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Bill Clinton is right about paying those bills
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 8, 2015

Former President Bill Clinton is right about paying those bills. During an interview with NBC’s “Today” about he and Mrs. Clinton’s relationship with foreign donors, the former president said that he can’t stop doing the speaking engagements because he has bills to pay.

“I gotta pay our bills,” Clinton said. Some of the bills Clinton has to pay are lights, water, gas, and taxes.

And anyone who rents or owns a home knows that if the lights, water, gas, or taxes are not paid, then you can easily find yourself sitting in the dark with a dirty behind and no heat on your way out the door.

Although Clinton is a former president, I doubt that the light man, water man, gas man, or tax man will let him go the duration of his life without paying them their money.

Clinton owns a home in upstate New York and another home in an exclusive Georgetown district in Washington D.C.

Both homes are at least 5,000 sqft, which means just the cost of lights and gas to cover that space will be a hefty price.

Also, watering the yard and flowers can break a person’s wallet; especially if that person has acres of grass to water.

Then there’re the taxes for the two homes. Clinton paid $1.75 million for the home in New York, and he paid $2.85 million for the home in D.C.

Due to the costs of the homes and where the homes are located, it is safe to say that the taxes on the homes are rather high.

The former president gets paid at least $500,000 per speaking engagement. Over the years, Bill Clinton has made greater than $125 million.

However, the local, state, and federal governments had to the get their share so Clinton was left with less than half of what he made.

This means that his net worth stands at $55 million dollars. Although Bill Clinton is a multi-millionaire, his multi-millions aren’t enough to keep him from working the rest of his life.

Clinton has bills to pay. And those bills include not just the lights, water, gas, and taxes but the insurance, grocery, upkeep for the car, and any incidentals that may occur.

So when you add all of these bills together it is quite clear that the former president needs to keep speaking so he can pay the bills.

Because if he stops working, he may end up broke like some former athletes have and on one of those government programs that the Republicans abhor.

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