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Courtroom sketch of Jeffrey Epstein in his prison blues sitting before a federal judge in Manhattan, New York;
Federal judge to Jeffrey Epstein's lawyers-I doubt any bail package can overcome his danger to the coummunity
Beachgoers formed a human chain to save a swimmer caught up in a rip current on the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida ;
People formed a human chain in order
to save a swimmer who was caught
up in a rip current

Lights out in New York City;
The lights went out in New York City on
Saturday for over two hours

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta;
Alexander Acosta
wants us to believe
he made the decision
on his own
to resign today
Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta;
Alexander Acosta
blamed everybody
but himself for the
sweet heart deal he
gave Jeffrey Epstein
A man standing next to a helicopter, with Uber's name written on it, waiting for a customers to get out of his car;
Uber launches a
helicopter service in Manhattan for the company's diamond
and platinum status customers

Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake hits Southern California city of Ridgecrest;
 Another earthquake hit the Southern  California city of Ridgecrest

Southern California Earthquake;
 A earthquake hit Southern California on  Independence Day

Rebecca Spring Nielson;
 Amanda Ramirez could get 10 to 30  years in prison if convicted on the  manslaughter charge relating to the  death of her twin sister

Rebecca Spring Nielson;
 A woman allegedly told the police
 that her husband killed her

Hartford Trash Facility Jennifer Dulos Case;
 The police have completed searching  for evidence at a trash facility in  association with the Jennifer Dulos'  case

Tinder Date Killer Aubrey Trail;
 Aubrey Trail has cut his own throat,  had two heart attacks, and a stroke  since his murder trail began

Grown Man Crying;
 A man named Rich has to give his ex- wife half of his riches from his lottery  winnings

Fotis Dulos looking at the press while walking into a building;
 Fotis Dulos' DNA was found "mixed" in  with Jennifer Dulos' blood that was on  her kitchen counter

Good Ol' Dad;
 Happy Good Ol' Dad's Day!

MichaeL Ciskiewic of Niagara Falls, New York, allegedly kidnapped, raped, and chained his neighbor to his basement floor;
 A 25-year-old handyman is accused of  kidnapping, raping, and chaining his  neighbor to his basement floor

San Mateo Police Officer Robert Davies Arrested for Allegedly Soliciting Sex from Minor Girls;
 College student used Snapchat's  gender switch filter to help catch a  predator cop

Fotis Dulos Husband suspected of killing his suburban wife and mother of five children;
 Lawyers dropped Fotis Dulos in divorce  case and loan lawsuit around the same  time he hired a prominent criminal  lawyer

New York City Fire Department outside building where a helicopter crashed on the rooftop of a 54-story building
 A helicopter crashed on the rooftop
 of a 54-story building in Midtown  Manhattan, killing one person

The Jail Photos of the Two Suspects, Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis, in the Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos;
 Fotis Dulos' girlfriend Michelle C.  Troconis is helping the police to
 search for his wife Jennifer Dulos

Donald Trump D-Day Speech;
 Donald Trump told WWII veterans on  the 75th Anniversary of D-Day that  they "are the pride of our nation"

Legionnaires' disease;
 Ohio becomes the second state where a  person died from the Legionnaires  outbreak

`19-year-old Utah man who ran over an 11-year-old girl;
 19-year-old allegedly told witnesses  that drugs made him run over a young  girl

CBS This Morning William Barr Speaking with Jan Crawford about Robert Mueller's Russian Investigation Report;
 William Barr says a "high level group"  is being formed to counter foreign  interference into the 2020 Presidential  Election

Donald Trump motioning with his hand;
 Donald Trump denies ordering the  Navy to move the USS John McCain  away from his view

Large Sand Pit Hole on Nags Head, North Carolina Beach;
 Beachgoers won't stop digging large  sand pit holes on the beaches of Nags  Head, NC

Legionnaires' disease;
 Legionnaires disease outbreak in Union  County, New Jersey leaves five people  dead

Christopher Dougherty San Diego, California, Ponzi scheme;
 A California man is accused of using a  Ponzi scheme to steal over $6 million  from the elderly and veterans

Luxury Cars;
 Vancouver is cleaning up its image as a  haven for international criminals

Woman Resting;
This Mother's Day give your mother the gift of silence

Hester Jordan Burkhalter;
Walt Disney World's security guard called the cops on a great-grandmother who had CBD oil for her arthritis

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor;
Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is the royal baby's name

Naked Man on Alligator's Back;
The alligator is right to eat the nakd man on his back

Prince Harry Announcing The Birth of He and Meghan Markle's Baby;
Prince Harry is really happy to be a daddy

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein Press Conference Outside of Chabad of Poway Synagogue in Poway, California;
Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein-Terrorism like this will not take us down!

Chabad of Poway Synagogue shooting in Poway, California;
One woman has died, two men and a young girl are in stable condition after shooting at Chabad of Poway Syangogue

Captain Planet and Wheeler Earth Day message;
Here's an important message from Captain Planet and Wheeler about Earth Day

Human waste spilled all over Interstate 90 in the state of Washington;
A pile of shit spilled all over the road on Interstate 90 in the state of Washington

Marc Lawrence arrested after getting caught taking nasty pictures of high school girl swimmers;
Man arrested after using portable toilet as picture booth to take pictures of high school girls from

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;
A judge ruled in favor of a man who poured a pot of boiling hot water on his roommate

Barboursville,West Virginia Police Sgt. Anthony Jividen giving a press conference about woman who mistakenly pulled a gun on a man who she thought was trying to abduct her daughter;
A woman told the police she mistakenly pulled a gun on a man who she thought was trying to abduct her daughter

Colorado State Attorney General Phil Weiser;
Colorado is trying to pass a bill allowing the sheriff to take guns away from folks who are a danger to society

Italian Flag;
An Italian appeal court's all-female judge panel ruled that a woman is too ugly to be raped

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Speaking about the terrorist attacks at two Mosques;
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern tells the Muslim community that "they are us"

An article in Wired is why YouTube issued a new policy addressing the problem of child predators on its site

Sex Education written on a chalk board;
Folks on the right are hating on Colorado's school sex education bill which includes LGBTQ groups

Paul Manafort;
Paul Manafort gets less than 4 years in prison for bank fraud and tax evasion

Senator Martha McSally;
Senator Martha McSally revealed that she was raped by a senior military officer

Alabama Tornado Damage;
EF4 tornado touched down in Alabama killing 23 people

Russian Investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller Smiling from one ear to the other;
Robert Mueller won't be releasing the Russian Investigation report

Russian Investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller;
Robert Mueller is expected to complete his report early next week

Police Line Tape;
A New Mexico man's homemade bomb blew up and killed him

Michael Cohen looking sad walking out of a federal courtroom;
Michael Cohen has less than two months of freedom left