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Alexander Acosta blamed everybody but himself for the sweet heart deal he gave to Jeffrey Epstein
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 10, 2019

Alexander Acosta threw everybody from the victims, the grand jury, the FBI, to the prosecutors up under the bus for his decision to give serial child rapists and child sex trafficker Jeffrey “Nasty Jeffrey” Epstein a sweet heart deal that only required him to spend 13 months, as oppose to the lifetime sentence he should’ve been given, in prison.

All of this came to a head after Julie K. Brown of the Miami Herald let everybody know exactly how it is that Nasty Jeffrey managed to escape a lifetime of prison.

Julie K. Brown told everybody that a then 38-year-old U.S. Assistant Attorney for the Southern District in Miami, by the name of Alexander Acosta, met with his former buddy and colleague from the high powered Washington D.C. Law Firm Kirkland and Ellis, Jay Lefkowitz, who was representing “Nasty Jeffrey,” and the state of Florida Attorney in Palm Beach County, Barry Krischer, at the Marriot hotel.

Keep in mind, now, the Palm Beach County Police, who began the investigation into the case, referred the case to the FBI after detecting that Krischer was in bed with Epstein.

Unfortunately for the child sex victims, the Palm Beach County Police’s suspicion turned out to be true. Acosta, his buddy Lefkowtiz, and the state attorney Krischer allegedly got together and decided that it would be best to make it look like they were doing something. So they decided to send Nasty Jeffrey to jail for a little bit of time, 13-months to be exact, and have Nasty Jeffrey register as a sex offender. They also gave Nasty Jeffrey and his other alleged nasty cohorts immunity from any future charges that may arise. That way, they could all keep their “respectability” as upstanding and honorable men in their families and communities. 

Acosta, his lawyer buddy, and Krischer kept their “respectability” as upstanding and honorable men in their families and communities by creating a legal labyrinth that would provide no way for the victims to get the justice they so rightfully deserve.

The first thing they did was to get the victims to agree to having Nasty Jeffrey to pay their lawyers to sue him. Just stop and think about that there for a moment.

The lawyer who suppose to be representing you is being paid by the person who did you wrong. Do you think the lawyer is going to advocate for the person without the money or the person paying him the money? The lawyer is going to advocate for the person who is writing him those checks that aren’t bouncing before he gets to the bank. Therefore, even without looking at the fact that Nasty Jeffrey’s lawyers were going to argue before the court that the young teenage girls were paid victims, the young girls’ lawyers were going to talk the young girls into agreeing to a deal that would benefit the lawyers’ real client, Nasty Jeffrey.

All of that led to Acosta violating the Crime Victims Rights Act which requires that prosecutors inform the victims about the deal the government has gotten into with the victims’ assailant.

Acosta tried explaining that part today by saying that the Office of Legal Counsel said they didn’t have to follow the law pertaining to the Crime Victims Rights Act because the agreement the federal government got into with Nasty Jeffrey was a non-prosecution agreement.

Now, that last part there, non-prosecution agreement. That right there lets you know Acosta did the very thing he denies doing which is using the “good ol’ boy and good ol’ girl” system in order to work with his buddy Lefkowitz and the state of Florida Attorney Krischer to cut a deal that would help Lefkowitz’s client, Nasty Jeffrey.

Yup, whenever your assailant pays your lawyer, your lawyer ends up getting a sweet heart deal for your assailant who is paying him to represent you.

Acosta tried explaining all of this today, during his press conference, by saying that the sweet heart deal that “Nasty Jeffrey” got was already made before he met with “Nasty Jeffrey’s” lawyer who is also his buddy and former colleague and the state attorney.

The only problem with all of that is the buck stopped with Acosta. Acosta knew everything that was going on. Yet, Alexander Acosta signed off on it because he, his friend and former colleague Jay Lefkowitz, and the state attorney Barry Krischer all decided that in order for everybody associated with this case to keep their “respectability” as good, decent, God-fearing honorable, Christian men folks, they were going to have to sweep all of “Nasty Jeffrey” and his cohorts’ filth up under the rug.  But now, all of that filth that they’ve swept up under that rug has come out and is funkying up the whole joint.

Oh well, sucks for them!

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