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Ben Carson promises to fix the border within a year of his presidency
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 14, 2015 

During an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Dr. Ben Carson promised to fix the borders within a year of his presidency.

Carson said, “And until we seal our borders everything else is irrelevant. But let’s say we get them sealed because certainly in a Carson administration that will be done within the first year.”

Carson said that the fence along the U.S.-Mexcio border was “ridiculous” and failed to prevent immigrants from coming into the country illegally.

He expressed concern that the Obama Administration has not done enough to support the border patrol agents, and is “rewarding” those who come into the country illegally.

Carson is quoted as saying, “But the fact of the matter is our problem is that our federal government is not supporting the local authorities at the border and it’s disgusting what’s going on. And people are risking life and limb just to have ICE come along and say, “Release those people.”- You will also turn off the spigot that dispenses the goodies so that people don’t have any incentive to come here.”

Although Carson expressed the Republican Party’s belief that President Obama’s policies have worsen the immigration problem, Carson stopped short of supporting Donald Trump’s plan of mass deportation in order to fix the immigration problem.

Carson said, “And then those who are here you know we have to recognize that we can’t just round them up.”

Carson suggested that a better solution would be to place illegal immigrants on a six-month trial period in order to determine if they should be allowed to remain in the country.

And for those who do not commit any crimes during the six-month trial period, they will be given an opportunity to register as guest workers.

Carson stated, “I will give them a six month period and if they register and they have a pristine record. They haven’t been causing problems. I will give them an opportunity to become guest workers, not citizens, not voting people, not people who get you know goodies.”

Although Carson made it clear that those who come into the country illegally and are given a guest worker status will not be able to become citizens, he did say that he is open to the American people deciding the citizenship requirements for immigrants who remain on the straight and narrow path.

Carson is quoted as saying, “In terms of them becoming citizens later on down the road if they’ve done things the right way, we the American people will decide what the criteria for that will be.”

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