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Under the Radar
The Addams Family Little Girl Dancing;
WATCH ME! I got it!
Ted the teddy bear throwing an apple;
Muthafuckas are gonna take it!
Smiling Lady with 'Help Me' written on a coffee cup;
Don't believe the words on a cup

Mega Millions Lottery Winner Mike Weirsky;

Mike Weirsky Mega Millions Lottery winner 13wham's photo    

An unemployed New Jersey
man's ex-wife wants some
of his $273 million jackpot
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 15, 2019

An unemployed New Jersey man’s ex-wife wants some of his $273 million jackpot as back pay for all of the money she spent taking care of the both of them.

Mind you, this is what I believe the woman wants due to what the lucky fella, Mike Weirsky, told the media. “She just called me today and told me she’s taking me back to court,” Weirsky said to the media folks.

Weirsky told the media folks that he was a stay-at-home husband and his then wife did all of the working.

What is that you ask? How did Weirsky survive without his then wife? I don’t know because he was out of work when he won the lottery. And truth be told, he was very, very, veeerrryyy lucky to have won that.

Weirsky was fooling around with his cellphone so that he forgot his tickets. The clerk at the Quick Check Store, where Weirsky bought the tickets, called him and told him that his tickets were there. Weirsky got up, went to the store, got the tickets, and checked the numbers. He then went back to the store to ask the clerk to make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him. The clerk looked at the ticket and told him he was seeing what he was seeing.

Weirsky called the lottery folks and told them he was the lucky winner. They told him to come on down! They got the press and everybody down there, took the pictures, smiled, and handed Weirsky his lottery check.

Soon after that, Weirsky’s wife got wind that he had come into some money that she needed. So she picked up the phone, dialed his number, got him on the other end, and told him that she is taking him “back to court” to get her money back plus interest.

And I say, “Good for her!” The least Weirsky can do is pay her back the money she used, all those years, to keep him with a roof over his head, food in his stomach, and a vehicle to get from one end of town to the other.

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