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Mitch McConnell looking sad;
Democrats are trying to demote Mitch McConnell back down to Senate Minority Leader
12 Republicans join the Senate Democrats to block Donald Trump's national emergency declaration

NBC WSJ poll shows Americans aren't comfortable voting for a businessman

Bill Shine resigned as White House Communications Director

Senator Rand Paul speaking to the press outside the chamber;
Rand Paul believes
more than 10
Republican senators
will support ending
Donald Trump's
national emergency declaration
Donald Trump motioning with his hand;
Donald Trump says the House Judiciary Committee's decision to mail out 81 documents is just 'nonsense'
Senator Rand Paul;
Sen. Rand Paul joins three Republicans in opposing Donald Trump's national emergency

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler;
 House Jucidiary Committee sent out 81  documents requesting info about  Donald Trump

Michael Cohen Storage Facility;
 Cohen says there are Trump  Organization files located in a storage  facility

Donald Trump walking away from the microphone;
 Cohen claims David Pecker paid  $15,000 to catch and kill a story about  "Trump's" love child

Donald Trump Russian Mobster Felix Sater Vladimir Putin;
 Cohen says Felix Sater wanted to offer  Putin a free penthouse in Trump Tower

Michael Cohen;
 Cohen swears up and down that he  only threaten people with lawsuits and  a lot of curse words if they put the fear  of God into Trump

MichaeL Cohen on the phone;
 Cohen told the House Oversight  Committee if they really want the  Trump recordings then he'll give the  recordings to them

House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings;
 Elijah Cummings told Michael Cohen  he'll nail him to the cross if he lies to  him again

Donald Trump Crying;
 The Cohen Hearing just messed up  Trump's day in Vietnam

Donald Trumps Kim Jong Un Looking Sadl;
 The Donald Trump Kim Jong-un love  affair ended after Trump fail to get the  Nobel Peace Prize

Donald Trumps smiling;

 Donald Trump predicts he will be the  president again

Donald Trumps and Bernie Sanders;
 Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton did  not treat Bernie Sanders with respect

Donald Trumps at MAGA campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona;
 Trump is keeping the national  emergency option and another  government shutdown on the table

Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump;
 Pelosi's lettter to Trump is just her way  of triple dog daring him to shutdown  the government again

Donald Trumps Answer to Everything is to Build a Border Wall;
 #BoycottTrumpsAddress is Americans'  way of telling Donald Trump they  aren't for his way of securing the  border

Every Vote Counts;
 Today is Election Day!!!

Senators Bob Menendez and Lindsey Graham;
 Bullshit is what Senators Bob  Menendez and Lindsey Graham see

RHOA Nene;
 Folks were looking at Susan Collins like

Donald Trump Crying;
 It does not look like the FBI will be  releasing that report on Brett  Kavanaugh

Senator Orrin Hatch;
 Senator Orrin Hatch likes the way  Christine Blasey Ford looks

The Office David Schrute;
 The New York Times just messed up  with that Rod Rosenstein story

Stormy Daniels Lawyer Michael Avenatti;
 Michael Avenatti says Michael Cohen  wants to drop the Stormy Daniels hush  money agreement to help Donald  Trump

Rudy Giuliani Wide Eyed Looking
 Did anybody ever find out who the  "YOU" is who Rudy Giuliani tweeted  about?

Donald Trump Screaming;
 Donald Trump orders Jeff Sessions to  end the Russian probe that Sessions  recuse himself from

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats;
 Intel chief Dan Coats had to apologize  to the child in the White House named  Donald Trump

Donald Trump Grinning;
 Trump woke up this morning with the  not so bright idea to meet with Putin  again

Scott Pruitt;
 Scott Pruitt resigned after it came out  he wanted Jeff Sessions' job

Donald Trump CPAC;
 The Canadians have five more diss to  add to their list of Trump dissing them

Michael Avenatti;
 Michael Avenatti will be posting  interesting news on Instagram this  morning

Donald Trump Grinning;
 Donald Trump says his relationship  with Justin Trudeau and them is a 10

Justin Trudeau Donald Trump;
Canadians are keeping a record of Donald Trump's dissing of them

Congresswoman Diane Black;
GOP congresswoman says porn in the grocery stores is why the boys shoot up schools

Ann Coulter;
Ha, Ann Coulter is funny sometimes!!!

Donald Trump Pucker Lips;
Oh, what better time than this for Donald Trump to get folks talking about DACA

Hm, Michael Cohen needs a lawyer

Donald Trump Senior; Joe Biden;
Donald Trump and Joe Biden are about to commit elderly abuse against each other

Donald Trump at CPAC;
Ha, Donald Trump wants y'all to believe he doesn't want to be POTUS forever

Donald Trump Crying;
Donald Trump's tweet shot at Oprah is a cry for help

Chief of Staff John Kelly;
John Kelly won't be the White House chief of staff for too long

Lindsey Graham;
The Democrats and two Republicans shutdown that Pain-Abortion bill on Monday

Mike Pence Paul Ryan SOTU;
Here's what Mike Pence and Paul Ryan were thinking during the SOTU

Donald Trump World Economic Forum;
Donald Trump says "America is open for business"

Donald Trump Crying;
How To Get Away With Mueller

Joe Scarborough says Donald Trump is as happy as a pig rolling around in mud

Donald Trump Donkey Hotey;
Donald Trump threatens to stop funding for Palestine if they refuse peace talks with Israel

Steve Stinky Bannon;
Steve Bannon agrees to sit down and talk to Robert Mueller about Donald Trump and Russia

Senator Jeff Flake;
Jeff Flake tells Donald Trump he's a despot who fears the truth

Steve Bannon Cartoon I;
Steve Bannon's broad use of executive privilege got him a subpoena on the spot from the House Intelligence Committee

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un;
Kim Jong-un says Donald Trump is a loser

Senator Lindsey Graham;
Lindsey Graham wants to know who on the Trump team messed up the immigration bill

Sloppy Steve;
Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed

Sloppy Steve;
Steve Bannon and them will testify before the House Intelligence Committee this week

Donald Trump hands on his hips;
Donald Trump is going to start taping his cabinet meetings

Donald Trump Screaming;
"Shithouses" is what Donald Trump really said

Donald Trump Pucker Lips;
Donald Trump says he's tired of "fake news" & a "fake book"

Steve Bannon Cartoon;
Steve Bannon apologizes to Donald Trump

Stephen Miller Caricature;
Stephen Miller says Donald Trump is a political genius

Donald Trump;
Donald Trump called a press conference to further explain why he's "a very stable genius"

Donald Trump Crying;
Donald Trump accuses the FBI of colluding with Hillary Clinton and the Russians

Former Alabama Judge Roy Moore;
God decided not to answer Roy Moore's prayer about making him a United States senator

Donald Trump hands on his hips;
Donald Trump's tweet about the U.S. Postal Service was really about Jeff Bezos