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A 25-year-old handyman is accused of kidnapping, raping, and chaining his
neighbor to his basement floor
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 14, 2019

A 25-year-old, neighborhood handyman by the name of Michael Ciskiewic is accused of kidnapping his neighbor, raping her, and chaining her to his basement floor.

The alleged incident happened early last Sunday morning around 1 AM, in Niagara Falls, New York. Ciskiewic knocked on the woman’s door.

The woman hears the knock at the door, goes down stairs, and opens the door. As soon as she opens her door, Ciskiewic attacks her. She fights back but Ciskiewic ends up getting the best of her. He dragged her battered, bloodied body down the street to his house where he raped her, padlocked her ankles, and chained her to the basement floor.

According to one of the neighbors , Ciskiewic was out the next day, mowing lawns, “acting as if nothing had happened.”

Meanwhile, just across the way, one of the police officers had brought in his bloodhound to help with the search.

And due to the bloodhound being a bloodhound, he was able to sniff the woman out right down to Ciskiewic’s basement.

The woman, however, wasn’t freed as soon as they found her. The Niagara Falls Police Department decided they’ll try to negotiate with the alleged deranged handyman. And that there, by the way, took half a day.

They got a hold of Ciskiewic’s who allegedly lied to them like a cross tire about his whereabouts. When they asked if he was in the house. he said yes. And then the next second, he’d turn around and say no.

The police knew he was lying because he has cameras around his house that are linked to his phone. Plus, he was running around the neighborhood doing his handyman work.

The Niagara Falls police got tired of playing with the “kidnapping handyman” and decided to send in the unit and the bloodhound to get the woman out.

Niagara Falls Police Detective/Captain Kelly Rizzo told George Richert of WIVB that once they made it to the alleged criminal’s house, “The girl yelled, I’m down here in the basement.”

They all went charging towards the basement where they found the woman chained to the basement floor with padlocks around her ankles.

The officers grabbed some bolt cutters and freed the woman from her dungeon prison. Detective Rizzo said that as the officers were rushing the woman to an ambulance, he so happened to look up and see “a piece of chain and padlock around her ankle.”

Seeing that made the detective realize just how bad the situation was and how bad things could have been. “We were able to get a really bad guy off the street,” said Detective Rizzo.

The “kidnapping handyman’s” lawyer, Dominic Saraceno, wants folks to believe he’s client is a victim of a failed healthcare system that didn’t provide the proper resources to help diagnosis his client’s schizophrenia. “This should be a wake up call to our lawmakers that we can’t continue to ignore the mental health crisis in our community,” is what Dominic Saraceno fixed his lips to say.

The only problem is that folks with schizophrenia tend to hurt themselves more than they do others.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health , people who have schizophrenia have one of the highest suicide rates in the nation and they tend to commit suicide by the age of 28.5 years.

Now, this isn’t to say that folks who have schizophrenia don’t harm others. It’s just to say that they tend to harm themselves, which is what 25-year-old Michael Ciskiewic did not do.

Michael Ciskiewic allegedly chose to harm his neighbor who paid him to mow her lawn and shovel her snow. And now he’s facing charges of kidnapping, assault, rape, and breaking and entering.

The Niagara Falls Court has granted the alleged victim an order of protection.

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