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Tiffany Haddish SNL November 11, 2017 YouTube Screenshot                       

Boo Boo Jeffries was my favorite
Tiffany Haddish skit on SNL
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 14, 2017

Boo Boo Jeffries was my favorite Tiffany Haddish skit on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Boo Boo Jeffries is one of those people who knows she can do everything even though she can’t do anything.

Ol’ girl has the gift of gab so to the point that she’ll convince folks to let her help perform a heart transplant.

And they’ll do it too because Boo Boo Jeffries will convince them to let her do it. The end result would be disastrous. But hey, that’s the funny thing about it. Boo Boo Jeffries convinces folks to let her do something they know will end badly.

And this is exactly what happened when Boo Boo Jeffries convinced the folks over at Gamer Gamer Con Con that she should be allowed to be a fighter in the Death Fight 12 Tournament.

She knew she couldn’t fight and the folks at Gamer Gamer Con Con knew she couldn’t fight.

Hell, her “primary attack” is Rhianna and her “secondary attack” is “Beyonce,” while her “fighter strength” is her “relationship with” her mama who is her “best friend.”

Boo Boo Jeffries has a COMBO (Combination Move) as well; which is called “Getting Mark.”

And “Getting Mark” is Boo Boo Jeffries getting her sister’s husband, Mark, to fight her battles.

Needless to say, this didn’t end well for Boo Boo Jeffries or Mark. As for her biggest weakness, Boo Boo Jeffries told the folks that “My biggest weakness is fighting.”

Her other weakness is interacting with folks in group settings which causes her “ass” to “shut down.”

And even with all of this valuable information, the folks over at Gamer Gamer CON CON allowed Boo Boo Jeffries to fight in the Death Fight 12 Tournament.

The end result was that she and her brother-in-law Mark got knocked out by Sporonox.

Boo Boo Jeffries being Boo Boo Jeffries didn’t believe she lost anything, though.

“Ok, real talk. Nothing good comes from violence. When you fight, you lose. So Boo Boo Jeffries is removing herself from the situation which means Boo Boo Jeffries wins,” is what Boo Boo Jeffries told the folks.

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