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An Italian appeal court's all-female
judge panel ruled that a woman is
too ugly to be raped
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 24, 2019

There is some satire relating to the foolishness associated with the case

An Italian appeals court all-female judge panel’s ruling that a woman was too ugly to be rape is proof you can’t use a person’s gender to predict what her opinion will be.

All the women sitting on the bench decided that one of the suspect’s comment about the victim being so ugly that she looked like a “Viking” was more than enough evidence the appellate court needed to overturn the lower court’s ruling that the two suspects were as guilty as the devil in carne of raping the young woman.

The young woman and the two suspects are Peruvians who were attending college in Italy.

After attending class one night, the two men decided to go out to a local bar with the young woman who they see as ugly as sin.

Once there, they all sat down, talked, socialize, and just enjoyed the scene. The young women didn’t think anything bad was going to happen to her because she was with people she knew.

She was like:

     “We’re Peruvians, not Italians. We know each other. We can
      speak to each other in our language, share stories from back
      home. We go to some of the same classes. We share notes and
      study together. And now we’re just enjoying a night out on the
      town together. What could possibly go wrong?”

Everything is what could and what did go wrong. Sure, the young woman knew the young men culturally but she didn’t know them personally.

Mind you, I’m not saying the young woman is to blame for the brutality inflicted upon her.

I am saying folks have to be extra careful and recognize that people are people, no matter who they are.

And the best thing to do is to feed everybody with a long handle spoon. Because if you don’t, then folks will find any and every opportunity they can to take advantage of you; which is what those two devils who raped the young woman did.

They took advantage of the young woman’s trust and used that to lure her to a bar where they did a “Bill Cosby” on her by spiking her drink.

After spiking the young woman’s drink, they took her back to her place where they behaved like the “Viking” they say she looks like. One of them threw the young woman onto the bed, jumped on top of her, and begin tearing her clothes off her body.

The other one ran behind the woman, and pinned her down by her shoulders so that she could not move while the other one was raping her.

Throughout the night, they took turns pinning the woman down and raping her. One pinning her down while the other raped her. The other raping her while the one pinned her down. Brutish Vikings is how those two devils behaved towards the woman they say looks like a “Viking.”

But you see folks, the thing that those two brutes don’t know is that we’re living in modern times.

And in these modern times that we’re living in, we have advance science and technology.

We use all of that advance science and technology to determine if a person has been raped and who it is that raped them.

Unlike the women sitting on that appellate bench, the lower courts looked at the fact that all of that advance science and technology was saying those two brutish Vikes did it.

There were high levels of the date rape drug benzodiazepines in the woman’s blood and the tissue in and around the young woman’s vaginal region was ripped apart so that the doctors had to stitch her vaginal tissue together.

I’m sure those three bench warmers said something to the effect of:

    “Text messages and pictures are the result of advance technology
     which gives the court a window into an individual’s mind. And we
     know that a sign of a man’s repulsion to a woman’s appearance is
     evident by what he says and does. The one young man texting
     that the woman looks like a “Viking” is evidence that they are too
     repulse by the said woman’s physical appearance to even get an
     erection; let alone, an erection that will sustain during the
     duration of a rape. A picture of the woman was provided to the
     court. After seeing the woman for ourselves, we must agree that
     she is not a woman who any young man will take a picture of just
     so he can sneak off to the bathroom for some private time.
     Science and history has proven over time that a man doesn’t have
     any physical attraction to a woman who he is repulsed by.
     Therefore, making it impossible for him to rape her. Verdict

Needless to say, the woman’s lawyer, Cinzia Molinaro , immediately filed an appeal with the Supreme Court of Italy, letting them know just how “disgusting” and unconscious able the three bench warmers’ opinion is.

“It was disgusting to read; the judges expressed various reasons for deciding to acquit them, but one was because the [defendants] said they didn’t even like her, because she was ugly They also wrote that a photograph [of the woman] reflected this,” is what The Guardian folks say Molinaro told them.

Italy’s high court decided that Molinaro was right and it doesn’t matter if the woman looks like a cross between a hairless monkey and a pig.

Science and technology don’t lie. And what science and technology said is that those lil’ “Bill Cosby” brutish Viking devils did it.

Those date rape drugs in the young woman’s system, their blood all over her torn vaginal tissue said they are as guilty as Cain was when Abel’s blood cried out to God.

That’s why on March 5, 2019, the Supreme Court of Italy told everybody to go back and have another trial.

Because like Abel, the young woman’s blood was telling on a whole bunch of somebodies.

And the jury will more than likely come back with the same verdict as the lower court which used the scientific evidence to determine who the somebodies are that the young woman’s blood is telling on.

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