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Another earthquake hit the Southern California city of Ridgecrest
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 6, 2019

After her unh-unh meter went up to ruby red late Friday night, Mother Nature got up and decided that she’d hit the Southern California city of Ridgecrest again. This time she hit it the city with a magnitude 7.1 earthquake, which is the biggest earthquake to hit California in 20 years. That earthquake, which was bigger than the magnitude 6.4 one that hit on Independence Day, was actually felt all the way down in Los Angeles.

No longer was the pool water doing the wave and the pebbles doing the “Harlem Shake.” The pool water jumped onto the sidewalk and the pebbles rolled down the hill. Nobody was just sitting there eating their little Avocado sandwich, texting, or taking pictures on their iPhones. Folks got up and hauled tail out of there so they wouldn’t become the furnitures’ victims.

Although this is a complete contrast from how everybody in good ol’ LA were acting after the magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit, they were still laughing and tweeting out jokes as Mother Nature had them feeling what “shake, rattle, and roll” is really like.

Los Angeles has an app, Early Warning, to alert LA’s residents whenever a magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquake will hit.

The only problem is the app isn’t working for everybody who has downloaded the app on their Android and or Smartphones.

I first heard about this app when Sarah Sidner of CNN was talking about it on Thursday after the magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit. I believe it was Brooke Baldwin who Sarah Sidner told that said she didn’t get an alert before the magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit on Thursday.

I believe her because what she said was backed up by what the good decent folks over at KTLA said. The KTLA folks said that they’ve heard from some folks who said their app didn’t go off either.

The city of Los Angeles officials tweeted out a rationale, trying to say the app didn’t work because the earthquake happened up in Ridgecrest, Kern County, and not down there in LA where they felt the effects of the earthquake.

Ain’t nobody paying that any never mind, though because they were sparkling crystal clear about how that app of theirs was suppose to work.

And according to the city of LA officials, that app was suppose to alert folks whenever a magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquake hits, which is what both the one that hit on Thursday and Friday were.

As mad as Mother Nature is right now, there’s no need to worry. She is a mother, after all. And like any mother, she loves her children. That’s why Mother Nature didn’t send anybody on to the “Upper Room” or the “Lower Room.” She just sent some folks straight to the Emergency Room. Don’t worry. They’ll be all right, though. Nothing life threatening.

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