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Billy Baldwin

Billy Baldwin Greg Hernandez's phooto CC BY 2.0                                               

Billy Baldwin says his wife kicked
Donald Trump's "ass" out the door
after he tried to get with her
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 23, 2017

Welp, Alec Baldwin’s little brother Billy Baldwin went there on Donald Trump and his offspring, Don Jr.

Junior thought he would throw it up in the Democrats face that they have their own little sexual harassment problem.

So he sent out this tweet about Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) who’s been accused of being a little too Trump like with the women folks.

Billy Baldwin saw that and told Junior there that he doesn’t have room to run his mouth about other folks being Trump like since his pappy is known as the R. Kelly, Harvey Weinstein, and Roy Moore of the business and political worlds.

Billy Baldwin’s wife is singer Chynna Phillips. Phillips is a member of the group Wilson Phillips.

And for y’all who are wondering why I’m comparing Trump to R&B Grammy Award winning singer R. Kelly, welp it’ because R. Kelly is known to love little girls to the point that he allegedly loves to piss on them when he’s having sex with them.

Like R. Kelly, Trump there allegedly has a pee pee tape that the Russians have yet to release.

And considering the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is turning folks faster than the devil turns a righteous man into a sinner man, it’s just a matter of time before we see Trump getting golden showers on a royal thrown.

Now, when I look at the pattern in Trump’s alleged behavior and compare it to other nasty devils like R. Kelly, Weinstein, and Moore, I must say that I believe Billy Baldwin.

Donald Trump did tell ol’ Billy Bush there in that Access Hollywood tape that he likes to “grab the pussy.” “And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything…Grab them by the pussy [Billy Bush laughs]. You can do anything,” is what Trump told Billy Bush.

And just to add more shit onto this already shitty cake, Trump let Bush know that he loves to go after another man’s woman, specifically married woman.

Trump told Bush that he went after some fella’s wife like a “bitch.” Trump said he took the woman furniture shopping, and everything, in the hopes of getting him some pussy. But he didn’t get any pussy, at least not from her.

So when Alec Baldwin’s little brother Billy Baldwin says Donald Trump tried to get his wife’s pussy and that she showed “his (Trump) fat ass the door,” I have to believe him because it is consistent with what Donald Trump says he does whenever he is trying to get another man’s woman’s pussy.

Plus, Billy Baldwin’s wife fits Trump’s type. Chynna Phillips is a blond and she’s two years older, 49, than Melania Trump who is 47-years old.

Chynna Phillips
Chynna Phillips

Donald Trump is 71 which means Mrs. Trump is 24-years his junior while Phillips is 22-years his junior.

Basically, Trump existed for at least 23-years before his third wife was born and he existed at least 21-years before Phillips was born.

But most importantly, just like his buddy Roy Moore, Trump likes his women young. Trump likes his women so young that he could have burped them.

Therefore, when adding all of these factors together, I must say that  I have no doubts when Billy Baldwin says Donald Trump wanted to grab his wife by her pussy.

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