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Ana Navarro-I will take credit for insulting him
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 17, 2016

Ana Navarro let everyone know that she doesn’t mind taking “credit for insulting” Donald Trump (the Donald).

Last night during an appearance on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight, Kellyanne Conway argued that the left leaning media, like CNN, doesn’t tolerate negative comments about the Democratic Party Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton like they do with the Republican Party Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.

Conway, who is a Trump supporter, told Lemon that there have been “insulting” comments made about Trump.

While Lemon was asking her who made the “insulting” comments about Trump, Navarro jumped in and told everyone that it doesn’t bother her to insult the Donald.

Navarro said, “I will take credit for insulting him. And I will take credit for insulting him because he’s been insulting communities since the first day he launched his campaign when he started talking about Mexican rapist.”

Navarro explained that she has a political, social license to hit back at Trump because he’s insulted almost every group Navarro is either directly or indirectly connected to.

Navarro said, “The reason I can call Donald Trump names and I can insult him back is because I am the sister of a disabled man and he mocked that disabled man; because I am the friend of a POW and he mocked that POW (Prisoner of War); because I’m an immigrant and he has insulted immigrants; because I’m a Hispanic and he has insulted Hispanics; because I’m a woman and he has insulted women.”

Trump has a record of insulting all the groups Navarro named. Last year, Trump mocked a disabled New York Times’ reporter.

Trump said that he didn’t like Senator John McCain, who was a POW during the Vietnam War, because he was “captured.”

Trump campaigns on his promise to “Make America Great Again” by forcing Mexico to pay for a wall that Trump believes will keep the Hispanic immigrants out of the United States.

As for the women folks, Trump’s comment that Fox News’ Megyn Kelly was bleeding “out of her whatever” brought together women from both sides of the political aisle against him.

So as far as Navarro is concerned, Trump is the problem and she is just striking back.

Or as she said, “So yeah, yeah we’re at the point where there’s insults and name calling. But I would just say that he threw that rock first. He’s the one that has lowered the debate to the level that it’s at.”

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