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Jim Carrey Facebook;
Jim Carrey got rid of his Facebook stock and account
Happy is renewed for a 2nd season!!!

SNL's Jason is that guy

The Grammys' ratings are bad

Lil Rel Howery Jimmy Kimmel Live;
Get Out star Lil Rel Howery doesn't have tickets to the Oscars
Connie Britton Abby Clark 9-1-1;
FOX's new show 9-1-1
has been renewed
Connie Britton Abby Clark 9-1-1;
FOX's new show 9-1-1 isn't about answering calls about your missing chicken mcnuggets

Seth Meyers Golden Globes Host;
 The Golden Globe Awards show stuck  to its Times Up theme last night

Donald Trump Grinning;
 Donald Trump will be announcing his  fake news media award winners next  week

John Berman;
 Ha, CNN's John Berman said bitch on  TV!!!

Danny Zuker
 Danny Zuker sent Donald Trump  Michael Wolff's new book as a gift

Stephen Colbert Lewis Black
 Stephen Colbert and Lewis Black  questioned why sexual harassers are  allowed to keep their jobs so long

Carol Burnett Kate Winslet
 Carol Burnett and Kate Winslet  said they had to work before  they became famous

Comedian Kevin Hart
 Someone tried using Kevin Hart's name  in order to get money through a fake  charity

Billy Baldwin
 Billy Baldwin says his wife kicked  Donald Trump's "ass" out the door  after he tried to get with her

Ben Affleck
 Stephen Colbert asked Ben Affleck  about the sexual harassment allegation  against him

The Walking Dead Shiva
 Jake Kearney from The Walking Dead is  getting hate tweets

Matt Drudge
 One of Matt Drudge's two tweets is  about the Washington Post

Anthony Edwards
 Anthony Edwards-My abuse may  always be with  me but it doesn't own  me

Boo Boo Jeffries Tiffany Haddish SNL;
 Boo Boo Jeffries was my favorite  Tiffany Haddish skit on SNL

Stephen Colbert She Person Song
 Stephen Colbert sang a song titled  "She Person" to the ladies

Norman Reedus Stephen Colbert
 Norman Reedus says his southern food  will sober a drunk person right on up

Comedian Pat McGann Stephen Colbert
 Comedian Pat McGann had the  audience rolling on The Late Show with  Stephen Colbert

The Tweet of God
 Reza Aslan tweet chatted with The  Tweet of God about his new book

SNL Leslie Jones;
 New York Yankees' Catcher Gary  Sanchez thanked Leslie Jones for her  kind words on SNL

Finn Wolfhard
 A grown man complained about  Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard  not speaking to him

Cate Blanchett
 Cate Blanchett spoke out against the  objectifying of women

 The five things not to do on Halloween

Rose McGowan;
 Rose McGowan says Hollywood "is the  messaging system for your mind"

Walton Goggins Danny McBride Vice Principals;
 Russell and Gamby are getting rid of  the threats at North Jackson High

Morgan Freeman;
 God isn't taking credit for Bill O'Reilly's  mess

 Tweet God tripped out on Joel Osteen

Seth MacFarlane;
 Seth MacFarlane explained his Harvey  Weinstein joke

Seth Rogen Comic Con;
 Seth Rogen's mama is proof that  Twitter is a good place to look for your  grown kids

Larry David on a Couch;
 Things don't turn out too hot for Larry  David in the Curb Your Enthusiasm  season opener

Larry David as the hobo Buck Dancer;
 Larry David gets himself into a pickle

Vice Principals Neal Gamby;
 Gamby reclaims his vice principal  position at North Jackson High

The Emmys 2017;
 The other goings on at the Emmys that  folks didn't see

 Bill Maher let Jeff Sessions know that state rights go  both ways

Donald Trump Pucker Lips;
Donald Trump took time out to tweet about the Emmys

Issa Rae gave a funny response to a fella who asked if she will be his baby mama

VEEP will end after this upcoming season

Juan Catalan;
Curb Your Enthusiasm helped to free an innocent man

Alec Baldwin Donald Trump SNL;
Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump explained the comments about Charlottesville

Cathy Anne-You don't need statues that basically say I did my best for slavery

James Corden Samuel L Jackson;
Samuel L Jackson beat James Corden in the Drop the Mic contest

Andrew Dice Clay;
Andrew Dice Clay-We need to stay united

Tiffany Haddish;
Tiffany Haddish had a Cate Blanchett moment on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

HBO got hacked again

Stephen Colbert Anthony Scaramucci;
Anthony Scaramucci told Stephen Colbert that Steve Bannon is a leaker

Veep Dining Room Chairs;
VEEP's set decorator tells a fan where she can buy the dining room chairs seen in Catherine's home

SNL Michael Che Colin Jost;
SNL Weekend Updates will began airing this Thursday

David Letterman;
David Letterman is back

Stephen Colbert Statue of Liberty
Stephen Colbert recites the new Statue of Liberty poem

Eric Bolling;
Fox News has suspended Eric Bolling following sexual harassment claims

Stephen Colbert Singing
Stephen Colbert sang a song in memory of Anthony Scaramucci

Stephen Colbert Anthony Scaramucci Jared Kushner
Anthony Scaramucci and Jared Kushner are The Mooch and The Cooch

The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman;
Robert Kirkman-I am NOT ending The Walking Dead comic

Stephen Colbert John Oliver;
Stephen Colbert and John Oliver agree that Don Jr.'s lawyer needs a lawyer

Stephen Colbert's Figureitoutatron;
Stephen Colbert's figure-it-out-a-tron shows where Donald Trump and his crew are headed

Senator Kamala Harris;
Stephen Colbert has given Sen. Kamala Harris a nickname

Pot Smoking Jeff Sessions;
Stephen Colbert knows what's wrong with Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions

Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions;
Stephen Colbert-I don't know if these are technically sins, but I do feel bad about them.

Madonna wished her father and herself a happy Father's Day

Comedian Seth Rogen;
Katie McHugh got into a Twitter argument with Seth Rogen

Stephen Colbert talks about DILFS and Russian hacking

Stephen Colbert won't be denied the right to enjoy joking about the covfefe tweet

Senator Al Franken has cancelled his appearance on Bill Maher's show

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Conan O'Brien;
Julia Louis-Dreyfus-We are really satirizing the culture of politics not a particular party

Michael Che;
Michael Che knows Donald Trump can't hold water

SNL Dwayne Johnson;
Xentrex will keep you down while you're up

Dwayne Johnson Tailored Suit; The Rock Tight Shorts;
The differences between Dwayne Johnson and The Rock