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Brian Stelter tells Kellyanne Conway she's
been an anonymous source
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 24, 2017

Brain Stelter told Kellyanne Conway that she had no business throwing stones at anonymous sources due to the fact that she’s been an anonymous source herself.

Stelter said to Conway, “Kellyanne, you’ve been an anonymous source. Lots of people in the White House have been an anonymous source.”

Stelter’s comment to Conway was a result of the spirited debate the two got into after Conway accused CNN of using anonymous sources in order to do a “complete slanderous hit job on a good man” by the name of Anthony Scaramucci.

Last month, Scaramucci found himself in the middle of the Russia investigation after CNN wrongly reported that he had connections to a Russian Investment Fund that has some contacts within the Trump campaign.

As a result of the false report, three journalists were forced to resign and Scaramucci got himself an apology and a new job with the Trump Administration as the White House communications director.

Yep, that’s where this is going. It’s increasingly looking as if Scaramucci, who was known to bash Trump during the election, has been rewarded for making one of Trump’s arch nemesis, CNN, admit it reported “fake news.”

However, even with all of that, Stelter got Conway to silently admit that she is an anonymous source.

After Stelter told everybody that Conway has snitched to CNN about the goings on in the Trump Administration, Conway quickly changed the subject to scandals and how Trump “doesn’t think he’s lying about these issues.”

This, of course, elicited this response from Stelter, “A lot of husbands don’t think they’re lying when they cheat on their spouse, and then say they’re not. It doesn’t mean you’re not lying.”

Being the Trump girl she is, Conway used the comment about “cheating” in order to turn the conversation to the Clintons.

Recognizing what she had done, Stelter told Conway that he “appreciated the Clinton pivot.”

A pivot, which by the way, placed her up against an insurmountable defense. Conway can’t get around the fact that like former President Bill Clinton, President Donald Trump has been accused of fornicating with several women.

Plus, let’s not forget that Access Hollywood tape with Billy Bush where Donald Trump admitted to trying to fornicate with another man’s wife. What did he say? “I took her furniture shopping. I went after her like a bitch…When you’re famous, women let you do anything; grab ‘em by the pussy.”

Although the former and current presidents have alleged whore hopping in common, the one thing Clinton and Trump don’t have in common are the number of wives they have.

Bill Clinton’s alleged whore hopping hasn’t broken up his marriage to Hillary Clinton, but Donald Trump’s marriage to Ivana Trump allegedly ended because of what several folks say were his alleged whorish ways with Marla Maples.

And it is because of the anonymous sources, plus Clinton and Trump’s own behaviors, that folks know about their alleged non-Christian like behavior in trying to commit adultery.

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