staff for too long

SYFY Happy;  
Happy is renewed for a 2nd season!!!

Lindsey Graham;  
The Democrats and two Republicans shutdown that Pain-Abortion bill on Monday

Mike Pence Paul Ryan SOTU;  
Here's what Mike Pence and Paul Ryan were thinking during the SOTU

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe;  
Andrew McCabe steps down as the FBI deputy director

Will Ferrell Jason SNL I;  
SNL's Jason is that guy

Disney Kid Bored;  
The Grammys' ratings are bad

Man Freezing in the cold;  
This year's flu season is one of the worse

Pet Rat;  
Woman gets rat bite fever from her pet rat

Steve Wynn;  
Raise your hand if you're surprise by the sexual harassment allegations against Steve Wynn

Nikki Haley;  
Nikki Haley doesn't strike me as the type of woman who will cheat on her husband with Donald Trump

Donald Trump World Economic Forum;  
Donald Trump says "America is open for business"

Lil Rel Howery Jimmy Kimmel Live;  
Get Out star Lil Rel Howery doesn't have tickets to the Oscars

Donald Trump Crying;  
How To Get Away With Mueller

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;  
Joe Scarborough says Donald Trump is as happy as a pig rolling around in mud

Doomsday Clock;  
All of that "Fire and Fury" talk has inched the Doomsday Clock closer to doomsday

General Electric;  
GE decided to layoff 130 workers in Schenectady, New York

Donald Trump Donkey Hotey;  
Donald Trump threatens to stop funding for Palestine if they refuse peace talks with Israel

Steve Stinky Bannon;  
Steve Bannon agrees to sit down and talk to Robert Mueller about Donald Trump and Russia

Connie Britton Abby Clark 9-1-1;  
FOX's new show 9-1-1 has been renewed

Senator Jeff Flake;  
Jeff Flake tells Donald Trump he's a despot who fears the truth

Steve Bannon Cartoon I;  
Steve Bannon's broad use of executive privilege got him a subpoena on the spot from the House Intelligence Committee

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un;  
Kim Jong-un says Donald Trump is a loser

Senator Lindsey Graham;  
Lindsey Graham wants to know who on the Trump team messed up the immigration bill

Sloppy Steve;  
Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed

Donald Trump at CPAC;  
Donald Trump denies having a good relationship with Kim Jong-un

Sloppy Steve;  
Steve Bannon and them will testify before the House Intelligence Committee this week

Tina Fey 30 Rock;  
Ways to get out of jury duty

Donald Trump hands on his hips;  
Donald Trump is going to start taping his cabinet meetings

Donald Trump Screaming;  
"Shithouses" is what Donald Trump really said

Connie Britton Abby Clark 9-1-1;  
FOX's new show 9-1-1 isn't about answering calls about your missing chicken mcnuggets

Man making angel wings in money;  
Somebody won the Powerball jackpot & somebody won the Mega Millions jackpot

Seth Meyers Golden Globes Host;  
The Golden Globes Award show stuck to its Times Up theme last night

Donald Trump Grinning;  
Donald Trump will be announcing his fake news media award winners next week

Donald Trump Pucker Lips;  
Donald Trump says he's tired of "fake news" & a "fake book"

Steve Bannon Cartoon;  
Steve Bannon apologizes to Donald Trump

Stephen Miller Caricature;  
Stephen Miller says Donald Trump is a political genius

Donald Trump;  
Donald Trump called a press conference to further explain why he's "a very stable genius"

Prostitute leaning into a man's car;  
Under the Radar
Twitter let questions for prostitutes trend

John Berman;  
Ha, CNN's John Berman said bitch on TV!!!

Danny Zuker  
Danny Zuker sent Donald Trump Michael Wolff's new book as a gift