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A judge ruled in favor of a man who poured
a pot of boiling hot water on his roommate
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 3, 2019

A judge ruled in favor of a man who poured a pot of boiling hot water on his roommate. The judge and all of the folks in this case are over there in Canada, in British Columbia. Judge Reginald Harris told the court that Anbo Wang did the right thing when he took a pot of boiling hot water and poured it all over Mr. Yang in an effort to stop Mr. Yang from beating him down.

Mr. Yang , however, told the court that he had to beat down Mr. Wang because Mr. Wang was acting all strange and getting violent and everything because he didn’t like the way Mr. Yang was boiling his three eggs in the hot water.

It turns out that Mr. Yang let the water boil out of the pot so that the pot started smoking and the eggs were Cajun styled.

Wang told Yang to apologize for the burnt pot and Cajun style eggs. But Yang was like, “No, I get another pot and eggs and water.”

And then Wang was like, “No! You apologize for burnt pot with burnt eggs and no water!”

Yang didn’t like the base in Wang’s voice so he let his fists do the talking for him. Wang is a little man who stands at 5 ft 2 and weighs 137lbs said he couldn’t take all of that talking Yang’s fists were doing. So, Wang grabbed that hot pot, with that boiling water in it, in order to quiet Yang’s fists down.

It worked! Yang haul tailed outside and called the po’ po.’

    "This is 9-1-1. What is your emergency?!" said the 9-1-1

    " Yes, hello!" Wang said.

    "This is 9-1-1?! What is your emergency?!" said the 9-1-1

    "Yes, emergency! I’m on fire!" said Wang.

    "You’re on fire, sir?!" The 9-1-1 dispatcher asked Wang.

    "Yes, I’m on fire!" Wang responded.

    "Who set you a fire sir?!" The 9-1-1 dispatcher asked Wang.

    "My roommate. He grabbed pot, water, boiling, eggs and threw on
     me."  Wang responded.

    "Where is the pot now?!" 9-1-1 dispatcher asked.

    "Roommate," Wang responded.

    "Where is the roommate?!" 9-1-1 dispatcher asked.

    "House," Wang responded.

    "What about the eggs and the water?!" 9-1-1 dispatcher asked.

    "On me!" Wang responded.

    "Are you still on fire, sir?!" 9-1-1 dispatcher asked.

    "Yes!" Wang responded.

    "I’m sending the police to you," said the 9-1-1 dispatcher.

    "Ok," said Wang.

    "In the meantime, you need to find a cool breeze or get yourself a
     cool bottle of water to put yourself out," said the 9-1-1

    "Ok," said Wang.

The po’ po’ came without the fire department who told them to just go to the store up the road and get a cool bottle of Dasani water to put out the boiling egg water fire.

The po’ po’ didn’t stop by the store to get the bottle of water. They just headed out to the scene of the crime.

The po’ po’ was like, “We’ll get a bottle of water from out of his refrigerator or from the neighbor’s house. I’m not using my credit card to buy water that I’m not going to drink.”

"Mm-hmm," the other po’ po’ nodded his head in agreement.  The po’ po’ arrived at Wang and Yang’s house. Right after they got there, the po’ po’ took one look at Yang’s skin running away from his chest and decided to go ahead and arrest Wang.

Wang was charged with assaulting Yang with boiling hot water. Luckily for Wang, Yang’s “up and down” story let Judge Harris know that Yang was the real problem.

The Vancouver Sun quoted the good judge as saying, “I accept Mr. Yang became hostile and aggressive. I also accept Mr. Wang felt cornered and he grabbed the water when he believed that Mr. Yang was about to strike him. I accept that Mr. Wang’s intention was to protect himself. I therefore find Mr. Wang not guilty.”

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