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An Iowa jurty told a father of three
that he and his doctor are both to
blame for his vasectomy
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 24, 2019

An Iowa jury let a man by the name of Mr. Zaw Zaw, who has three children, know that he and the “good doctor” Kevin Birusingh are to blame for his vasectomy that should’ve been a circumcision.

The jury just wasn’t buying Mr. Zaw Zaw’s excuse that English being his second language is why he didn’t understand what he was signing when he signed it with the help of interpreters.

Heck, even Mr. Zaw Zaw’s lawyer, Ben Novotny says he doesn’t talk to him without an interpreter.

Before I continue, let me just give y’all a little background on Mr. Zaw Zaw. According to those folks over there at the Des Moines Register, Mr. Zaw Zaw is a refugee who’s been living in the country for four years, now.

And everybody knows that if you’ve been in a place for a couple of days that you’re going to learn a few key things about the way folks talk and how they interact with each other.

Mr. Zaw Zaw, there, has been in the country for 1462 days which is more than enough time to learn the American way of life.

The American way of life includes not only eating Mickey Ds, watching the Real Housewives marathons, and buying gidget gadgets that you can’t afford. But the American way of life includes one of the oldest traditions known to the human race; which is suing folks for the simple fact that “I got my rights!”

Now, we all know about Mr. Zaw Zaw because he’s suing the “good doctor.” The jury paid attention to the fact that here, this man who claims to speak a no English has sense enough to know that he needs a lawyer to sue the doctor and clinic who asked him, via two separate interpreters, if it’s a “snip snip” or just a little “snip” off the top.

The document that Kevin Birusingh’s lawyer, Charlie Wittimack entered into evidence, shows that Mr. Zaw Zaw’s two interpreters told him he was checking the box that said vasectomy and not circumcision.

Those folks over there at the Des Moines Register said that the physician assistant said Mr. Zaw Zaw spoke a good English and said he wanted a vasectomy.

Considering the fact that Mr. Zaw Zaw already has three extra mouths to feed, along with his own, it’s not so far fetch to believe that he wanted to get cut so he didn’t risk adding another mouth that would dig a deeper and wider hole into his pockets.

And the last time I checked, Mr. Zaw Zaw doesn’t have an eight figure salary that would enable him to take care of the county. Just so y’all know, I’m not letting the “good doctor” off the hook.

According to the folks at the Iowa clinic he use to work at, Kevin Birusingh is as shady as a street corner jeweler. The word is out that the “good doctor” and one of his “good doctor” buddies were let go because they were trying to steal the Iowa clinic’s patients so that they could start their own business.

Birusingh and his buddy would say that is furthest from the truth. The Iowa clinic folks wouldn’t want to confirm anything because they don’t want to get sued. But, the truth is in the pudding. And that pudding is saying that everything is left and ain’t nothing going right.

Having said all of that, the jury decided that although they saw wrong coming from all directions that they would still give Mr. Zaw Zaw some money. The “some money” that the jury gave Mr. Zaw Zaw is $2 million.

It’s no guarantee that Mr. Zaw Zaw and his lawyer will ever see a copper penny of that $2 million because the “good doctor” and his lawyer have filed an appeal.

Those appeals can take even longer, five years at the most. Therefore, how this all ends, only God knows.

But what I do know is that Mr. Zaw Zaw won’t be having any more kids.


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