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Special Counsel Robert Mueller;
The DOJ told Robert Mueller he better stick to their script after
he refuses to share his opening statement with them
2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates;
CNN's THE DRAW makes the Democratic presidential candidates look like a joke

California Congressman Eric Swalwell looking sad in his light blue jacket;
Eric Swalwell becomes the first of the
24 Democratic presidential candidates
to drop out of the race

Donald Trump Uh Oh look;
Donald Trump
announced he's
running for POTUS
in the county seat
of the county that
he lost to Hillary Clinton
Senator Bernie Sanders;
Bernie Sanders says he isn't worried about anyone replacing him as the clear progressive alternative to Joe Biden
North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un;
Indications are that
North Korea is giving
fake news to reporters
and intelligence agents
on purpose

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi;
 Nancy Pelosi told the Democrats they  can't impeach Donald Trump without  the help of the Senate Republicans

Robert Mueller Donald Trump;
 Robert Mueller makes it clear that  Donald Trump isn't being charged
 with a crime because he's the president

Donald Trump Animated;
 Donald Trump says he'd have a 70%  approval rating if the media reported  'straight news' about him

Congressman Jim Himes Former FBI Director James Comey;
 Congressman Jim Himes says James  Comey "handed" the election to Donald  Trump

Nancy Pelosi Raising Her Finger;
 Nancy Pelosi gave three reasons why  impeaching Donald Trump isn't  happening now

Senator Kamala Harris;
 Kamala Harris isn't running to be
 Joe Biden's vice president

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio;
 New Yorkers agree that Bill de Blasio  running for president is bad for  everybody

Steve Cohen Eating KFC Chicken;
 Steve Cohen regrets biting into KFC's  "cold" chicken

Senator Joni Ernst;
 Joni Ernst-It is an objective fact that  Russia attempted to influence our  election

Donald Trump Lindsey Graham;
 Lindsey Graham has an old tweet that  says Donald Trump isn't 'fit to be  President of the United States'

Donald Trump's arms and hands stretched out;
 Donald Trump reminds the Democrats  that Joe Biden is one of the reasons  why he's the president

Mitch McConnell Nancy Pelosi;
 Voters trust the Democrats to handle  healthcare

Donald Trumps smiling;
 Hahaha, Donald Trump says he's "a  young vibrant man!"

Kamala Harris;
 Kamala Harris says she will use  executive action to stengthen the
 gun laws

Congressman Seth Moulton;
 Seth Moulton wants to be the new  leader of the Democratic Party

William Barr's Press Conference on the Mueller Report;
 Robert Mueller and his team's absence  speaks volumes

Barnes and Noble Muller Report;
 Barnes and Noble is giving away free  copies of the Mueller Report

Mitch McConnell looking sad;
 Democrats are trying to demote Mitch  McConnell back down to Senate  Minority Leader

Donald Trump Looking Mad;
 12 Republicans join the Senate  Democrats to block Donald Trump's  national emergency declaration

Howard Schultz running as an Independent;
 NBC WSJ poll shows Americans aren't  comfortable voting for a businessman

Bill Shine;
Bill Shine resigned
as White House Communications Director

Senator Rand Paul speaking to the press outside the chamber;
Rand Paul believes more than 10 Republican senators will support ending Donald Trump's national emergency declaration

Donald Trump motioning with his hand;
Donald Trump says the House Judiciary Committee's decision to mail out 81 documents is just 'nonsense'

Senator Rand Paul;
Sen. Rand Paul joins three Republicans in opposing Donald Trump's national emergency declaration

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler;
House Jucidiary Committee sent out 81 documents requesting info about Donald Trump

Michael Cohen Storage Facility;
Cohen says there are Trump Organization files located in a storage facility

Donald Trump walking away from the microphone;
Cohen claims David Pecker paid $15,000 to catch and kill a story about "Trump's" love child

Donald Trump Russian Mobster Felix Sater Vladimir Putin;
Cohen says Felix Sater wanted to offer Putin a free penthouse in Trump Tower

Michael Cohen;
Cohen swears up and down that he only threaten people with lawsuits and a lot of curse words if they put the fear of God into Trump

MichaeL Cohen on the phone;
Cohen told the House Oversight Committee if they really want the Trump recordings then he'll give the recordings to them

House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings;
Elijah Cummings told Michael Cohen he'll nail him to the cross if he lies to him again

Donald Trump Crying;
The Cohen Hearing just messed up Trump's day in Vietnam

Donald Trumps Kim Jong Un Looking Sadl;
The Donald Trump Kim Jong-un love affair ended after Trump fail to get the Nobel Peace Prize

Donald Trumps smiling;
Donald Trump predicts he will be the president again

Donald Trumps and Bernie Sanders;
Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton did not treat Bernie Sanders with respect

Donald Trumps at MAGA campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona;
Trump is keeping the national emergency option and another government shutdown on the table

Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump;
Pelosi's lettter to Trump is just her way of triple dog daring him to shutdown the government again

Donald Trumps Answer to Everything is to Build a Border Wall;
Address is Americans' way of telling Donald Trump they aren't for his way of securing the border