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Andrew Cuomo's Evil Smile;

Andrew Cuomo's Evil Smile

Andrew Cuomo signed a multi-million
dollar book deal about his coronavirus
response while his aides suppressed
data about his poor coronavirus
bby Nathan'ette Burdine: June 21, 2021

Folks, will y’all do me a favor?! If it’s all right with y’all, just stop for a moment and let this sink into y’all’s domes-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a $5 million book deal about his coronavirus response while aides suppressed data about his poor coronavirus response to the 15,000+ nursing home deaths.

Now, I don’t know about y’all but from where I come from folks would say that Andrew Cuomo is as guilty as a bootlegger with a truck load of shine on the back.

Folks, a person can’t get away from the fact that New York State Attorney General Leticia James is investigating Andrew Cuomo for doing what his $5 million book deal is evidence of him doing which is lying about the state of New York coronavirus data for his self-gain.

In this case, his self-gain was a $5 million book deal. A person could be a certified moron and figure out that the three term governor had his aides to lie, yes lie, about the 15,000+ folks in nursing homes who died from the coronavirus because it’s impossible to sell a book about him being the “Coronavirus Gov” when his decisions led to 15,000+ people dying from the coronavirus.

Won’t nobody buy that book, there, about Andrew Cuomo killing 15,000+ people with the coronavirus! Heck, you couldn’t sell that book on the corner for a pack of cigarettes. As a matter of fact, you couldn’t bootleg that book and sell it on the dark web to the North Koreans. Nor sir. Unh-unh.

But that $5 million book with all of those lies in it, it could make you the right kind of money on the bootleg market if you got the right type of wrong connections.

In other words, that $5 million book deal is evidence that evidence is present in the case of Andrew Cuomo getting his aides to lie about the coronavirus data related to the 15,000+ folks who died in nursing homes.


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