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Are you bave enough to take a deep
dive into the Fosse Dionne which
has claimed several lives
by Nathan'ette Burdine: December 12, 2019

I double-dog dare you! No, I triple-dog dare you to go to the French town of Tonnerre to take a deep dive into the Fosse Dionne where none have returned!

“We don’t know the origins of it because the divers who have visited the bottom of it never brought back the information to be able to know what was beyond,” is what Mayor Dominique Aguilar told the folks over at the BBC who were smart enough to not jump into the ancient spring which dates all the way back to the early BC.

Yeah, that’s right folks, BC is before Jesus Christ came to be. So while Jesus Christ and everybody else were waiting to be, the Fosse Dionne was busy being transformed from a swamp into a beautiful, aqua blue colored watery grave for all those who were crazy enough to venture down into her watery domain that is made up of rocks, winnowing, narrow paths, and caves.

Legend has it that creatures from the damn, which look like a cross between a rooster and a lizard, inhabited the Fosse Dionne during the days when it was a swamp.

And anyone who dared venture into their domain would never be seen or heard from again. It wasn’t until some brave monks, with the most famous being Saint-Jean de Reaume, came along and fought the creatures off that the Fosse Dionne began to transform into the beautiful, watery grave that it is today.

Although three people died, two in 1974 and one in 1996, Mayo Aguilar said she’s willing to let another brave soul venture down below. Only this time the venturing will be done with the help of science, research, math, and common sense.

The soul who has been given this opportunity is none other than professional diver Pierre-Eric Deseigne. Unlike the others before him, Deseigne respects what he’s up against.

He’s not going to try to be little Poseidon. Deseigne knows that water is the strongest force on earth and that he doesn’t have a Trident. But what he does have is common sense enough to know that when his breaths go from five to four then it’s time to go up for some air.

Are y’all feeling that adrenaline rush, yet, to take on the challenge of diving, deep down into the depths of the Fosse Dionne?!

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