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Aubrey Trail has cut his own throat, had two heart attacks, and a stroke since his murder
trial began
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 26, 2019

The alleged “Tinder Date Killer,” Aubrey Trail, has cut his own throat, had two heart attacks, and a stroke since his murder trial began on June 17, 2019.

Aubrey Trail found himself before a judge and 12 members of his peers after he and his then 22-year-old girlfriend Bailey Boswell, whose trial begins in October 2019, were arrested in connection with the dismemberment and death of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe.

Let Trail tell it, at the tinder age of 52 he’s a young old man who’s been accused of committing a crime that he told the news folks that he committed.

Judge Vickie Johnson, however, isn’t buying this little game that Aubrey Trail is playing. She’s fully aware of the fact that now that Trail’s fully aware of the consequences of admitting that he did indeed kill Bailey Boswell, he’s trying to find a way to get himself out of the grave he’s dug. And what better way for Trail not to go to prison than to cut his throat in front of the judge and jury who are in charge of deciding whether he should die for the crime of murder, which Trail told the news folks that he committed.

Heck, even his defense attorney, Joe Murray, admitted that Aubrey Trail killed Sydney Loofe. And it doesn’t matter that Joe Murray is arguing before the judge and 12 jurors that Aubrey Trail didn’t mean to kill Loofe. What matters is that Aubrey Trail did it and of the evidence from his Tinder Date messages, body disposal and clean up items that the state prosecutors say he bought from Home Depot, and the fact that Sydney Loof is dead proves the prosecutor’s case that Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell planned to kill Sydney Loofe.

It’s for those reason that Judge Vickie Johnson told the jury to focus on the evidence at hand and to “disregard the outburst…and not consider it in your deliberations.”

And apparently, Aubrey Trail’s other defense attorney, Ben Murray, agrees with the judge about Aubrey Trail’s outburst not being enough to bias the jury to the point that the case should be dismissed.

“We still think we can get a fair trial,” is what Ben Murray told the news folks on the same day that Trail cut his own throat.

Therefore, nothing Aubrey Trail does will help him to escape this bed of fire that he’s made for himself.

Come to think of it, God wouldn’t even let Trail die from the stroke, two heart attacks, and cut throat because He knows that it’s best that Trail’s soul is gutted and cleaned on this side before they roast him and serve him up to the demons on that side.

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