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Angela Rye tells Corey Lewandowski that Donald Trump is a grown ass man
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 27, 2016

Angela Rye doesn’t have time for “grown ass” men who don’t behave like “grown ass” men.

During an interview on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight, Angela Rye told Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski that Donald Trump is a “grown ass man” who needs to take responsibility for his actions.

Rye said to Lewandowski, “He was a grown ass man then and he’s a grown as man today.” The “then” Rye is referring to is the now infamous “grab them by the pussy” tape.

Lewandowski told Rye that the fact that Trump’s comments were made 11-years-ago should be enough to not hold Trump, who’s the Republican Party Presidential Nominee, at the same standard as Vice President Joe Biden.

Last Friday, during a campaign stop, Biden told a crowd of Hillary Clinton supporters that he would have given Trump some act right.

Or, as Biden said it, “-I wish we were in high school—I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish.”

Corey Lewandowski and Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes interpreted the vice president’s comments as a direct threat.

Rye didn’t see it that way. Rye reminded Lewandowski and Hughes about the many threats Trump has made during the last year.

Rye told the two Trump supporters that Biden’s comment is not comparable to Trump’s comments because Biden didn’t single out everything walking and moving. He just singled out Trump.

Rye said, “Here’s the hypocrisy right here. We’re talking about Vice President. [to New York Times Columnist Charles Blow] I’m gonna try. Vice President Biden saying what he would have done in high school.”

Rye also said that the vice president is the role model she wants for her six-year-old godson.

Lewandowski quickly shot back with, “Joe Biden is not a role model.”

Rye then shot back a rapid response in which she said, “He’s absolutely a role model. And you can quote it. Write it. Do a meme, put it in Breitbart, put it in Drudge, and all the other sources y’all like to quote.”

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