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Anthony Weiner's sexting partner is just as bad
as he is
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 3, 2016

Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner is just as bad as he is. Like him, she’s in a relationship.

He’s married with a child, and she’s living with her boyfriend. Yet, those facts made her no never mind when it came time for her to get herself some sexual healing.

For over a year, the 40-plus year old woman got into and stayed in a sexting relationship with the married man.

She sexted Weiner about everything from how to use he and his wife’s, Huma Abedin, toddler son, Jordan, in order to get Weiner some “dirty, dirty” on the side to sending Weiner scantily clad images of herself.

In one of their sexting conversations, the woman compared Weiner and Abedin’s then three-year-old toddler son to a puppy dog.

The woman told Weiner, “It’s like a puppy. Chicks love cute kids and puppies.”

And being the “caring father that he is,” Weiner didn’t call the woman out for calling his son an “it’s” and comparing the child to a puppy dog.

He instead told the woman that the little boy was “Already at work. Being a chick magnet.”

Weiner also sent the woman, who compared his child to a puppy dog, several pictures of the little boy in which she responded, “Adorable!”

Weiner and the woman weren’t done, of course. According to the New York Post, the two began talking about her going to New York to give Weiner a “little piece.”

Weiner had been complaining to the woman that his wife wasn’t sharing her “cookies” with him.

The woman told Weiner she understood his sexual frustration because her man “works a lot!!” and she only sees him 10 days a month.

And being the good human being that she is, the woman sent Weiner scantily clad images of herself in order to help him satisfy his “little itch.”

After receiving one of the images, Weiner complimented the woman. “Holy fuckitty fuck” is what Weiner said to his “sexting dame.”

Unfortunately for her, the fact that she is Weiner’s sexting partner will most likely lead to her not seeing her live-in boyfriend during any day of the year.

She committed the ultimate sin in a relationship. She cheated. And for that reason, she’s just as bad as Anthony Weiner.

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