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The Tweet of God
Twitter locked The Tweet Of
God's Twitter account
Stephen Colbert and guest Wanda Sykes on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert;
Wanda Sykes talked to Stephen Colbert
about her wife Alex, their children, and
her Netflix special Not Normal

Snapchat should be fix now

Snapchat Down;
Snapchat users
tweeted out jokes
about the app
being down
SNL A Journey Through Time skit
The when and the
where you journey in
time depends on who
you are as a person
Grumpy Cat;
Grumpy Cat's
last tweets

Grumpy Cat;
 Grumpy Cat has gone on to one of  those many mansions in the sky

Cold Open of the VEEP LSSC Crossover;
 Selina Meyer had to deal with a dude  by the name of Stephen Colbert from  "The Cocoa Report"

Saturday Night Live Adam Sandler Rectix
 SNL's Rectix will "stop erectile  dysfunction dead in its tracks"

Stephen Colbert Chris Cuomo;
 Chris Cuomo says Stephen Colbert is  'much quicker and much smarter' up  close and in person

Stephen Colbert Chris Cuomo doing push-ups;
 Stephen Colbert challenged Chris  Cuomo to a push-up contest


Saved by the Bell friends celebrating 30 years of the show;
 Zack, Kelly, Slater, and Jessie have  been friends for 30 years

Robert De Niro The Late Show with Stephen Colbert;
 Robert De Niro took time out of his also  busy day to stop by The Late Show  with Stephen Colbert

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin;
 Tax court is another court the college  admissions scam parents may have to  go to

Young and the Restless Star Daniel Goodard's Calabasas home with a basketball goal sitting on evergreen colored grass;
 It's not a basketball court if evergreen  colored grass is covering it

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert special segment MEANWHILE a picture of two female astromauts;
 "Huh" is all you can say about the  stories on LSSC's MEANWHILE

Saturday Night Live skeet about Jussie Smollett;
 SNL cracked jokes about Jussie  Smollett and all the trifling things he's  done

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Tig Notaro;
 'Her' is what Tig Notaro's son calls her

The Walt Disney 21st CENTURY FOX
 Disney cut over 3,000 jobs in order to  do its part in keeping California's  homeless population number one

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Tony Hale
 Tony Hale stopped by The Late Show  with Stephen Colbert to talk about the  Veep and Toy Story 4

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert special segment MEANWHILE
 Nasty is the best way to describe all  that was talked about during LSSC's  segment of MEANWHILE

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Lupita Nyong'o
 Don't ask Stephen Colbert and Lupita  Nyong'o to take a selfie with you in a  public bathroom

Saturday Night Live Westminster Daddy Show
 Enter your daddy into the Westminster  Daddy Show

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Heidi Schreck
 Heidi Schreck loves the Ninth  Amendment

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert cracking jokes about NETFLIX
 Stephen Colbert had to tell folks that  it's a bad idea to fall in love with a  serial killer

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Christine Baranski
 Christine Baranski tells Stephen Colbert  what real power is

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert special segment MEANWHILE
 LSSC MEANWHILE was all about bad  ideas

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Congressman Adam Kinzinger
 Congressman Adam Kinzinger kept it  real on LSSC about immigration

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Patricia Arquette
 Patricia Arquette and Stephen Colbert  know parents have to manipulate their  children into doing the right things

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert John Turturro ;
 John Turturro taught Stephen Colbert  how to dance

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Andrew Rannells ;
 Andrew Rannells told Stephen Colbert  he's not the nine to five type of fella

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert special segment MEANWHILE
 LSSC MEANWHILE had everything from  Mitt Romney's Twinkie birthday candles  to Barbie turning 60

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tulsi Gabbard ;
 Stephen Colbert asked Tulsi Gabbard  why did she meet with Syrian President  Bashar al Assad

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman ;
 Stephen Colbert got Matt Ingebretson  and Jake Weisman to be quiet

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Cory Booker ;
 Cory Booker told Stephen Colbert he's  running for POTUS because he believes  in America

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Taco Bell Sauce Saves Lives Story ;
 Stephen Colbert gave an update on
 the "Taco Bell Saves Lives" story

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest Gayle Kiing talking about R. Kelly interview ;
 Gayle King told Stephen Colbert that  she thought R.Kelly was going to run  out of the interview

Alex Trebek ;
 Folks throughout the country came out  to support Alex Trebek

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert talking about R Kelly's alleged sex crimes ;
 Stephen Colbert talked 'about that  sexual predator in the entertainment  industry'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert's guest Willie Geist motion like he has a Taser in his hand ;
 Willie Geist told Stephen Colbert he  brings a Taser to interviews when he  has to interview guests who are as  crazy as R. Kelly

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guests Game of Thrones star Kit Harington ;
 Stephen Colbert asked Kit Harington if  it's true that Rose Leslie didn't want  him to tell her how Season 7 of Game  of Thrones ended

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert special segment MEANWHILE ;

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest is Actress Julianne Moore ;
 Stephen Colbert and Julianne Moore  talked about how they love to  embarrass their children

Actor Luke Perry at San Diego Comic Con International
 Actor Luke Perry passed away today at  the age of 52

Saturday Night Live Toilet Death Ejector John Mulaney;
 Saturday Night Live's toilet death  ejector is what your grandparents need

SNL Ben Stiller as Michael Cohen during the Cohen Hearings;
 Ben Stiller as Michael Cohen name  dropped the Republican Party as the  other criminal organization he's worked  for

Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm Eh
 Eh is the only response needed to  describe the Oscars

Singer R. Kelly's Cook County jail photo
 R. Kelly spent the weekend in a Cook  County jail cell

The Tweet of God
 God was reported to the Twitter police

Actor Don Cheadle
 Don Cheadle and Stephen Colbert  talked about the jobs they had before  they became famous

Annette Bening a guest on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert promoting the Captain Marvel movie
 Stephen Colbert got Annette Bening to  spill a few beans about her Captain  Marvel role

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert special segment MEANWHILE

Stephen Colbert interviewing former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe
 Stephen Colbert asked Andrew McCabe  what does he owe the FBI since they  fired him

Halloween Michael Myers
 Take these Halloween reviews into  consideration when deciding if you  should watch the movie on Netflix

YouTube star Cameron Dallas Jail Photo in Colorado;
 YouTube star Cameron Dallas tweeted  he was protecting someone close to  him when he beat up a man in a  Colorado hotel

Sweet Word;
 Twitter wants folks to be sweet when  they tweet

 The thoughts of scary movie characters  on Halloween

Rose McGowan;
 Rose McGowan is mad that she is not  getting all the shine from the Me Too  folks

Stephen Colbert impersonating Chuck Grassley;
 Stephen Colbert trippin' out on Chuck  Grassley was funnier than a mutha

Batman's Pole;
 Batman's "bat" won't be shown

Batman in his bat suit;
 Batman should not show us his special  pole

 Bad reasons to call Batman

Dora The Explorer;
 Found in Dora's backpack

The Tweet of God
 Twitter took almost eight years to  realize that God has a Twitter page

Grown People Doll;
 Aura Dolls' sex doll brothel did not  open up its doors

Old Men Fighting;
 Two old men were fighting at a Pre- Emmy Awards party

Les Moonves
 Les Moonves steps down as the CEO of  CBS after six more women accuse him  of sexual harassment

Stormy Daniels Cartoon;
 I think Michael Cohen's guilty plea is  why Stormy Daniels left Celebrity Big  Brother U.K.

Asia Argento;
 Asia Argento is a nasty so and so

Khaleesi The Bulldog Watching The Nun;
 Khaleesi the bulldog isn't afraid of The  Nun

Bad Date;
 Woman rates her bad date a 7 out of  10

The Tweet of God
 Even God gets tired of working

Stephen Colbert Phone Booth;
 Stephen Colbert taught the young
 folks how to use a payphone

Michelle Wolf;
 Look at this picture of Michelle Wolf  smiling above the headline that her  Netflix show is cancelled

The Hill Sex Toy;
 The Hill tweeted out a picture of a man  giving a dildo a blowjob

Pineapple Express Weed;
Here is a list of what to bring to a weed party

Excited Face;
October 16 is when Roseanne spinoff The Connors will air in Canada and the U.S.

Tuck Buckford LSSC
Tuck Buckford is brain fighting Silicon Valley and Hollywood

Hugh Jackman
I just like this tweet

Les Moonves
Les Moonves leaves Anita Hill led commission amidst six sexual harassment allegations against him

Alex Jones
Spotify removes some episodes from Alex Jones' Infowars podcast

Twitter had #FridayFeeling
and #funfactfriday trending on Saturday morning

Ving Rhames
A neighbor denies calling the police and the police dog on a large black man name Ving Rhames

Meghan McCain The View;
Meghan McCain is right about how good P.F. CHANG'S food is

PARAM is the only network I saw showing Friday the 13th movies on Friday the 13th

LSSC Miss Bootsie;
Stephen Colbert and them should let Miss Bootsie have more air time on LSSC

Stormy Daniels;
Stormy Daniels is helping to pay the legal fees of the two strippers who were arrested along with her

NETFLIX is getting rid of some TV shows and movies again

Father's Day Joke Card;
LSSC finds out if the dads want gifts this Father's Day

Tony Awards;
The Tony Awards were on tonight

Samuel L Jackson;
Hahaha is Samuel L. Jackson's response to Twitter's notification that he violated its policy

Harvey Weinstein Twitter;
Harvey Weinstein has a Twitter page

Roseanne Barr;
Roseanne-I am now leaving Twitter

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Stephen King;
Stephen King says Mike Pence looks like a drug dealer who's in a prostitution ring

Morgan Freeman;
Morgan Freeman told a woman not to pull her skirt down, allegedly

SNL Colin Jost Offensive Jokes;
SNL Weekend Update's offensive jokes are funny!

Deadpool sitting in a chair;
Hello, Deadpool will see you now

Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions;
Everyday folks can relate to Stephen Colbert's "Midnight Confessions"

SNL Donald Glover;
SNL's 80's Music Video skit lets you know it's bad to stalk the wrong woman

Chris O'Donnell Princess Diana;
Chris O'Donnell says Princess Diana was pretty cool

Kevin Smith;
Kevin Smith says weed saved his life after he had a heart attack

Yes, Deadpool 2 will be in the theaters on May 18!

Stormy Daniels;
Stormy Daniels has a new movie out

Annabelle scares the shit out of me!

Kumail Nanjiani;
Kumail Nanjiani told Maggie Haberman he unfollowed her months ago on Twitter

SNL Diner Lobster skit;
SNL's Diner Lobster skit

SNL Nike Pro Chiller Leggings;
SNL gave Nike a good idea

SNL Medical Breakthrough Skit;
SNL explains perfectly why the men folks can't have a baby

Jim Carrey Facebook;
Jim Carrey got rid of his Facebook stock and account

SYFY Happy;
Happy is renewed for a 2nd season!!!

Will Ferrell Jason SNL I;
SNL's Jason is that guy

Disney Kid Bored;
The Grammys' ratings are bad

Lil Rel Howery Jimmy Kimmel Live;
Get Out star Lil Rel Howery doesn't have tickets to the Oscars

Connie Britton Abby Clark 9-1-1;
FOX's new show 9-1-1 has been renewed

Connie Britton Abby Clark 9-1-1;
FOX's new show 9-1-1 isn't about answering calls about your missing chicken mcnuggets

Seth Meyers Golden Globes Host;
The Golden Globe Awards show stuck to its Times Up theme last night

Donald Trump Grinning;
Donald Trump will be announcing his fake news media award winners next week

John Berman;
Ha, CNN's John Berman said bitch on TV!!!

Danny Zuker
Danny Zuker sent Donald Trump Michael Wolff's new book as a gift

Stephen Colbert Lewis Black
Stephen Colbert and Lewis Black questioned why sexual harassers are allowed to keep their jobs so long

Carol Burnett Kate Winslet
Carol Burnett and Kate Winslet said they had to work before they became famous

Comedian Kevin Hart
Someone tried using Kevin Hart's name in order to get money through a fake charity

Billy Baldwin
Billy Baldwin says his wife kicked Donald Trump's "ass" out the door after he tried to get with her

Ben Affleck
Stephen Colbert asked Ben Affleck about the sexual harassment allegation against him

The Walking Dead Shiva
Jake Kearney from The Walking Dead is getting hate tweets

Matt Drudge
One of Matt Drudge's two tweets is about the Washington Post

Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards-My abuse may always be with me but it doesn't own me

Boo Boo Jeffries Tiffany Haddish SNL;
Boo Boo Jeffries was my favorite Tiffany Haddish skit on SNL

Stephen Colbert She Person Song
Stephen Colbert sang a song titled "She Person" to the ladies

Norman Reedus Stephen Colbert
Norman Reedus says his southern food will sober a drunk person right on up

Comedian Pat McGann Stephen Colbert
Comedian Pat McGann had the audience rolling on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Tweet of God
Reza Aslan tweet chatted with The Tweet of God about his new book

SNL Leslie Jones;
New York Yankees' Catcher Gary Sanchez thanked Leslie Jones for her kind words on SNL

Finn Wolfhard
A grown man complained about Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard not speaking to him

Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett spoke out against the objectifying of women

The five things not
to do on Halloween

Rose McGowan;
Rose McGowan says Hollywood "is the messaging system for your mind"

Walton Goggins Danny McBride Vice Principals;
Russell and Gamby are getting rid of the threats at North Jackson High

Morgan Freeman;
God isn't taking credit for Bill O'Reilly's mess

Tweet God tripped out on Joel Osteen

Seth MacFarlane;
Seth MacFarlane explained his Harvey Weinstein joke

Seth Rogen Comic Con;
Seth Rogen's mama is proof that Twitter is a good place to look for your grown kids

Larry David on a Couch;
Things don't turn out too hot for Larry David in the Curb Your Enthusiasm season opener

Larry David as the hobo Buck Dancer;
Larry David gets himself into a pickle

Vice Principals Neal Gamby;
Gamby reclaims his vice principal position at North Jackson High

The Emmys 2017;
The other goings on at the Emmys that folks didn't see

Bill Maher let Jeff Sessions know that state rights go both ways