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Carol Burnett Kate Winslet

Carol Burnett White House Photo Kate Winslet Andrea Raffin's photo CC BY-SA 3.0

Carol Burnett and Kate Winslet said
they had to work before they became
by Nathan'ette Burdine: December 5, 2017

Carol Burnett and Kate Winslet don’t want folks running around here thinking that they’ve been living the good life all of their lives.

Burnett and Winslet said they had to work before they became famous.

Both actresses stopped by, on separate days, to chit-chat with Stephen Colbert.

Winslet, who stopped by on Thursday, told Colbert that she was a 16-year-old teenager working at a delicatessen when she got her first big break into show business.

“So I was working in a delicatessen, saving money, to go to London, to go on auditions,” is what Winslet told Colbert.

The audition that Winslet was going back ‘n’ forth to was for the movie Heavenly Creatures.

Winslet said that she got the call that she had been selected for the role while she was working in the delicatessen. Isn’t that something? The job where Winslet was working in order to pay for the transportation to the audition was also the job where she got the phone call that she received the part for the role. And from there, everything is history.

She went on to play in Titanic where Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, famously told her character Rose, “Don’t you die on me Rose.”

Jack died but Rose didn’t. However, her heart kind of went on. Rose’s heart was still broken from losing Jack and the man she ended up marrying only patched, not mended, that gaping hole.

The good news for Winslet is that she doesn’t have any patches or gaping holes in her career that has been going on and on.

In her most recent role in the film Wonder Wheel, Kate Winslet plays a married woman/former actress named Ginny who has fallen in love with Justin Timberlake’s character Mickey; who in turn falls in love with Jenny’s step-daughter, Carolina, played by Juno Temple. Yep, it sounds how it sounds, bad.

Speaking of Justin Timberlake, Kate Winslet confirmed that she could hear him emptying his “hose.”

She joked that she always knew he was on set because she could hear him in his trailer relieving himself.

And whenever she would hear that also familiar sound, “trickling down,” Winslet would respond with “morning darling.”

You know you’ve made it in Hollywood when you can tell somebody “morning darling,” while he is pissing in the trailer next to yours.

Although Burnett didn’t have any pissing stories to tell, she did tell Colbert that she had to work hard for her money before her money started working hard for her.

Back in the day, Burnett worked as a check girl at Lady T’s Room and on Broadway acting in the play Once Upon a Mattress.

Burnett told Colbert that she found a rather unique way of making extra money.

According to Burnett, she would get the men folks to hand her their coats. After they handed her their coats to check, Burnett would cut the tag in the back of the coats and then sew the tag back on.

She said that she told the men folks she fixed their jackets. And being the men folks that they were back then, they believed her and give her an extra dime for her “good deed” of sewing their torn coats that they didn’t know she had torn.

Burnett said about her “good deed,” “Yeah, I was a con artist.” A con artist, she was.

But hey, in an industry like the movie business that is a quality that helps folks like Burnett to survive the business as long as she has.

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