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Under the Radar
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CNN poll shows that Donald Trump
and Nancy Pelosi have the same
favorable ratings
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 19, 2019

Hmm, this CNN poll here shows that Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi both have a 42% favorable rating amongst voters.

Now, folks will want to know, and rightfully so, “Why do the voters like these two the same?”

Hate is the simple answer to that question. All of that energy that goes towards hating folks pushes everything else down to the bottom of the totem pole.

Just look at Trump’s and Pelosi’s favorable ratings, 42%. Forty-two percent isn’t sixty percent, fifty percent, or even forty-five percent. Forty-two percent is forty-two percent which means a whole lot of folks don’t like those two.

None of this should be surprising to anybody because Democrats hate for Trump and Republicans hate for Pelosi is so deep to the point that mentioning either of their names is like a cattle probe that gets the folks in their parties moving.

Y’all remember how back during the 2016 mid-terms the Democrats were running around hollering about the Dems need the House in order to keep Trump and the GOP from burning down the country?

And then over there on the Republican side, folks were carrying on about how if the Dems win then that will be the end of Trump and them. Y’all remember all of that?! Y’all remember!

Welp, that’s what this is all about, just hate. The Dems see within Trump a 1980s Playboy who wants to bring the days of Aunt B into the era of Olivia Pope.

The Republicans see within Pelosi a woman who’ll prevent them from making the Handmaid’s Tale a reality.

And despite some good that Trump and Pelosi may try to do for the opposite side, neither will be able to escape the hate because Trump and Pelosi are their parties’ main representatives. He, the president of the United States, and she, the Speaker of the House. Both occupying positions, determining legislations that become laws, affecting how the ones who love and hate them must interact with each other within our lovely, American abode.

Trump’s and Pelosi’s unfavorable ratings, which are higher than their favorable ratings, is all the evidence folks need to see just how much folks don’t like them.

Trump has a 55% unfavorable rating compared to his 42% favorable rating, whereas Pelosi has a 47% unfavorable rating compared to her 42% favorable rating.

The only reason why Pelosi’s unfavorable rating is below the majority is due to the fact that 6% of the folks polled said they don’t have anything to say about her, while 5% of the folks polled said they don’t know who she is.

I know, that 5% who said they wouldn’t be able to identify her in a line-up could have gone either way.

They all could have had favorable views of her or they all could have just not liked her. We’ll never know.

But the one thing that I do know is if Pelosi had just gotten 3%, out of that 5%, of folks saying they just don’t care for her, then those having an unfavorable view of her would have been at the majority.

As for Trump, everybody who was polled said they know who he is with only 3% of the folks saying they don’t have an opinion about how favorable or unfavorable he is.

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