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A woman allegedly told the police
that her husband killed her
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 1, 2019

Rebecca Spring Nielson is the name of the woman who allegedly thought it would be a bright idea to still be alive while filing a police report accusing her husband of being the one who killed her.

According to the folks over at KSL, Nielson wasn’t too thrill when she saw her husband texting a woman. Nielson allegedly became so mad that she decided to bust up her husband’s laptop and snatch his phone out of his hand. Needless to say, the poor fella didn’t know what hit him. All he could do was sit just there, in shock, and look at her and wonder why is it that she thinks he would cheat on her right in front of her.

Surely that wife of his knows that if he were going to cheat, he’d have enough sense to go into the bathroom, lock the door, turn on the exhaust fan, and text the woman from there.

The only reason that I am able to come up with why Nielson wasn’t thinking along those lines is that she had seen signs that her union would not last the full 11 months.

And some of the signs she probably saw that let her know her marriage wasn’t going to last beyond 11 months was her yelling, her accusations, her husband not responding to her hootin’ and hollering and him just walking away from her.

It was last Tuesday night , around two o’clock in the morning, when all of it came to a head. Nielson snatched the man’s phone out of his hand, went off somewhere, and then sent a disturbing text to the woman he was texting. The folks over at KSL said the police read the text and wrote in their report that Nielson, who was posing as her husband, told the woman that “he had shot his wife and didn’t know what to do.”

Mind you, the woman didn’t know it was Nielson texting her. She thought it was Nielson’s husband. So out of concern for her friend who she thought was about to join the “Killer Wives’ Club,” the woman asked if he was for real. Nielson, who was still posing as her husband, texted back he was for real.

The police got a call that a man had killed his wife. They rolled up with the sirens going, the police dogs barking, and the neighbors standing outside in their house robes and slippers watching.

Nielson’s poor husband didn’t know what to do. There he was sitting comfortably in the silence of his home, enjoying Netflix, when he hears, “Police, open up!”

Luckily for Nielson’s husband, the police didn’t beat down his door or him. Because as soon as they made themselves known, Nielson came running up from the side of the house. They looked at her with a “WTF” look, trying to figure why is it that the dead woman is running and talking clearly to them. Certainly if this was #TWD meets reality, she wouldn’t be talking clearly. She may be running, but she wouldn’t be talking because the walkers don’t talk. They just eat and run and not necessarily in that order.

So the police looked at her and were like, “Hey there woman, something funny going on here! You better get to talking!”

Nielson talked. She told the police that she was just testing the other woman to see how she would react to her being dead because she wanted to use the other woman’s reaction as evidence that her husband is nothing but a cheater.

As to be expected, the police didn’t find it funny that this woman thought it would be good to make them part of her “Psycho Wife” show.

Therefore, the police decided to read her her rights, arrest her, and charge her with criminal mischief and filing a false police report about not being like one of the walkers in #TWD.

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