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A Montana nurse took nursing care a little too far                           
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 10, 2014

A Montana nurse took nursing care a little too far with a prisoner. According to NBC Montana , Tisha Ann Brunell, a correctional nurse, was found guilty of having non-consensual sex with an inmate.

The jury found Brunell guilty after listening to several taped phone conversations of Brunell and the inmate talking to each other about their sexual trysts.

The Montana Standard reported that some of the evidence revealed in the phone conversations was the inmate questioning if he would be able to “satisfy” Brunell and Brunell telling the inmate that “God was good to him.”

According to the Montana Standard, Brunell’s attorney, Victor Bunitsky, tried to raise reasonable doubt by pointing out that the evidence of Brunell and the inmate having a platonic relationship is based on the inmate not seeing Brunell’s “tramp stamp.”

Unfortunately for Brunell, the allegations that she has a “tramp stamp” and that she told the inmate that “God was good to him” did not make her look like a virtuous, upstanding woman in the eyes of the jury which took, according to NBC Montana, a mere four hours to find Brunell guilty.

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