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Donald Trump Stinky Face Look;
Donald Trump claims
to know nothing about
the doctored video of Nancy Pelosi that
he retweeted
James Comey CNN Town Hall;
James Comey doesn't know if Russia has leverage over Donald Trump
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders;
Sarah Sanders first
told on herself when
she said she heard
from "countless
members of the FBI"

Donald Trump Angrily Pointing His Finger;
 Donald Trump blames the Cohen  Hearings for his walking away from
 the US-North Korean Summit without
 a deal

Kangaroo Jack;
 They shooting the kangaroos in  Australia

Rudy Giuliani;
 Rudy Giuliani-Yeah every porn person  can't be a star

Harvey Weinstein;
 Harvey Weinstein's lawyer's defense
 of him is he didn't invent the casting  couch

Donald Trump Uh Oh look;
 Donald Trump ripped up the Iran  Nuclear deal but is holding out hope  with North Korea

Rudy Giuliani;
 Rudy Giuliani-I'm still learning

Speak of the House Paul Ryan;
 Paul Ryan chose his party over the  word of God

Natalia Veselnitskaya;
 Natalia Veselnitskaya surprises no one  with her admission that she's a Russian  spy

Donald Trump at CPAC;
 Donald Trump denies having a good  relationship with Kim Jong-un

George Papadopoulos;
 The "Coffee Boy" doesn't get a seat at  the table

Rex Tillerson;
 State Department Spokesperson-The  secretary does not use that type of  language

Stephen Miller Caricature;
 Stephen Miller told Jim Acosta to  explain the Staute of Liberty poem law  of the land

Donald Trump Crying;
 Donald Trump wants to "drain the  sewer"

Little Donald Trump Junior;
 Don Junior's emails confirm that the  New York Times isn't fake news

Donald Trump Junior;
 Don Junior-They will lie and lie

Donald Trump Cartoon;
 Donald Trump's answer to fixing  America's cybersecurity problem is to  work with Russia

Breitbart Reporter Katie McHugh;
 Breitbart reporter blames CNN for her  firing

Donald Trump at CPAC;
 Donald Trump ignores what London  Mayor Sadiq Khan actually said about  the London terrorists attacks

Hillary Clinton in Iowa;  Hillary Clinton-I was the victim of a  very broad assumption I was going to  win

Nathan'ette Burdine's The Nyle Magazine Logo Design;
 FOX News doesn't mind using  anonymous sources

Donald Trump Pucker Lips;  Donald Trump believes climate change  is a hoax yet he wants to lead the way  on environmental issues

Marco Rubio CPAC;  The GOP is ok with a Republican  president dropping bombs on Syria

President Obama speaking about Election Night;
President Obama did a complete 360 on who's to blame for Hillary Clinton's loss

Megyn Kelly Newt Gingrich;
Newt Gingrich tells Megyn Kelly that she has a fascination with sex

Kellyanne Conway pulled the woman card

The KKK says they like Donald Trump because he's going
to fight terrorism

Donald Trump the Donald;
Donald Trump denies grabbing the honey pot after saying he grabbed the honey pot

Kellyanne Conway
is really Donald Trump's communication director

George P Bush;
George P. Bush chose Donald Trump over his mama and daddy

Hillary Clinton at the Black and Brown Forum;
Hillary Clinton-Hindsight is 20/20

James Comey used the stupidity of the law defense for Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump says y'all have the problem

White Sox executive learns it's not good to dis the kids

Jeb Bush;
The pot can't talk about the kettle

Robert Lewis Dear Planned Parenthood Shooter;
The Abortionist

First African Baptist Church;
 Georgia pastors kicked an elderly woman  out of their congregation

President Obama gave a subtle shout out to George W. Bush

Lindsey Graham was on the run when it was time to vote on the USA Freedom Act

Rupert Murdoch forgot about the one Muslim who gave his life defending the right to freedom of speech

Steve Scalise Congressional photo;
It's hard to believe that a Louisiana politician doesn't know who David Duke is

Mia Love wants everyone to recognize that she's a black woman when it's beneficial to her

Jay Kolls explains why he didn't identify the man in the finger pointing photo

Former FL. Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll has forgotten how FL. Gov Rick Scott helped her out of a bind

Cliven Bundy doesn't like his baby cows being separated from their mothers

LA chapter of the NAACP doesn't mind giving awards to a man with a record of discrimination

Sen. Marco Rubio-I have never heard of anyone argue for American troops on the ground in Syria

Sen. Harry Reid has forgotten his past acknowledgements of the Obamacare horror stories

Idaho state senator says that chemotherapy caused him to forget the details of a 1974 rape case

Congressman James Clyburn downplays the importance of people being kicked off of their insurance because of Obamacare

Rep. Tim Huelskamp says he didn’t read the Ryan-Murray Budget Bill