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A Secret Service agent ran into the White House fence jumper
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 16, 2017  Updated-March 19, 2017

Weeelll, it looks like that White House fence jumper, Jonathan Tran, was able to jump several fences before he was caught.

After running into Tran, the secret service agent asked him what was his business there? Tran told the secret service agent that his business there was a meeting with his “friend,” President Donald Trump. Welp, that response quickly got Tran arrested.

The secret service agent also took Tran’s little bag which, according to CNN, had mace, a passport, an apple computer, Donald Trump’s book, and a letter to Donald Trump.

It’s obvious this fella Tran here knows nothing about “The Art of the Deal.” Because if he did, he never would have shown up, creeping around the White House, close to midnight, like a neighborhood stalker carrying mace, a passport, and a computer in his possession.

The first thought that would’ve came to my mind is that this little nasty fella is trying to get to either Ivanka or Melania and that we need to add a little more protection around these women folks in the Trumpster’s life.

Because y’all know, you see a young man, late at night, hiding in the bushes, wearing a hoodie and khakis and carrying mace, you think that person is a peeping Tom, trying to get him some.

And to top it off, this boy had a computer which most likely has a camera. What was he going to do? Was he going to climb one of those trees and start filming folks undressing?

This just doesn’t look good for this young fella. And to add extra shit on top of this shit cake, he’s from California.

In less than two years, Jonathan Tran is the second person, after Jerome Hunt, from California to try and gain access to the White House. Now folks are going to start asking, “What’s wrong with the California folks?” Yeah, he isn’t giving Californians a good name, making Nancy Pelosi and them look bad.

At any rate, little Tran’s mama there wasn’t happy. His little brother, Brian Tran, told Donald Trump’s “favorite news network,” CNN, that their mama is “very troubled” by his brother’s carryings on.

Translation, somebody is going to get an ass whupping when he gets home.

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