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A NY Times reporter caught
White House Lawyer Ty Cobb
talking about the Russian
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 19, 2017

Welp, New York Times Reporter Kenneth Vogel caught White House Lawyer Ty Cobb chit chatting with a colleague about the Russian investigation.

Vogel was sitting at a restaurant called BLT Steaks, which is the NY Times DC Bureau second cafeteria, when he overheard Cobb talking about everything from Jared Kushner needing to go to giving Special Counsel Robert Mueller all the documents so they can quickly wrap up the investigation.

According to Kenneth Vogel, Ty Cobb said his colleague, White House Lawyer Don McGahn, is hiding “a couple documents” in a “safe” somewhere.

Vogel also said Cobb accused one of his colleagues of snitching to the press about the goings on in Trump’s administration and that Cobb talked about somebody trying to give Jared Kushner the boot.

Don McGahn and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly were not happy that Ty Cobb put the White House business out in the streets.

But as y’all know, Kelly and McGahn will deny reports that things aren’t all peachy with them and ol’ Cobb.

In fact, Vogel quoted McGahn as saying about Cobb, “He has been very helpful to me, and whenever we have differences of opinion, we have been able to work them out professionally and reach consensus.”

Cobb, of course, concurs: “…we’re both devoted to this White House and getting as much done on behalf of the presidency as possible,” is what Vogel says Cobb said.

Vogel’s report comes as the Russian investigation is heating up. On September 7, 2017, Don Jr. testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Facebook revealed that the Russians did indeed use their platform to market at least $100,000 worth of ads to Trump supporters.

The social networking site’s revelation has resulted in them handing over several documents to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. And oh yeah, Paul Manafort is in trouble again.

It turns out the FBI wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower. Mind you, this doesn’t mean that Trump was wiretapped. It just means one of his tenets, who also happened to be his former campaign manager, had his phones tapped by the FBI.

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