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A new poll has Rahm Emanuel beating Karen Lewis
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 12, 2014

Three weeks ago, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s political obituary was written.

The We Ask America poll had Rahm Emanuel losing to Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, who is one of his most vocal critics, by nine percentage points (45% to 36%).

To some political pundits, the poll results were evidence that the 2012 Teachers’ Union Strike, the closing of several public schools, and the rising violence in Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods had smothered any hopes Emanuel had for a 2nd term in office.

Joseph Erbentraut of the Huffington Post wrote a headline that read, “Gun Violence May Cost America’s Most Famous Mayor His Job.”

Mary Ann Ahern, who is a political reporter for NBC 5 Chicago (WMAQ), told MSNBC’S Steve Kornacki that Emanuel’s team called the poll “laughable” but that Emanuel couldn’t hide his concern after he contacted a black alderman, who’s representing a Ward where Emanuel’s poll numbers are low.

According to Ahern, Emanuel’s staff asked the alderman if he needed anything. Hence, I get you what you need and you get me the votes I need.

Jim Warren of the New York Daily News, however, told Kornacki that Lewis is not necessarily a better choice and that voters, who dislike Emanuel, may vote for Emanuel over Lewis.

Based on the We Ask America poll results, the African-American and Latino voters who helped to make Emanuel’s boyhood dream of becoming Chicago’s mayor come true were moving towards Lewis.

Although Lewis has not officially announced her candidacy for mayor, she has formed an exploratory committee to see what her chances will be if she ran against Emanuel.

Well, fast forward two weeks later to July 29, 2014. On this day, Emanuel is given new life. His obituary is placed aside, the grave diggers are throwing the dirt into an empty grave, the choir has stopped singing, and the preacher has stopped preaching.

Emanuel, who never really believed his political funeral was near, has been revived by a new poll that has him beating Lewis by 2 percentage points more, 11 percentage points, than what she was beating him in the We Ask America poll.

NBC 5 Chicago reported that a Crain’s Chicago Business poll, which was conducted July 24-27 with 600 likely Chicago voters, has Rahm Emanuel defeating Karen Lewis 45% to 33%.

NBC 5 Chicago reported that approximately 25% of voters haven’t chosen a candidate, and that Emanuel and Lewis are tied when it comes to the key demographic groups of African-American and Latino voters.

The good news for Emanuel and Lewis is that the election isn’t until February 24, 2015. However, the bad news is that it’s still enough time for the tide to go in either Emanuel’s or Lewis direction.

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