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Bernie Sanders drew a line in the sand on the issues he won't work with Donlad Trump on
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 13, 2017

Senator Bernie Sanders drew a line in the sand on the issues he will not work with Donald Trump on.

During his town hall with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Senator Sanders made it clear that he and President-Elect Donald Trump are light years away on the issues of race, gender, ethnic, and religious equality.

Sanders told Cuomo, “But I will tell you this, he ran a campaign whose cornerstone was bigotry. It was based on sexism, on racism, on xenophobia. And on that issue, I will personally not compromise. ”

Trump has come under fire for everything from his comments insinuating that all black folks live in the projects, his comment about grabbing women by the pussy, a tweet of the Star of David that played on the stereotype of Jews as being greedy, to his hostility towards the Muslim and Hispanic populations.

Trump, of course, denies he has any hostility towards anyone and he claims instead that he “loves everybody.”

Chris Cuomo asked Senator Sanders if Donald Trump is right about folks unfairly judging him and if everyone is “missing what’s in his (Donald Trump) heart.”

Sanders gave a rather funny response. The senator told Cuomo, “That may be true but think about that statement for a moment. You’re not a heart surgeon. You can’t know what’s in somebody’s heart. You generally speaking, we accept that when somebody says something they mean it. And we have a right to accept that on face value.”

Sen. Sanders warned Cuomo that his next comment would be viewed by some as “rude” and partisan.”

Cuomo, however, told the senator that he was “ok” with his comment as long “as it was not directed at” him.

Sanders told Cuomo that from the media, Democrats, to Republicans, folks see that “We are dealing with a man who in many respects is, how can I phrase this? You know a pathological liar… But time after time after time, he says stuff which is blatantly absolutely untrue.”

Cuomo pushed back on Sanders description of Trump. Cuomo asked Sanders if that was a fair assessment of a man who the America people chose as their president.

Sanders said he understood but that it was hard for him to look at Trump in a favorable light considering the fact that he told untruths about such things as American Muslims rejoicing after the Trade Centers came down and blaming millions of illegal immigrants for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Despite his many differences with Trump, Sanders did tell Ed Mash, a Democrat who voted for Donald Trump, that he would work with Donald Trump on re-writing the trade policy and bringing jobs back to rural towns like the one Mash lives in in Ohio.

Sanders said to Mash, “I believe we need a new trade policy. I believe we tell corporate America that they got to control their greed. They can’t throw American workers out on the street who made them wealthy and then move to Mexico and pay people a few bucks an hour. So if Mr. Trump is prepared to sit down and work on a new trade policy, which is based on fairness, not just on corporate greed, yeah, I will be happy to work with him.”

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