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Joe Biden Smiling;
South Carolina gives former Veep Joe
Biden his first win
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Nevada Caucus gives Bernie Sanders
another win
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Quinnipiac Poll shows that the president and the Democratic Presidential Candidates have high unfavorable ratings

Senator Bernie Sanders;

Senator Bernie Sanders 

Bernie Sanders says he isn't worried
about anyone replacing him as the clear progressive alternative to Joe Biden
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 11, 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wants everybody to believe he’s not worried about any of the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates replacing him as the clear progressive alternative to former Vice President Joe Biden.

During an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, Dana Bash asked Bernie Sanders if the CNN/Iowa poll showing him in a statistical tie with Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA) and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg keeping him up at night.

“I don’t think anybody is gonna reach 50%,” is what Bernie Sanders said to Dana Bash. He’s right. It’s too early in the game for anyone to hit that 50% mark because it’s 23 of them.

To be honest with you, many folks can only name three of them. And y’all know who those three are Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren.

Folks can name them because they’ve been on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News for a while now.

As for the other two, Senator Kamala Harris (CA) and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, folks usually refer to them as “that woman from California" and "that one with the funny name.”

Having said all of that, the good news for Senator Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg is that they are in the top five which, along with the recent CNN/Iowa poll, is more evidence that Senator Bernie Sanders doesn’t have sole ownership of the progressive lane as he did in 2016 when he ran against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The competition is stiff, now. Bernie Sanders has to compete against a senator who's a policy wonk and a former prosecutor who's in third place in the CNN national poll.

Don't get me wrong, now.  Mayor Pete is making a name for himself. However, his inability to pull in the Democratic Party's large minority base is going to make it difficult for him to win a state; which, at the end of the day, makes him less of a threat to Sanders than what Harris and Warren are to their fellow senator.

Case in point, a recently released Quinnipiac Poll shows Biden, Sanders, Warren, and Harris as the 4 Democrats out of 23 who have the best chance of beating Donald Trump in the general election.

And beating Donald Trump in the general election is the most important factor for Democratic voters who'll be heading to the polls next year to pick their next Democratic Presidential nominee.

Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have the big six. They are progressive, moderate, young for politics, knowledgeable, tough, and able to beat Donald Trump in the general election.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are older than Donald Trump and knocking at the door of 80. Folks look at their age alone and be like, “I don’t want the presidency to kill the president.”

That job is hard on the human mind, body, and soul. Just ask the four living presidents. They’ll tell you that job will age a person faster than a 200-year old vampire ages after turning human again.

However, the die-hard Bernie bros and Bernie gals aren’t paying any of this age and clear progressive alternative to Joe Biden talk any never mind. They are Beniecrats, Democrats who only support Bernie Sanders, and they aren’t about to cheat on their man with anybody.

Those Berniecrats love feeling the burn. To them, Bernie Sanders is the one and only true progressive who, since the 1970s, has been preaching from the mountain top about how the rich keeps getting richer while the poor keeps getting poorer.

Bernie Sanders solution to everything financial is to take the money from the top 1% and give it all to the 99%. Neither he or the Berniecrats pay any never mind to the fact that if all of the wealthy folks money is given to the poor folks, then the wealthy folks will become the poor folks.

But Senators Harris and Warren pay a lot of mind to that fact. Their solutions aren’t plagiarized like Joe Biden’s 1988 speech and that Climate Change proposal on his website were. Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Elizabeth Warren use the skills and knowledge they acquired during their long tenure in politics and government in order to craft their own plan.

And it’s for that reason Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Elizabeth Warren are pulling in those Independent voters along with the other folks in the Democratic Party who are all helping them to knock Bernie Sanders out of the way during their climb up that mountain that may eventually lead to one of them knocking Joe Biden out of the way as well.


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