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Amanda Ramirez could get 10 to 30 years in prison if convicted on the manslaughter charge relating to the death of her twin sister
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 2, 2019

A 27-year-old New Jersey woman named Amanda Ramirez faces a possible 10 to 30 years in prison if she’s convicted on the manslaughter charge relating to the death of her identical twin sister Anna Ramirez.

During the early morning hours on June 22, 2019, Amanda Ramirez found herself in a fire pit after she and her sister got into an argument that led to Anna Ramirez dying from a stab wound to her chest.

The good folks over at New Jersey dot com say that the police showed up and asked what happened. Amanda Ramirez told them that she didn’t know what happened. The police looked over at the dying sister, then at Amanda Ramirez, and then back at the dying sister, and decided to try this again.

They didn’t say much because they knew that the one standing upright was more than likely not going to be sleeping in her bed for many, many, many nights.

The police stood there, looking at her for a minute or two. Once that minute or two was up, the police officer said something. He didn’t stutter. He didn’t use much breath to talk.

The police officer was like, “What happened?” Recognizing that the police didn’t have time for all of that whoshawjohn, Amanda Ramirez decided her lips better get to moving. She told the police that Anna Ramirez grabbed the kitchen knife and tried to stab her with it.

It was during their fight over the knife that she allegedly accidentally stabbed her identical twin sister to death. The police didn’t say nothing. Here, they have one young woman dead and the one who is allegedly responsible for her death standing before them with two different stories.

It also doesn’t bode well for Amanda Ramirez that a person who saw the fight has told the police that it was Amanda Ramirez, and not Anna Ramirez, who grabbed the knife while letting these six words fly out of her mouth, “Watch what I’m go to do.”

The witness didn’t witness what Amanda Ramirez was going “to do,” but the witness did make it downstairs in time to allegedly hear Anna Ramirez use these four words, “Amanda, you stabbed me,” to identify her identical twin sister as her killer. Now, all of that is what the good decent folks over at New Jersey dot com say the New York Times folks say happened.

The actual cause of the deadly blow up is not yet clear. There are some people who say it was over a man, while others say it was just over something.

The state, however, doesn’t care who or what the deadly show down was over. All the good folks at the state care about is that Anna Ramirez is dead and that the person who is responsible for Anna Ramirez’s death wasn’t all truthful with the police officers about how and why Ann Ramirez’s death occurred.

One thing that is certain is that the cause has caused a lot of grief for the family who is still trying to figure out why the twins ended up in fight that has ended both of their lives.

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