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A British woman hid money in her underwear
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 10, 2014

A woman cannot call herself “classy” if she is hiding money in her underwear and in a condom lodged in her “special place.”

Yet, this is what happened with a British woman by the name of Nawal Msaad. According to the BBC, Msad, who is 27 years old, thought it would be a good idea to use the same place that covers her “special place” in order to hide money from the authorities.

The BBC reported that the authorities stopped Msaad in the Heathrow Airport because they believed she was helping her friend, Ami El-Wahabi, to “smuggle” money to the Syrian rebels, who El-Wahabi’s husband is fighting alongside.  Msaad denied any wrongdoing.

The BBC stated that Msaad told the authorities she was taking a vacation and had 20,000 euros in her “special place” because she was going to use it to “buy gold for her mother.”

Needless to say, Msaad’s story just smelled funny. And it definitely didn’t help her that she placed the money in a “special place” that would immediately arouse suspicion.

So, the authorities had no other choice but to charge Msaad with the crime of funding terrorism.

And like anybody who thinks they’re classy, despite hiding money in their underwear and in a condom lodged in their “special place,” Msaad shows up to court decked out from head to toe with a summer tan and, according to the BBC, a Channel made ankle bracelet.

What is the conclusion to all of this you ask? She’s found not guilty.

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