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Advertising Terms and Conditions

Short Story Ad Policy
If an advertiser will like to change the story about his/her business, he/she may contact me by email. After the request is made, the ad will be taken down in order to ensure that it is ran during the time frame that the advertiser has purchased. The ad will go back up after the advertiser agrees to the changes that have been made. The advertiser will not be charged extra for making changes to his/her ad and the time frame in which the advertiser purchased the ad will remain.

Traditional Ad Policy
You may change the type of ad you’re advertising during the duration of the ad. The money you used to purchase the first ad will go towards the money for the second ad that will replace the first ad. For instance, if you purchased a banner ad and will like a medium ad instead, the money you used to purchase a banner ad will go towards the medium ad. A banner ad cost $35 per day. If you want to get a medium ad instead, $3 will be credited to your credit card so that the amount you purchase for the ad will equal the purchase price, $32, of the medium ad. Therefore, you will get $3 back and $32 is all your credit card will be charged. If you will like to change your ad type from a medium ad to a banner ad, the $32 that you paid for the medium ad will go towards the cost for the banner ad. Therefore, $3 is all your credit card will be charged in order to bring the total to $35 per day, equaling the cost of the banner ad. Whenever you change your ad type, the 24 hour period for the new ad type begins. So if you have an ad that is scheduled to run for one day and you change from banner to medium or medium to banner on Monday at 10:20AM, then the new ad type will start at 10:20AM on Monday and end on Tuesday at 10:20AM.

Refund Policy
An advertiser has 24 hours to request that an ad be taken down. This applies to all ads. Upon request, the ad will be removed and the advertiser will receive his/her money back in full. If the advertiser makes this request after 24 hours, the ad will be taken down but the advertiser will not be refunded the money for his/her ad buy.

Privacy Policy
The information that an advertiser provides will not be shared with anyone without the advertiser’s permission. Any information that an advertiser provides about a customer and or other business contact will not be released without the customer’s permission or the permission of the authorizing authority within the business. The only information about an advertiser that will be released is general information like the type of business that the advertiser has. Any information that an advertiser request remain private will be done so. I use a third party vendor, Square, in order to process credit cards. You may go to Square’s site in order to read the company’s privacy policy. In addition, I use Twitter in order to tweet out short story ads and or promotional tweets for an advertiser. Twitter’s privacy policy may be read on its site. The ads on this site are targeted towards individuals who are 18-years-old and older. No individual who is younger than 18-years-old will be targeted on this site.

Copyright and Trademark
Nathan’ette Burdine will write the short stories about the shorty story ads. As a result, the short story ad is the creative property of Nathan’ette Burdine and is copyrighted by Nathan’ette Burdine. The pictures, or other creative work contributed to the story by the advertiser, will be copyrighted by the advertiser. If another publisher wishes to use one of the Short Story ads, the publisher must make the request in writing to Nathan’ette Burdine. The request may be granted at a limited time for a fee. However, advertisers who want to use a short story ad associated with his/her business in his/her own promotion (brochures, newsletters, email, mail, flyers, and/or presentations) of their business may do so free of charge. In this case, the only request that is made is that Nathan’ette Burdine is credited as the author of the short story ad and the copyright holder of the written story.

Changes to the Advertising Policy
Any changes made to the advertising policy will be placed on the site. Advertisers who purchase an ad before the new policy goes into effect do not have to adhere to the new policy. However, advertisers who purchase an ad after the policy has taken effect, have to adhere to the new policy.

If you will like to further discuss advertising on Nathan’ette Burdine’s The Nyle Magazine website, please contact me at my email address