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Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump explained
the comments about Charlottesville
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 29, 2017

Guess who stopped by SNL Weekend Update last Thursday?! That’s right, Alec Baldwin! Alec Baldwin came back as everyone’s “favorite” president, Donald J. Trump Sr.

With his hype man “Michael the Black Man,” played by Kennan Thompson, standing not far behind him, Baldwin as Trump kicked off the night by letting folks know that he was crystal clear when he said what he said after Charlottesville.

Baldwin as Trump said, “We got a group on one side that is very bad, neo-Nazis and you have a group on the other side and then I didn’t say a single word after that. Nothing else was said. Folks we need to stick together as people, ok.”

Pumped up from the applause and the “Blacks for Trump” sign that Thompson as “Michael the Black Man” held up, Baldwin as Trump decided that that was a good enough time as any to transition into talking about none other than national hater Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Sheriff Joe doesn’t like anyone who has one drop of Hispanic in them. It is something that has led to he and ol’ Trump sharing an h-bond, hate bond.

Their bond is so strong that ol’ Trump can’t see any wrong that ol’ Sheriff Joe does to the Hispanics.

Baldwin as Trump made this point when he explained why Sheriff Joe would be pardon for his crime of racially profiling the Hispanics.

Baldwin as Trump said to the cheering crowd, “I know you folks are worried about your great Sheriff Joe who was recently convicted for arresting people and throwing them in jail merely because they look Latino. How is that a crime, I ask you? But folks, Joe is not going to jail. That’s a promise and Donald Trump always keeps his promises. Am I right?”

By the way, the real Donald Trump did keep his promise and pardon ol’ Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Unfortunately for ol’ Trump, his pardoning of Sheriff Joe is not getting the kind of support Trump thought it would give him.

Plus, Trump can’t lay the blame of his bad decision to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Steve Bannon.

Bannon got the boot almost two Fridays ago. He’s back at Brietbart where the folks are known for their hate of anyone who isn’t white folks only.

However, the grim reaper as Bannon did manage to stop by SNL Weekend Update and tell Baldwin as Trump that his firing of him (Bannon) “only made me more powerful.”

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