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Legionnaires' disease;
Ohio becomes the
second state where
a person died from the Legionnaires outbreak
`19-year-old Utah man who ran over an 11-year-old girl;
19-year-old allegedly told witnesses that drugs made him run over an 11-year-old girl
CBS This Morning William Barr Speaking with Jan Crawford about Robert Mueller's Russian Investigation Report;
William Barr says a "high level group" is being formed to counter foreign interference into the 2020 Presidential Election

Human waste spilled all over Interstate 90 in the state of Washington;

Human waste spilled on I-90

A pile of shit spilled all over the road
on I-90 in the state of Washington
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 22, 2019

A pile of shit spilled all over the road on Interstate 90 (I-90) in the state of Washington!

No, it’s true! A pile of shit really did spill all over the road on I-90 in the state of Washington! The shit backed up traffic for about two hours.

Folks were like, “What the…ewww, ewww, ewww! Roll up the window! Keep it up! Don’t turn on the air! That shit smell will get up in here! Lawd have mercy! That’s some powerful shit out there on that road there!”

You see, what had happened was a semi-truck driver was driving. He was doing really good at first.

He was driving, watching the road, eating his burritos, and drinking his Coca-Cola. But all of a sudden, the burrito got to him. It put him to sleep.

The truck driver tried staying up but he couldn’t fight that sleep. It had gotten a hold of him and wouldn’t let him go. So, he gave in.

He was snoring, slobbing, and then…CRAAASSSHHH! The truck filled with shit turned over on its side.

The driver is all right. If he wasn’t, I wouldn’t be telling y’all the story like this. So, he’s ok. He’s all right. He just had some cuts and bruises that Neosporin and bandages will fix. No worries. He’ll live to eat burritos, drink Coca-Colas, and spill shit all over the road again another day.

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