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Canadians are keeping a record
of Donald Trump's dissing of them
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 5, 2018

Our neighbors up North aren’t too happy with Donald Trump.

After Donald Trump decided to go ahead and apply the tariffs on steel and aluminum coming in from Canada, the Canadian magazine Maclean’s decided to list all of the times that ol’ Donald John there has fixed his lips to diss the Canadians.

Maclean’s list of ol’ Donald John’s diss of Canada includes everything from Donald John equating the Canadians to “spoiled” children, bad mouthing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, accusing them of not being one of the U.S.’ BFF’s, stealing from the dairy farmers, to being the reason why the U.S. loses “big league.”

The Canadians, of course, are not guilty of what ol’ Donald John there is accusing them of; which is not being good neighbors and friends.

For more than a century, the Canadians have been very neighborly and friendly with us.

Every day, the Canadians cross our border and we cross theirs to attend the universities, to work, and to just socialize with each other.

In fact, we’re so cool with each other that it doesn’t take much to go down to the Post Office and get approve for a passport to get into Canada.

The Post Office lady be like, “You going to Canada?” And folks be like, “Yeah!” And she’s like, “Here’s your passport.”

In being the real good friends they are, the Canadians have fought and died beside us whenever stuff pops off. Stuff like World War I, the 2003 Iraq War, to the wars we have going on in Afghanistan and Syria right now. The Canadians have been ride or die, I tell ya; ride or die!

Now, I know there are folks out there wondering if all of this is the case then what is it that has ol’ Donald John’s drawers riding up into the crack of his ass?

The only answer I have for that is Donald John sees this little fight he’s started with Canada, the EU, Mexico, and China as his way of getting back at them for what he really believes is their taking advantage of the U.S.

Y’all see, in Donald John’s mind anything or anyone who is foreign is bad. And that probably has more to do with his own self-consciousness about just how first generation American he and his siblings are due to his parents who are both foreign born.

Projection, Donald John loves it. So when Donald John sees anything or anybody who is foreign, whether it’s or he is a U.S. ally or not, Donald John sees it or him as bad, bad, bad.

I must say that China does a lot of shady stuff and the Chinese government is always looking for something to steal.

Plus, they like trying to make folks think they have more money than they do; which could easily jack up the markets.

Folks can’t go around here investing in China and its currency to only get half a cent. That shit just won’t cut it!

But y’all see, Canada, the EU, and Mexico are not China. Canada, the EU, and Mexico are our allies.

Also, Canada and Mexico share the North American continent with us. Yeah folks, Canadians and Mexicans are Americans too.

But most importantly, this whole tariffs on steel and aluminum will do nothing but hurt the American worker and consumer.

CBS cited data from the consulting firm Trade Partnership which shows that approximately 179,000 jobs will be lost as a result of the steel and aluminum tariffs compared to the 33,000 jobs that will be gained.

Then there’s the fact that the tariffs will end up hurting other industries. Unlike Donald John, the Republicans do recognize this fact. Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska simply called Donald John’s little tariffs’ fit “dumb,” while Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee let Donald John know he’s about to fuck up everybody’s money because the prices on other stuff will go up.

Sasse and Alexander are right. Donald John’s little temper tantrum over steel and aluminum is “dumb” and foreign companies will raise the prices in other areas.

Because as folks know, folks will find a way to make up for the money they lose. And the Canadian, EU, Mexican, and even the Chinese companies that lose money due to Donald John’s tariffs will make that up by jacking up practices in other areas.

The meats y’all buy from the grocery stores, those iPhones and laptops, those shoes and clothes, hair, makeup, and anything else that is foreign made and imported into the country will have a higher price tag.

Hell, Trudeau has already promised to apply tariffs on U.S. goods come July 1 of this year.

And I’m not mad at him. If I was as ride or die with someone as Canada has been with the U.S. and he decided to stick an icepick into my back, I’ll be as mad as a coon hound dog with porcupine needles digging into his tail as well.

Come to think of it, Donald John may want foreign companies to increase the price tag on U.S. goods. Because if he can get U.S.’ citizens so mad about the price tag on foreign made goods, Donald John can get those companies to stop selling in the country. And if Donald John can stop foreign companies from selling their goods in the country then he can nationalize the companies here and get the money from them that he needs in order to convince folks that he is the multi-billionaire everybody knows he is not.

Hot damn! I done figured it out! That’s what it is! Ol’ Donald John there is really trying to kick the foreign companies out so he can take over the American companies in order to line he and his children’s pockets!

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