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Grown People Doll;

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Aura Dolls' sex doll brothel did
not open up its doors
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 18, 2018

This here is some bad news. The folks up there in Toronto wouldn’t let those Aura Dolls folks open up a sex doll brothel.

And so, so, so many people were looking forward to paying their good hard earned money to sleep with a robot.

Aura Dolls promised that the dolls would be clean, it would feel like the real thing, and that nobody would get any STDs.

The Aura Dolls folks said they got this also bright idea after visiting a sex doll brothel in Japan.

The men folks came out of the sex doll brothel, all happy, grinning from one ear to the other like a Cheshire Cat.

After looking at all of that, the Aura Dolls folks, who don’t want y’all to know their names, decided they wanted to bring that kind of happiness to the lives of the men folks living on the North American continent.

And what better way to do that then to place a sex doll brothel in Toronto, which isn’t that far from Detroit or New York City.

If those men folks over there in Detroit and New York City had heard about that GRP (Good Robotic Poontang), they would have surely come in more ways than one. Everybody would have been happy, happy, happy! Aura Dolls was going to provide the men folks with condoms, lube and all that good stuff.

Everything was going to be simple. The men folks would show up, place the money on the counter, and then walk to the backroom to enjoy their lady robot. But the City of Toronto was like, “Nooottt!”

The City of Toronto folks don’t allow that type of hanky-panky in their good decent city. Sure, they have strip clubs, sex toy shops, and porn video shops.

Yes folks, there are folks who still own a VCR, as well as a DVD player, and like to watch their porn on their TV. There are still folks who like to do things the ol’ school way. And that’s all right.

What’s not all right is trying to sell some robotic poontang when it’s illegal for you to do so. To be fair to the City of Toronto, they did repeatedly tell those Aura Dolls folks that they don’t allow any type of change to go towards purchasing any type of poontang.

Here’s how the blogTO folks said the City News folks transcribe the letter that Councilor John Fillion wrote about the sex doll shop, “Both the business owner and property owner were advised by city staff that the proposed use is illegal and that if the business opened, they would be charged. As a result, I am pleased to advise you that city staff were told that the lease has been cancelled.”

Aura Dolls could have avoided all of this if they had done a simple Google search of sex doll shops in Toronto.

If they had done that, they would have found out that Toronto had just said no to sex doll shops back in 1998.

Aura Dolls didn’t do that, though. Instead, they decided to get folks hopes, along with other “stuff,” up to only let it all come tumbling down.

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