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Donald Trump Crying;
Donald Trump's tweet shot at Oprah is a cry for help
John Kelly won't be the White House chief of staff for too long

The Democrats and two Republicans shutdown that Pain-Abortion bill on Monday

Here's what Mike Pence and Paul Ryan were thinking during the SOTU

Donald Trump World Economic Forum;
Donald Trump says "America is open for business"
Donald Trump Crying;
How To Get Away With Mueller
Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;
Joe Scarborough says Donald Trump is as happy as a pig rolling around in mud

Donald Trump Donkey Hotey;
 Donald Trump threatens to stop  funding for Palestine if they refuse  peace talks with Israel

Steve Stinky Bannon;
 Steve Bannon agrees to sit down and  talk to Robert Mueller about Donald  Trump and Russia

Senator Jeff Flake;
 Jeff Flake tells Donald Trump he's a  despot who fears the truth

Steve Bannon Cartoon I;
 Steve Bannon's broad use of executive  privilege got him a subpoena on the  spot from the House Intelligence  Committee

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un;
 Kim Jong-un says Donald Trump is a  loser

Senator Lindsey Graham;
 Lindsey Graham wants to know who on  the Trump team messed up the  immigration bill

Sloppy Steve;
 Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed

Sloppy Steve;
 Steve Bannon and them will testify  before the House Intelligence  Committee this week

Donald Trump hands on his hips;
 Donald Trump is going to start taping  his cabinet meetings

Donald Trump Screaming;
 "Shithouses" is what Donald Trump  really said

Donald Trump Pucker Lips;
 Donald Trump says he's tired of "fake  news" & a "fake book"

Steve Bannon Cartoon;
 Steve Bannon apologizes to Donald  Trump

Stephen Miller Caricature;
 Stephen Miller says Donald Trump is a  political genius

Donald Trump;
 Donald Trump called a press conference  to further explain why he's "a very  stable genius"

Donald Trump Crying;
 Donald Trump accuses the FBI of  colluding with Hillary Clinton and the  Russians

Former Alabama Judge Roy Moore;
 God decided not to answer Roy Moore's  prayer about making him a United  States senator

Donald Trump hands on his hips;
 Donald Trump's tweet about the U.S.  Postal Service was really about Jeff  Bezos

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;
 Vanity Fair's young folks told Hillary  Clinton she's too old to run for POTUS

White House Staffer Jared Kushner;
 Jared Kushner's lawyer hinted that he  is in trouble

Cartoon Mitch McConnell;
 Mitch McConnell has forgotten how he  wanted to make Barack Obama a one  term POTUS

Donald Trump Crying;
 Donald Trump tweets that Russia is the  Democrats excuse for losing the  election

Donal Trump pouting;
 Donald Trump got cracked on after  complaining about Time Magazine  Person of the Year cover

White House Staffer Jared Kushner;
 I think Jared Kushner's lawyer is trying  to get him a sweet deal in order to  keep him out of jail

Donald Trump Grinning;
 Donald Trump is supporting alleged  child molester Roy Moore

Senator Tom Carper;
 Senator Tom Carper says Gary Cohn  faked a bad connection to get Donald  Trump off the phone

Donald Trump Pucker Lips;
 Donald Trump doesn't see himself as  old

Jesus Shades Folks;
 Donald Trump and the GOP received  thoughts and prayers following their  party's election losses

Donald Trump Deplorables;
 Donald Trump congratulated himself  and the deplorables for winning the  presidential election last year

Don Jr;
 Folks tweeted their thanks to Don Jr.  for tweeting out the wrong date to vote

Donna Brazile;
 Donna Brazile says arrogance was one  of the factors leading to Hillary Clinton  losinig the election

Donal Trump pouting;
 Bad weather stopped Donald Trump  from visiting the DMZ

Donald Trump Screaming;
 Donald Trump tweet screams "DO  SOMETHING" at the Republicans

Roger Stone;
 Roger Stone tells his buddy Jack  Posobiec that he didn't do anything  wrong on Twitter

Roger Stone;
 Roger Stone spazzed out on Twitter

Rex Tillerson;
 Rex Tillerson says he's learned that  Donald Trump loves this country

Donald Trump Uh Oh look;
Robert Mueller's recent actions are signs that Donald Trump is in trouble

Hillary Clinton Stephen Colbert;
Hillary Clinton talked about Vladimir Putin like he's the biggest mitch of them all

Donald Trump Junior I;
Donald Trump Jr doesn't want his secret service protection anymore

Paul Manafort;
The FBI listened in on Paul Manafort's conversations before and after the election

White House Lawyer Ty Cobb;
A NY Times reporter caught White House Lawyer Ty Cobb talking about the Russian investigation

Ann Coulter;
Ann Coulter tweeted-At this point, who DOESN'T want Trump impeached?

Donald Trump tweets that he'll "revisit" DACA if Congress doesn't act

Donald Trump Grinning;
Donald Trump forms a new partnership with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi

Sarah Huckabee Sanders-This is something that needs to be fixed legislatively

Little Donald Trump Junior;
Donald Trump Junior will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee next month

Donald Trump Crying;
Donald Trump's performance at the Phoenix rally is a sign he's on his way out the door

Steve Bannon;
Steve Bannon is gone

Donald Trump Screaming;
Donald Trump responds to Lindsey Graham

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich;
Newt Gingrich says Donald Trump shares the blame for the Obamacare repeal failure

Donald Trump takes to Twitter to go after Mitch McConnell over the failed Obamacare repeal vote

Donald Trump Crying;
Congress takes away Donald Trump's power to remove sanctions and to make recess appointments

Donald Trump Smirking Smiling;
Satire-Donald Trump explains his Boy Scouts speech

Mitch McConnell;
The Senate narrowly passed the motiion to move forward on the healthcare bill

Senator John McCaiin;
John McCain-We are not the president's subordinates

Donald Trump at CPAC;
Donald Trump took Chuck Schumer's comment out of context

Mika Brzezinski says the Democrats' new slogan sets them up for failure

Kellyanne Conway;
Brian Stelter tells Kellyanne Conway she's been an anonymous source

Katrina Pierson doesn't believe the Russians hacked the DNC server

Mitch McConnell Caricature;
Mitch McConnell on healthcare-It's a very complicated subject

Congresswoman Elect Karen Handel;
Karen Handel handled it

Congressman Mark Sanford;
Congressman Mark Sanford says Donald Trump is partly to blame for the heated rhetoric

Joe Scarborough Talking About Steve Bannon;
Joe Scarborough-Steve Bannon is president

Donald Trump Screaming;
Covfefe means coverage

Hillary Clinton Wellesley College;
Hillary Clinton-I'm doing ok

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates;
Sally Yates told Anderson Cooper her concern about the DOJ's "integrity" is why she didn't resign

Greg Gianforte;
Greg Gianforte-I'm sorry Mr. Ben Jacobs

Joe Scarborough called Donald Trump a jackass

Kellyanne Conway Anderson Cooper;

Emmanuel Macron Vladimir Putin;
Vladimir Putin has his nerve-He congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his win

Donald Trump Chris Christie;
Donald Trump was pouting when he was sitting next to Chris Christie

Former Breitbart reporter predicts Donald Trump's approval rating drops to 20% if he fires Steve Bannon

President George W Bush;
George W. Bush said what we're all thinking about Donald Trump

Speak of the House Paul Ryan;
Paul Ryan-Doing big things is hard

Betsy DeVos;
Betsy DeVos explains what IDEA is

Donald Trump Grinning;
Donald Trump had a I'ma get y'all muthafuckas back tweet

Bernie Sanders drew a line in the sand on the issues he won't work with Donald Trump on